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  1. Every audience is hard to please. We are not special and we are not different than the people who buy Coca Cola instead of Pepsi or prefers Nike instead of Adidas... Im sure all of them have a thing or two they dont like about their favorite brands. But in the whole scheme of things, people will not stop buying Coke, Pepsi, Adidas, Nike or attending GN'R shows and buying their albums, even if they dont like everything about them. I dont like AFD 100% or the Illusions in their entirety. There are lots of songs that I skip. But that doesnt make me a complainer and hard to please. I cant say how new music would be received. Some will complain? For sure. Everybody will complain? Impossible to know. But GN'R will remain rock icons and probably will still manage to go in full stadium tours no matter how many shitty or amazing albums they release in the future. A couple months... he was already walking before the end of the shows he played in Europe with AC/DC. Adler was able to play a couple shows in the USA and other two in Argentina. He didnt look like he couldnt walk or like he was in great pain. He was all smiles and posing for the pictures like this...
  2. That is bullshit. First of all, every piece of art is subject of criticism. It's stupid to expect that something will be liked and applauded by 100% of the audience. If they had or were going to release new music we really dont know how it is going to be received or how it would have been received. That's making futurology and I'm not up for that. There will always be the chance that somebody doesnt like it. This chance can be big or small, there's no way to know right now, but you cant make a point based on the uncertainty of a percentage you still dont know. Even if the percentage was small, a minority is not representative of the whole number.
  3. The fuck off was for them, not for you. You really don't have a point. Your opinion is not a point of anything. People complain for the lack of new music not because they are playing new music and we dont like it It seems to me the shows are doing fine and most concert-goers are satisfied with it. But most concert-goers are casual fans who just care about the hits, not new music.
  4. How old is Axl? 25? He was fine when he played those gigs. Too bad he had this happening and he had to tell about it. Its become enough fodder for the haters to say he should be left out. Do not insert tears there. Insert a huge fuck off. I dont cry for these idiots. How can you say we would have been complaining about this or what?? I certainly wouldnt have! Im not the type to judge things that didn't happen or that I havent seen/heard, especially when it comes to art. Steven is doing fine. Axl just hates him and doesnt want him in the band. It's been clear since day one. He said "what the fuck is he doing here?" when he saw Steven in Buenos Aires getting ready to play two shows instead of one. I dont know why you people are trying to make excuses for him. The fans know the whole truth already.
  5. How can Guns N' Roses fans be called entitled? We have fucking nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G at all since 1991 for some and since 2008 for others. Just a lame large tour of the same old fucking songs plus a bunch of covers. This band produces nothing but receives a lot of money from the so-called entitled fans. Steven's back surgery was more than a year ago. He's recovered already! Axl broke his foot and he recovered pretty fast and in appearance he is doing well in that regard. Both treatment of Steven and Izzy has been shameful. They were given a call by obligation, not because Axl really wanted to play with them again. He said so in that 2009 venomous interview he gave to Del James. And probably this is what he still thinks about his bandmates, but has to save face for the time being because he was fucking broke.... Would you consider a reunion with the 'Appetite' or 'Illusions' lineups? No Why not? A lot more reasons than I'll get into here now. Different reasons for each version and each individual. The Izzy bit was fun -- and also fun because we didn't have to rely on him in any way, which is how he prefers things and works better for everyone. That said, you never knew if Izzy would be there or not or if he'd remember the song or decide to leave early. It didn't cause any problems, because we were doing our show regardless and didn't have to depend on anything, but it did open everyone's eyes a bit and blow minds. He called, asked to come out and negotiated a deal with management that it's probably best that none of us knew about or the fun would've seemed a bit more like being used or taken advantage of spoiling the moment. As it was, we had a great time. It'd be highly doubtful for us to have more than one of the alumni up with us at any given time. I suppose Duff could play guitar on something somewhere, but there's zero possibility of me having anything to do with Slash other than by ambush, and that wouldn't be pretty. He wrote that whole bit about not having his guitar in Vegas, I'd assume, to save face. I was told by both the Hard Rock and different Guns industry people who had come out to be supportive of the new band and were a bit surprised to see him there, especially guitar in hand, but just assumed it was a surprise for the show and we were in on the arrangement. Steven [Adler] brings assorted ambulance-chasing attorneys and the nightmare of his mother. One gig, or even a couple songs, could mean years of behind-the-scenes legal aftermath.
  6. omgomgomg you're on bitch mode today
  7. In my opinion, this is because there's still power struggle to some extent and Axl's still insecure about his position in the band. He got the name and all the legal rights to it but external pressure won over him. He had to give in to the reunion (doesn't matter if it's not a full reunion), he had to do it because his project of nuGN'R was going to hell. So now things are like..... this is all I'm going to concede and I'm not gonna stress over Steven being a pain in the ass or having to deal with Izzy's demands. This is my band, these are my conditions. If they accept them, fine. If they don't, I don't care anymore. And he does nothing for the fans.... He's been clear about this in several occasions with sentences like "your sense of entitlement do not dictate my actions" or "if you're really into waiting try holding your breath for Jesus cause I hear the payoff may be that much greater." Yeah, this is why Axl doesn't have real managers but people who just say yes to his demands. He is the boss, he calls the shots. IMO, GN'R does not exist as a band anymore. It is now the corporation of one single man commanding the rest. There's no team here. And I don't know what Slash and Duff roles are now, aside from players of their own music.
  8. What is bad? I didn't say that... Just that I don't like long shows, much less if they are long because of jams and solos. But that is only my opinion and my take on it, not representative of the whole fandom (I thought that wouldn't need to be cleared up)
  9. Yeah, 3 hours with The Who added! I hate long shows, really.... Especially if I can't sit.... And if they are long only because they add lots of jams and solos and bullshit no one wants to hear. If they're gonna be more songs yeah, but I doubt it.... I would love to have those things but I'm not sure they actually have it.... I remember Axl said that Del James had to go through a lot of material in order to get it right to make the Live Era album. He also said that album was made so to close that period of time. So, maybe in Axl's mind he feels he has nothing else to say or do regarding past music Yeah, I think this would have been the simplest and most appropriate way of celebrating AFD anniversary, but since they couldn't get around to manage anything about it then releasing something related to it would have been awesome. It looks to me that this reunion was improvised and that no one believed anything about it in the beginning. That's why they haven't prepared themselves for the AFD anniversary and they probably asked Izzy and Steven to join but never considered they wouldn't accept impositions just like that and since negotiating would have taken longer, they decided to get on the road anyway. Steven was ditched after Buenos Aires shows??? Why is that?? I don't get it, I don't get why he couldn't play in every show, even if it was only 2 songs.... Izzy didn't manage to be at ANY fucking show.... Obviously things didn't come out as planned or they didn't plan too much. The pop up shops in L.A. and other capitals look like last minute shit they put together just to justify something about celebrating AFD. Remastering the album or putting box sets together would have taken much more time and planning than asking a couple designers to make some tshirts.
  10. OMG the last pictures of Axl they posted at the Official FanPage are sooooo fake and photoshopped that I can't really look at them. That's not his face! I mean, the jaw part gets so weird in her pictures.... with those heavy black shadows and the face looks like it is missing a part.... oh lord.... don't get me started!
  11. Anyone can do that and there are even quick courses people who speaks in public or has to speak in public can take...... now.... what in the flyin' heck does any of it have to do with what I was asking here about Axl using a different voice for his onstage "characters"? The problem with you is that in your desperation to sound smart or look smart or to brag about I don't know what, you end up losing the focus of the simple things, and transform them into shit that becomes a 180º turn from what initially was. I don't need to do research on vocal techniques or whatever the hell you're tripping on because that is not what I was talking about or even care about. The fact that you don't get to understand simple direct questions reveals a couple of things about you. Yeah, I agree that anything can be a good research tool if you know how to use it........ Now, why would I want to go great lengths to research about vocal training or vocal techniques when all I did was asking a simple, normal, doxa level question?? None of this is related with my studies at post-grad school..... why are you so fixated with it and show the need to bring it up all the time? Most of Guns N' Roses topics do no require College degrees or college level studies in order to have discussions about them. Some things can be linked to social studies but it is really stepping out of the music itself. So now you're the expert vocal coach of the forum TOO? (one more thing to add to your impressive CV of expertise in neuroscience, social science, psychology, psychiatry, illustration, singer, caretaker, ad infinitum...........) You get dissed because you're not serious. Not only you've shown wide ignorance on several topics but you also show extensive ignorance in the way you expose your arguments. Your train-of-thought is very hard to follow (and not precisely because you're an Einstein). Your speech is usually unclear, disorganized and fallacious. For such a scholar like you say you are, you lack everything that science requires a researcher to be. I am one of the few people who, sometimes, care to read what you have to say and reply to you. Looks to me you're not in position to make fun of anyone. This forum represents leisure to me. I come here to talk about my favorite band with other fans and exchange information, news, photos and opinions on different topics related (sometimes not) to their music/personal lives/social impact, etc. But most of it is done on the doxa level, since there's no need to be making a PhD thesis of every fuckin' little thing. I don't know why this is so difficult for you to understand. LOL. Good for you. But reading about everything does not make you an expert or an authority in the fields that you read about. Only inside your head. I never said your explanation of voice technique is wrong because I didn't even read it. As I told you before, you don't get to understand the simple things, I really doubt you can understand the complicated ones. You just repeat like a parrot what you read or probably copy+paste here your Google findings. Unlike you, jack-of-all-trades (master of none), I hardly ever talk about the things that I don't know. All the contrary to you, if I don't know about something or do not care about a topic, I step outside and do not pretend that I know everything, because I don't. And Im not a reinassance poser because honestly, I'm not interested in everything that is out there in the world, nor do I believe that someone can be an expert in so many things at a time..... At least, not in the modern times we're living...... unless you are funded by someone who maintains your ass while you use all of your time for becoming this multiple guru of BS. Don't worry. I'm sure NO ONE here believes you can read minds (although I know you're training yourself at it as I type this )
  12. I don't know because she was hired after my shows... She started working when they played in Brazil last year and then headed to Asia, New Zealand and Europe. I see her in one of your pictures from Vienna, she works along with Kat. Yes, last year the videos were so cool, for each show and each country. I think they were made by Kat.... but now Kat barely works, in my opinion, she does nothing! Only a few pictures, which get uploaded after 5 months of the show you've attended and that's it. Holidays all day long