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  1. i didn't mean songs, i mean the rehearsal.
  2. he doesn't matter if he his who he says because in the end he still has songs...
  3. check gnrevolution. but i had the setlist for a few years, and I had to get it from somewhere
  4. Wasn't this rehearsal downloaded from the gmatter server? (along with Puerto Rico PROSHOT)? And MSL already had the file and he published the setlist before. And more people had the rehearsal(at least one more). I'm just a little bit worried that downtownterry isn't uptownterry because he's been away for so long and he just wants new stuff, but what do I know?
  5. Duff was the one that to the public seemed the least involved in the 06 reunion but in the end he was the one that was most likely to be in the band at the time
  6. it's not, those were made much later
  7. It wasn't supposed to be like that...
  8. I'm so confused to how did this leak... But yeah the BH mask is cool
  9. Why is the forum sometimes in Portuguese???

    In my case is because the entire site is translate so what appears on the quote is also translated.
  10. I don't have google translate or anything like that, and sometimes it shows topics in portuguese.
  11. There's a bit more stuff that it's uncirculated, but it doesn't hold a lot of value since the reunion.
  12. need to send you a pm ;)

  13. I'm pretty sure that's the only time I remember Izzy playing the nightrain solo after 93
  14. fbi cyber crime seems a bit...fake.