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  1. well, if only it had some more Izzy...
  2. https://soundtrackny2011.blogspot.com/ it's being talked about in the other thread
  3. Can you send me a PM?


  4. And how do you know that GN'R doesn't know who has it already? If it's only one person and it was on ebay, it's not difficult.
  5. It was Zutaut's locker... he wasn't the one that decided those things. Well he was, but he wasn't the one that made the final call. Yeah and whoever bought the songs and everything else from the locker is a lucky sob.
  6. Unless Gn'R has any economic benefit from releasing an album, well they aren't going to release anything... At least that's my opinion.
  7. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    I just want to hear Izzy.
  8. I completely agree with you, I'm just saying that what they wanted to give him was ridiculous.