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  1. I have not seen it but it doesn't surprise me. That's a typical Fernando reaction.
  2. A quick question

    How do you know this? (and I also said "what looks like a trans person" because I do not know of any woman who takes a pee in that way)
  3. A quick question

    Im not asking you, Im using your picture just to throw my comments I know the nuGuns era was even more cringe than this photo but I was wondering why they put a Marilyn Monroe () and more over so, a trans woman (or what looks like a trans person)..... because that's so not-Axl
  4. A quick question

    This is quite the contradiction...... WHO DID THIS? Is that Marilyn Monroe in the middle, surrounded by stripper girls and a trans-woman taking a piss? Except for the strippers, the other two do not belong in the Guns N' Roses world, not even when they acted like wild animals in the 80's.....
  5. A quick question

    He's an insecure little old man if he still thinks that way
  6. A quick question

    Ew. Not my case. He looks like shit to me, sorry
  7. A quick question

    Why don't they get male dancers? A big portion of the GN'R audiences are females so they should think of that too
  8. Yeah but Slash hated him and Axl made Tobias play over Slash parts so it was all betrayal and suckage
  9. lol I know what his resume is... I was being sarcastic because you said Axl without the big bucks could have not afforded that quality of players but then he wanted Paul Tobias replacing Slash Well I didn't mean that they were not going to be paid, just that I think he could have gotten good musicians for less money. I don't think the problem was the money, though. Like you said, even the ones receiving big bucks quit... and that's because those artists were not there just for the money, they wanted to play with Axl, have their name in a Guns N' Roses album, but Axl was unable to give them that, aside from money..... so yeah.... bottom line is he didn't need millions of dollars to make a good GN'R album. Maybe. Argh, how I'd love to know those details, discussions, debates between Axl and the label and the other managers that were not TB The CD era is the Dark Ages of Guns N' Roses We need Enlightment and Answers!!!
  10. oh. wow. that's a nice logic BUT..... didn't he get Yoko On... err... Paul Tobias to "write" many songs of CD? What was his resumé? I think Axl could have afforded some people who would have accepted to work with him for less money, only because he is Axl Rose. Not sure, though, why the company gave him so much $$$ and at the same time rejected the album.... I wonder if they ever suggested Axl to call Slash back, at the least How did Axl justify all that money to the label? Did they really think the mistery around CD would equal the sales? lol....... I have so many questions
  11. Would have been huge if Axl had presented them as his solo band. Most people and die-hard fans were not going to accept that lineup as real GN'R.
  12. I think that was not entirely his fault, not sure, I mean.... he once said that lots of things prevented the album to come out in a reasonable spare of time, like the record company rejected the album.... and I can see that happening because if you see it from a commercial point of view, the whole rock scene was being erased from the face of earth during that decade and Guns N' Roses being only Axl with 'freaks,' was not appealing to the music buyers anymore. Also, the Internet taking over with the new way of commercialization of cultural goods....... GN'R was a band of the 80's trying to survive in the 00's.... I can see it... after so many years I have a clearer picture of what happened with all that too... I mean, obviously Axl delayed stuff but when you take a look at the context, you realize that there was no room for GN'R and no room for a freak GN'R either His moment was the 80's & early 90's. After that, the world was shifting towards something completely different and they/him did not fit.
  13. I dont remember exactly about Korn afterparty but he did give an interview to Rolling Stone, then talked to Eddie Trunk & Baz on the radio, he appeared in the VMA's of that year (which is so rare!), he did some shows, promised CD was going to be released that year ............ ugh, lots of public things he did in 2006
  14. I guess Axl is aware that he's not produced enough.... I derive this from one interview when he was fronting AC/DC and he mentioned the amount of discography they have versus his discography, lol But that's why I say he's a lucky man and he had people to push him release the album and do the touring, even if he was not ready, imagine if he had gone Chinese Democracy on that too..... waited 10 years to tour the Illusions?? No way.... he should be thankful things got that way and not his way...... As for 'Bad Apples', I have always loved the lyrics and the music, it is one of my fav GN'R songs, along with Don't Damn Me, Coma, Estranged... all those songs with long lyrics and a strong social/personal message