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  1. When I googled Replacemenzs, I found that lame Keanu Reeves movie... Few scrolls down , there was that punkrock band...
  2. "Rock The Rock" is the first new recording from Rose since GUNS N' ROSES' latest studio album, "Chinese Democracy", which came out in 2008 and featured only Axl from the classic lineup. However, it appears that Axl did not contribute to the songwriting of "Rock The Rock". The song is registered on BMI as having been written by Joshua Funk and Rob Janas. Funk is an Emmy-nominated composer who has written music for Comedy Central's "Key & Peele", "Wabbit", "The New Looney Tunes", "Scooby Doo: Shaggy's Showdown", "Teachers"and NBC's "Red Nose Day". Article says that CD is from 2008 and RTR is 1st release since then... Not that RTR is from 2008...
  3. Yep... we had lot of facts by theese insiders of the band 🀣. There was a fact that reunion should last only till the end of 2017 because contracts were that long ... And yet, none of that insiders never hinted that Axl will show up in cartoon for his 1st new studio release in more than 10 years... So much about insiders... and tb running things - i see great tour ran by live nation, and GNR shit (lame warderove and that airline thing) run by tb... Slash has his own enturage, duff his own... Youtube videos are hadled by some freak outsiders - that's how tb has all under control... At a moment they all seem to get along. Money really does connecting people since Nokia crashed and burn...
  4. GNR would survive, but would be irrelevant as they were 1996/7 - 2015.
  5. Well, he certanly isn't anithing like Maiden
  6. GN'R Reaction Videos On YouTube

    Well, TB and GNR don't give a shit. They loaded their pockets with $$ from NITL and why would they careif some new kinds know about them or not. They always can run another leg of tour if they find necessary... still lot older people who would gladly pay extra to see them live...
  7. If someone would erase all those samples, all that electro synth shit, if someone would make spanish guitar sound less computorised, maybe then it would work for me... In this condition I cannot but hear squeaky Axl in eletronic noise...
  8. She belongs somewhere far away from GNR, together with other Axl's freaks he introduced in guns in last 20+ years... But ontopic (since she is here...) anyone seen interview?

    At least, you must remember his goal against Bayern in CL final, and 4 goals agaist someone when he came in as a sub in 70+ minute of game...

    I hope he'll stay for a loooong time there 😎... I just enjoy looking shitty ManUtd 😁
  11. Niven is just another nutcase in GNR history, but that spotify censorship is proof that PC is final step to Idiocracy... Radiostation playing commercial jingles only (Demolition man) no longer look like SF anymore...
  12. Racism in London towards football players

    Smth like this πŸ˜‚
  13. He said, she said, they said... Maybe he has nothing to share, and that 30-50, 100 songs don't exist or , if they do, are pure shit... Maybe he doesn't care anymore, he earned his pension in last 2,5 years... Maybe noone want to work with him anymore (could you blame them...)... Maybe he is still polishing CD2 material amd will release it in 2025. Who knows...
  14. Did they invent this for faux leather box?

    What a goal... I knew that English keeper cannot be good for long.
  16. You did't really compare football manager with Fernando, did you? FM really does participate in every match... He cannot watch F1 race during it...
  17. The T.V. Show Thread

    finished Blindspot season 2, and started season 3 - woah - how can series go so low in one pause ...

    If noone else show up - England will find a way to lose it on penalties

    Oh, it seems it's possible, it seems that Final 4 of NL is not the samo torunament as play-off qual. so NL winner can lose both - Euro quals and play-off based on NL ranking So, England can win NL, and not to go to Euro final tournament (whose semis and final is in England as I remember)

    That's what I concluded after reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Euro_2020_qualifying https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Nations_League " There will be play-offs for each of Leagues A, B, C and D in March 2020. Each group winner earns a spot in the semi-finals. If the group winner is already one of the twenty qualified teams, rankings will be used to give the play-off spot to another team of that league. If fewer than four teams in the entire league remain unqualified, play-off spots for that league are given to teams of the next lower league. This determines the four remaining qualifying spots for the European Championship (out of 24 total )" and this: https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro-2020/news/newsid=2502936.html Play-offs (4 teams qualify) The last four EURO places will be won through the European Qualifiers play-offs, which will be contested by the 16 UEFA Nations League group winners (i.e. the four group winners in each of the four divisions). HOW THE UEFA NATIONS LEAGUE WILL WORK Each league will have a path of its own and each path will feature two single-leg semi-finals and one single-leg final, drawn on 22 November 2019, played in single venues from 26–31 March 2020. The winner of each path will win a ticket to UEFA EURO 2020. If a UEFA Nations League group winner has already qualified via the European Qualifiers, then their spot will go to the next best-ranked team in their league. If a league does not have four teams to compete, the remaining slots are allocated to teams from another league, according to the overall UEFA Nations League rankings. So, if England win Quals - no trophy for you

    Yep, and if England finish 1st or 2nd in their EURO qualifing group they will be replaced by someone else in play-off so Nations League trophy can be won by some team that didn't finish 1st in Nations League group stage... System that awards losers People that manage football are stupid - cut the f'n Euro to 8 teams and let the best win... If you cannot qualify - so what, you are loser and weak. You have Olympics to participate and not win...
  22. Fuckin GDPR and other EU bullshit? No videos in Cro also...
  23. Well, all trumps kids are half 3rd world offspring