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  1. I think it will be CD leftovers and maybe a few new songs written with the hybrid lineup.
  2. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Axl has experience playing weddings but now that his worth has risen up and he doesn't need to do those things for money anymore... Anything is possible, though!! Either way we will find out sooner or later.
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Aww, come on! I have such a respect for Greece and its history... don't throw it all away just because of these differences.... I know how hard the situation is, we are going through the same now, a punishment for voting a neoliberal government that now has all of us begging on our knees again.... but I have faith we will rise up one more time, we always do, even though it feels like we never learn from our mistakes. Please do not let the hatred fill your heart and cloud your mind. If you want to make a change start by yourself and actively participate more in politics, use your vote in an intelligent way, do not let your politicians ruin your life, go out there and protest, kick them out of the buildings if necessary! (omg, I hope this is not seen as me encouraging violence ) but yeah, basically, raise your voices and change what is wrong. This forum is about Guns N' Roses and that's why we talk about them, there's not like an agenda to specifically target them, there are lots of musicians who have done even worse than them.... so... Im not "quick to jump on them" or anything. It is what it is. As for the female mind, I don't agree with that notion... or I don't believe that there's a difference between man and women when it comes to the intellect, the mind.... In my opinion, it is the culture what have molded both minds and it is the education received in the patriarchal system what has conditioned men and women to behave and even think in stereotyped ways. Aye Have a good night! I'm off to have dinner lol
  4. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I never said all women are saints and all men are demons, and you don't have to get personal when talking about this. It is not necessary. I think there are all kinds of people in the world and two kinds of relationships: healthy and unhealthy ones. After a good chunk of time, I am ready to pursue the healthy ones, I don't have a negative view of the future, neither I am disappointed to the level of thinking everybody is a cheater. I brought it up because of the way you expressed yourself about another woman. If this was a personal case that you were presenting, I didn't know and I'm not up for knowing the details, it is none of my business. Either way, I don't think gender plays a part when it comes to being a bad person. I think Duff was refering more to the kind of practice, not to the type of bond. When he says "primal sex" he is definitely talking about the most basic instincts and these are emotions too. The economic situation in Greece was pretty much similar to the Argentina of year 2001. I remember that when we were able to get out of the hole by the mid 2000's, your country took us as a "role model" to fix your own economy. Now we are back into the whole again so I hope you don't follow our steps but I can relate to what you're saying here, we kinda have the same problems regarding economy and the social situation. I still do not think this should be blamed on immigration.... at least in my country, the local criminals surpass the foreigner ones. In most cases, poverty is to blame, inequality, some people are extremely rich and others are extremely poor. Middle class is disappearing. Where do politicians come from? Are they born in a different planet? Who gives them power: citizens or an external force? If you are lucky to live in a democracy and you get to vote, then politicians are people like you and me, they were born in your societies and educated in your schools. It is time to vote responsibly next time you have to. Getting involved in the politics of your country is a MUST for anyone. I see lots of people not giving a fuck about who they are governed by. Uncommitted citizens who vote for the one who "looks better". They don't bother investigating their politicians, getting to know them, how they think, what's their past, how they performed if they had a public charge before... "Complains, complains, complains...." In general, I don't think it is a nice word to say. There are some exceptions but I wouldn't use it out of the blue. Analyzing the lyrics of some songs is far from "crucifying" the band and many people in the rock stardom have admitted to their wrongdoings, so I don't see the point of defending them just because they are "rock stars". Applying a different standard to judge them is not good. Honesty is not the word I'd use to describe them.... that's not honesty... that was bragging... they did it because they could do it and they didn't really care about any consequences, they were reckless. They took advantage of the status quo, which nowadays has changed, and that's mainly the reason why Duff gets utterly uncomfortable with those questions.
  5. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I have read and seen every explanation that Axl has given regarding the song and my conclusion is that he was an ignorant, arrogant fuck and that OIAM is a horrible song, lyrics wise, that I will never play or listen to again. Clarifying that he was aiming the message to specific people makes it even worse of an excuse, because then it means he didn't give a fuck about the black people who were not like that, the gay people who were not like that, neither that in the future a family of immigrants would be the only family that he would have. So.... that's it for me. Obviously, it is my opinion and my stance. I do not expect other people to share my views, but I will defend them if given the chance. Well, who rules the world anyway?... is there one person who does this? I don't think so.... We are all responsible for our own behaviors, for the way we treat others, and those who are parents are responsible for the way they educate their children. All of us make this world together, even if we live in societies, if we are lucky enough to live in democracies, just because we have governments and delegate certain tasks on specific people, this doesn't relevate us from the responsability we have as citizens and human beings, so I don't know what you mean by that........ when you make music and you're famous, your voice sounds louder than other voices. I think some sort of responsability comes with that, and while I dont think musicians are responsible for the education of people, I do think the weight of their message DOES affect some people. Duff himself says in that interview you posted that many people tell him that his music changed their lives, so there you have it, the influence is evident. It depends on how you say it, though! If you say "immigrants & f------, they make no sense to me", most people will interpret those lines in a literal way. Obviously, it will depend on your own education how those lines impact on you, but I wouldn't be surprised that someone who is searching for a job sees a bunch of immigrants waiting in the same line as them, then learns one of those people got the job, this person returns home all frustrated and listens to OIAM..... that's how the resentment is born. Same happens with media... in my country, the media is constantly sending a negative message about immigrants. They are always showing news about how immigrants are involved in all sorts of crimes. Then you have the population fearing immigrants even if they never interacted with one. Then you have people asking the government to get more strict with immigration laws. People are highly influenced by these type of messages. That's when you are lucky to get a good education from your family. This is not the case for a lot of people. More people than you think. Well, he DOES say "bitch, I've got a use for you" and that use is sex, so if you are not able to read that as what it is, I dont know what to tell you.... Reducing human beings to mere sexual objects is.... depicable in my view, so I do not agree with that. I do not take "personal offense" but I know I wouldn't like to have any kind of relationship with someone who treats me that way. I know raw sex, or "primal sex" like Duff described it, does exist and some people like engaging on it.... It is not my cup of tea, though.... I guess that, as long as this is a consexual act between adults and they agree to the terms of it, then it is fine...... but this is hard to figure out from the lines of that song, since the only one "talking" is the man in the relationship. Hmm... I'm sorry but when you say "hoe" to refer to a third person in your relationship, that shows how your brain has been molded to think in patriarchal terms. Not trying to defend someone who willingly accepts to interfer someone else's relationship, but shouldn't you be mad at "your man" more than at her? Your man is responsible for respecting you, other women too, but if you are exclusive with someone, the commitment is between you and him.
  6. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I agree rock was never about happy angels flying in the sky but how come you get a sweet beautiful song like SCOM coming from the same mouth that spat "police & n-----" or "immigrants & f------"? Honesty has nothing to do with insults and discrimination. I firmly believe that rock n' roll has to EVOLVE with the times, and this is not to say they should be writing lyrics about flowers, butterflies and happiness, but what would be the point to perpetuate hatred on women or minority groups in 2019? There is so much rock could protest against, the world is fucked up in serious ways, targeting innocent people is bullshit and I would not support new music made in this century which lyrics aimed to hurt people because of their gender, sexual, racial or religious orientation. Don't we have enough destruction in the real world to top it with music that supports such horrifying acts? The Duff in the interview that you posted is the same Duff from the newest interviews. He is uncomfortable with the questions about ISE and he starts saying that this song is "very much tongue-in-cheek, not mysoginist in any way", then the interviewer asks him how does he explain these lyrics to his daughters but she doesn't let him finish the answer he was giving, so all he got to say about that was that he thinks there's a "spirit of rock n roll" that is "above mysoginy and homophobia" and that is related to "primal sex". I don't know what to make from that.... While I understand what he means, I'm having a hard time to relate the lines in ISE with a healthy consented sexual relationship... Not saying it cannot happen but if I was "the bitch" in those lines, I would have turned around and bite his dick off
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    No, when you brought up the case of Desmond you were trying to say his case is "another level of degeneration", something like "never seen before" and that this was the result of allowing the homosexual community express themselves and normalize their conduct. I objected to that by saying that heterosexual people abuse and have abused children in horrible ways throughout the history of humanity, and that's what I'm talking about. Desmond's case is horrible but I dont agree this is due to him being exposed to the gay community. As you mentioned before, child pageants are horrible as well, and they are watched, promoted and enjoyed mostly by heterosexual people. Also, try to read on human trafficking and discover how many little girls and teenagers are kidnapped from their homes to prostitute them or sell them to degenerate men from all over the world. Yeah because I don't see the use for that information. Why should we care about that? It is important to focus on sexual health, this is for the governments, to use their money on prevention not on persecution, discrimination or prohibition of sexual orientation. Yes, patriarchal society demands that all women have to become mothers and that men must have as many children as they can in order to demostrate their masculinity. That's the idea worked by Michel Foucault in his book "The History of Sexuality: volume 1, 2 & 3". You might want to read about it if you are interested in sexuality from a social perspective. I can't point you to specific books or researchs because I never had the need to sit and read through that. But just from knowledge on the subject of homosexuality, I know there are studies, investigations and a vast bibliography coming from a biological point of view, but also from sociology, politology and other study fields. Our ol' dear legendary Sigmund Freud had already studied homosexuality in his time (See "Three Essays On The Theory of Sexuality"). His theories are complex but maybe you could take a look at it, just bear in mind it is OLD STUFF. If you want me to point you to something worldly known, you could start by reading the documents posted by the World Health Organization on Homosexuality: - Proposed declassification of disease categories related to sexual orientation in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-11)
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Oh yes, because getting PREGNANT at age 10 from your BIOLOGICAL FATHER, STEP FATHER or ANY OTHER ADULT GUY it is not the UTTER DEGENERATION of the world. Please, this is not a competition on who's more degenerate! Stop with that shit. All these children are suffering and we have to save them from degenerate adults, but we don't gain anything from demonizing people because of their sexual preference or their race or religion. We have to stop being HYPOCRITES ourselves. Healthy sexuality and a healthy mind does not lead to degeneration. It is other factors that provoke it. And there is no basis for your assumption that homosexuals are more degenerate than heterosexuals. This is just stuff that you make up in your head because you dont like homosexuality, but reality shows that any person can be a sexual abuser. Those statistics are probably manipulated bollocks..... Who cares how many people someone fucks, as long as they are responsible in what they do by using condoms or any other way of protection? Enforcing safe sex and sexual education since a young age would be the answer to your worries. I really don't believe there is such a "biological urge to reproduce". If there was, humans would have not invented contraceptives and found other ways to avoid/stop a pregnancy. Why do you need to know where it comes from? If it's mere curiosity you can always grab a book and read it. There is a vast bibliography on the subject, specific studies done by researchers with scientific results.
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Desmond parent's use their kid to make money, just in the same way that heterosexual parents use their daughters for prostitution, to bring them money. There is no difference here. These parents are all abusers, their sexual preference has nothing to do with it, so I don't know why you are bringing up the case of Desmond. He's just another poor child with horrible parents. Precious is a great movie that deals with this kind of abuse. I recommend it.
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Saying inmigration is at fault for gay attacks is utter ignorant. The homophobia resides mainly on the patriarchal system. The hate comes from having individuals who do not want to conform to heteronormativity, therefore to patriarchy. There are homophobes in all religions, all countries, even in the most advanced societies there will always be someone who dislikes or do not accept homosexuality. I think it will take a great amount of decades, maybe a century, to have a more tolerant society in global terms.... maybe it never happens, it is in our nature to destroy ourselves for whatever reasons.
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Maybe it keeps growing because many fellas who had to hide their sexuality before are feeling more confidence to come out of the closet now? Maybe it keeps growing because new people are born every day? The same kind of society (MOSTLY CONSERVATIVES) who have looked the other way for CENTURIES the sexual abuse of children, women and people in general at the hands of priests, teachers, and MOSTLY HETEROSEXUAL PARENTS. Check statistics and realize how many little girls are sexually abused by their FATHERS, not to mention how many of them get pregnant and are forced to have the baby as a result of their incestous relationships. Please, stop insulting our intelligence with these bollocks! Denegerates are degenerates of all sexes, genders, ages and sexual orientation. Desmond parents should be in jail, as much as the parents of millions of children who are and have been sexually abused ever since the world is world.
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I don't think gay parades promote homosexuality. They are not trying to convert anyone who is not homosexual into a homosexual. It is a march to bring visibility to a sexual minority that has been severely oppressed in the past and is still oppressed in many parts of the world. May the fact that it is colorful and has a 'happy' vibe confuse some people into thinking that they are celebrating their sexuality, promoting it or boasting about it. I guess that's part of the criticism made by other groups within the LGTB organizations, who are against the banalization of their fight. Well, I agree with you in the first line. I wish we'd reach a point where we don't have to give society any account of our sexualities, who we go to bed with or who do we love (as long as those people are consenting adults). But at the moment this is not possible for some people, so I give my support to the parade, though I'd rather see it focus more on the fight of those who are still oppressed and not turn it into a carnival. That being said, I don't see the need for a heterosexual parade. It is ridiculous, useless, it makes no sense and it would be a waste of money for the governments. Heterosexuals have nothing to fight for. They have their rights intact. Heterosexuals can love anyone they want without being ashamed of it. They can have as many partners as they want, they can get married, divorced, marry twice, thrice, have children, adopt them and in many countries, they get benefits for having a partner, so what would be the motivation behind a heterosexual parade other than showing a step back in mental development? Next up people will want to celebrate their ability to move their intestines and start a shit fest in the middle of the street? 💩💩💩 OMG please!
  13. I'm not expert but to my understanding, a master tape it is the first recording of something (be it a song, sounds, film, etc), the original material from where all the other copies will be produced. I assume its value resides on it being the original, the first one and all that has to do with quality of sound? Also being the original I assume it is not edited, mixed or touched in any way, so that would make it more valuable than copies.
  14. #WokeAxl

    A conscious being? Aren't we all conscious beings while we are alive? Nah, I don't think Axl is anything special, neither misunderstood and much less "woke". He has a huge ego, something that probably stems from his upbringing and the way his family functioned. Coming out with the story of his life in magazines like Rolling Stone was probably more to do with a personal catharsis, in some ways to justify his bad behavior "look at me, cut me some slack, this is what you get when you abuse children." Too bad he sought support in dubious people, mediums and charlatans who took advantage of his fragile emotional state to suck up thousands of dollars from his pockets.
  15. Only if Axl would want to return to that kind of music...