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  1. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    Nice to see even rockstars have to deal with the computer freezing up.
  2. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    Here’s the power outage from my view
  3. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    Glad that was captured that’s what I was referring to earlier with the exchange between axl and slash
  4. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    No locomotive no dead horse but a solid show you could tell axl was having fun lots of smiling even had a moment with him messing around with slash and they exchanged a smile.
  5. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    Standing in the back of a very long line and they don’t seem to be letting people in for floor seats
  6. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    Nice find thank you
  7. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    Fingers crossed dead horse. The idea of seeing axl walk out on stage with an acoustic guitar and starting the song gives me chills.
  8. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    So I’m taking somebody with me to this show that has no interest in the other bands what time do you think GNR will be on stage
  9. 10/18/19 - Guadalajara, MX - Estadio Jalisco

    Please please please dead horse in Tijuana