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  1. These guys cannot afford another 10 years of tinkering and bollocking around. All this music will be released post-mortem.
  2. Yes, though I think he was in a depressive phase a few months before he passed away
  3. We are nuts indeed! I don't think he will be willing to give a transcript of the interview, who am I to ask for it anyways? Though I've asked, he's not responded to that. Yeah, that's the sad truth. Even if they were effectively writing a whole damn song last weekend, we know in the GN'R world that doesn't mean shit because there are (allegedly) hundreds of songs sitting in the vault and only Satan knows when/if they will be released
  4. Ok, CSI! Journalist says he cannot share the audio because legal shit, but he claims Slash DID say what he said and that this answer caught him (the journalist) by surprise. Also, he couldn't go deeper into that topic because the interview was granted under the commiment of not asking anything about GN'R
  5. Dear ol' Kevin , I miss him because I used to talk to him over Facebook for long long hours at night, when he was feeling sad and me too. What you say it is correct, he's told me the same things and many other stories.... he was really cool guy, even when I was an asshole sometimes, lol....
  6. Haha, no, he's visible but his Twitter is abandoned or something. Just contacted a journo friend who works at the same company and she told me the interview was done on April 3rd, so that makes it more or less, a month old
  7. Ok, just found out this interview was made on April 3rd, 2019. Trying to get the audio but cannot promise anything!
  8. But 2 months is not OLD The Loudwire interview doesn't look like it was done yesterday either... it's more or less the same kind of thing asked and answered in all these latest interviews In this case, Slash refrains from saying something totally negative about the album making, but he begins the sentence with the same words than the Argentina one: "I don't think anything has been worked up to the point of ... well, let's put it this way. Ideas are coming in." Negative statement, then he pauses and rephrases the tone of it.... ends it with a positive phrase.
  9. Sip, pero el Twitter del pibe está abandonado, no se lo podemos pedir por ahí I think Slash could have said "eventually" and not "finally".
  10. Maybe he was pissed off about the GN'R question so he went full ASH HUDSON on it, saying the truly truth from the bottom of his heart! He can always say he was misquoted anyway
  11. Yeah, but he's always been utterly cautious of what he says about GN'R or the album, because he knows what kind of people he's dealing with For some reason, I find it hard to believe that he would give such a definitive answer, especially when in a previous sentence he says everybody wants to do it . Even in Spanish that part of his answer sounds a bit forced. So I'm not sure. Been trying to get a hold of the journalist but he's nowhere to be found
  12. I'm sorry, native Spanish speaker here, more over so Argentinian, and what you just posted is wrong. There is no typo in the interview. Maybe the translation from English to Spanish is not accurate but we will never know that, until we hear the audio of the interview. Either way, my bet is that IF Slash DID say that (which is a possibility) we are all acting in denial but if he DID NOT say it, it looks more like a manipulation of the words just to create a juicy headline.
  13. The "I don't think it will eventually happen" kind of makes no sense in the context of the whole answer, because he does say "At this point, we all want to make a new record. That is true." [POSITIVE] "But to actually make it.... I don't think it will eventually happen" [NEGATIVE] and he finishes with "Let's see what happens" [POSITIVE AGAIN]. A negative between two positives, why would he answer like that? It feels like some kind of word manipulation to make headline impact.... especially because Slash has not said something like this in any other interview with Argentinian media. Not that he's been mega positive about writing a new album, he always sounds cautious and more prone to not give false hopes to the fans, but at the same time, he's never been so categorically negative about it.
  14. You should! And I've read some fantastic @RONINposts that would put him in the black list of TB if they were published in a popular music mag