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  1. There is freedom of speech in most western countries. I don't know what you are complaining about? Are you upset because you don't want to face the consequences of messing up with the race of someone else? Please name the subjects that you think you are not allowed to joke about anymore and why. Oh, ffs! When they fat shame you they are not looking forward to your health or anything. They are just enjoying the pleasure of putting you down. Once you lose all the weight you need to lose 'in their eyes' (I'm warning you it is never enough), they will move onto telling you that you need plastic surgery because all that extra skin is disgusting. And once you got rid of all the extra skin, they will start joking about how you are getting bald. Intolerance is always negative. If you get a kick from it, that's just you being weak before your master. When you realize you can lose weight because of your own motivation to feel better, healthier, etc. you will stop being addicted to the humiliation that you believe fuels your desire to lose weight. Using the N word in the 21st century is just being an ignorant asshole who supports the perpetuation of racism. I don't care if it was 1% or 99%. It's fucking old shit, stop with that. How the fuck old are you? What I said about equality in humor means that I love when the oppressed groups rise up and get enough courage to PVP their oppressors. Im not much familiar with that Roseanne woman but her tweet was pathetic and if she had the balls to tweet that, then she should have the same balls to face the consequences of it. Whenever someone goes racist they try to fix later it by saying they didn't mean it or that the other person didn't get it, always throwing the ball and the blame onto the victim. That excuse is so old, no one's buying it anymore. Especially if you decide to open your Twitter to post something like that, what is the mistake? You are consciously tweeting what you are about to publish... I mean, it's not a conversation, you know Twitter is public and that you have thousands of followers... There's no innocence in what Roseanne did. It was deliberately so fuck her, go cry to the cemetery or something...
  2. How ridiculous that thought of xenophobia being in our genes and such a dangerous idea to spread around Imagine one of those idiots reading this and going like 'aaaah, great! I am xenophobic because I can't help it, I was born with it, yahooooo!!' *pulls out a gun and mass kills an entire shopping mall, then pleads non-guilty and shows a picture of his DNA*
  3. Not all jokes are offensive, some are to some people. I don't think there is a general feeling that all jokes are offensive. And no, people don't just say things. Comedians create and study their comedy acts very well, they know what they are saying. Maybe some old dude cannot help mumbling the 'f*g' word when he sees a gay man, but that generation of dinosaurs is on its way to extinction. Resisting to adjust to the new dynamics is useless when the waves are getting so high. Excuse me? Valid reasons for intolerance? WTF are you talking about, please explain because it sounds really bad. Bigoted comments are not needed anymore. There's a whole new generation growing up in diversity, tolerance, acceptance of a different other and they will not be making those comments anymore. You don't need to keep slavery around to be able to talk about it or discuss it. Every discussion can emerge from history without a need to relive it every time. No one wants to ruin anyone, some people just ruin themselves when they refuse to acknowledge that times are changing and that there is no place for discrimination, racism, sexism and other nocive -isms. The victim cannot become an oppressor when all they are doing is leveling up their strength. Not on the ground anymore, it is a one-on-one battle now. Horizontal and equal. It always depends on the joke... Like someone said before, humor is art and the way you tell jokes or funny stories is what differentiates a good comedian from a mediocre or bad one. Mastering tone, wit, voice and physical expression is essential to whoever wants to be a comedian. That joke about the boy with a bad report is good because there is no malice on it. A boy reacts like any child worried about failing to their mother, even when a tragedy just happened. It would be no joke and no humor if he had thought 'thank god that bitch will finally leave me alone' instead.
  4. I am dying to learn the name list of these motherfucking Yokos
  5. ^^ Okay, Fernando. It's all fine! Btw, are you here for damage control?
  6. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Eww @dgnr!!! Eww!!
  7. I don't know who that is, I'm sorry It'd help a lot if you would bear in mind some aspects of my demographics. But if you say there's a man with hairy legs wearing a dress, I really do not find anything particularly funny about it because I need more context. My mind is full of men wearing dresses and I don't know which one you want me to find funny: 1) Freddy Mercury in the video of 'I want to break free' 2) Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie 3) Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire 4) Kurt Cobain in the video of Bloom (or the other shows where he wore a dress) 5) Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner 6) Conchita Wurst winning Eurovision 2014 Help me out....
  8. Yes, the familiarity with others you know they love you in spite of your apparent flaw (being fat) is something that works as a softener of comments and jokes of that kind. You know that beyond the joke and the appearance, they still appreciate the person you are inside. I was more talking of jokes made by strangers or comedians. With dehumanization and de-dramatizing I mean the process by which you are able to laugh at the expense or disgrace of others without feeling guilty or putting too much thought into it. The example of the senile mum is very good and that's what I was talking about..... each person and their dramas have their own process of accepting it (or not) and coping mechanisms, especially when you have to go through those situations for a long time. Throwing a joke in the middle of that process is a lottery as to how that person will react. It is not the same making jokes at someone who is battling cancer and someone who survived it. The person who survived it had a long time to process the whole thing and maybe by the end of it, they found out they could laugh about it. But if you go joking around someone who's having a hard time with their tumor or their father's tumor or their son's tumor, then you can't ask that person to "relax" and think of it as just as joke, because it is highly likely they will not see any positive or funny thing about it. If you are able to laugh at your fatness, that means you've come to terms with it and maybe accepting that you will not lose weight anytime soon, so you've decided you're gonna live the fat life and laugh at it. However, it is really hard to tell what moment of the process each person is at and that's when the offenses occur. I'm still insecure about the censorship, it really depends on so many variables that it is hard for me to say when I accept it and when I don't. What I do like about this whole rebellion of the oppressed groups is when they go for more and create their own comedy acts to roast their oppressors I guess that's way better than having the others censored, because it gives a voice to those who were laughed at and it also broadens the humor spectrum, new characters and characterizations are brought to light, like the category of #boyfriends and #husbands, who can be as annoying as the #girlfriends and the #wives and there are loads of funny stories about them too. That mantra of "you can't say anything anymore" is getting old and boring.... how about thinking of NEW JOKES, huh? You draw the line where your personal values dictate you. But, if you offend others and they tell you, at least have the balls to face them and if you have bigger balls, stand up for your comedy or your jokes. Complaining like a whiny brat will not get you anywhere. Complaining before you get to offend someone is knowing that you are about to be a dick and it will have consequences. Well, if you know it will have consequences, face them. Don't chicken out. Why are you calling me heathen? I don't know what you mean by that.... The way you are describing it.... no, I don't particularly find a man in a dress funny (if by funny you mean amusing, comical and not strange or rare) Just because they have not told you they got offended it doesn't mean they were not offended. Sometimes it is hard to tell someone that they have offended you. It is a combination of fear and shame, which is basically what the other imposes over you when they point out your "flaws". Because as soon as you get offended and you are upset, they tell you you either don't have a sense of humor, or you are taking yourself too seriously or that you are not relaxing. All of them ways to get rid of the blame and throw the problem to the person who is already handling your darts.
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Totally. But TB learned from Axl, not Slash, unfortunately.
  10. Yes, it's definitely a cultural thing and something learned. You learned to laugh at the person who trips over their shoelaces because either someone taught you or you learned it through media. That would also explain the differences between British humor, northamerican humor, French humor.... I usually have a hard time finding the humor in British comedy. It is clear that as an Argentine I don't find funny the same things British do, or most of them, it's not that I don't get it at all. And probably our humor doesn't appeal to a lot other people. I even find a difference in age.... like, when I was a kid I would laugh at really silly things or almost everything and now I don't. Now it is difficult to apply this self-awareness of stupidity when someone is joking about your fatness, your gayness, your cancer..... Why is there a sense of superiority if you are not fat, not gay or don't have cancer? Why are comedians upset that those collectives who have been used for decades as fodder for jokes are now rebelling against and disputing the field of humor? The status quo is being shaken and obviously, the hegemony hates it. No one wants to change when they had it so easy in the past and now they have to either look for new ways of cracking jokes or quit the business.
  11. If the Monterrey and Asian dates are cancelled....
  12. Would it be funny if it was your fat mother falling down a hole? Would it be funny if it was your fat self falling down a hole? Would it be funny if the fat person falling down a hole ended up dead? I find a pattern when people laugh at the expense of others and that is the distance (physical and emotional) between the person laughing and the person/object they are laughing at. In order to appreciate the humor of certain things being said you need to make an internal exercise of dehumanization. Only when you have dehumanized the other and de-dramatized a situation, you can truly laugh at it. The problem is not everybody can go through this process at the same time than everybody else and that's when offense occurs. This is not victimization. It should not be in our hands to accelerate the internal processes of someone else. Using your example of the fat person, I think it is not your or my job to tell someone else when they are ready to accept their reality as a fat person. Because maybe they refuse to recognize themselves as fat, or because they are battling against it and don't want to accept it as a lifelong reality.
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Good boy! Speaking of hairy things yeah, I did read the whole Slash interview with RS and I think I have never drooled over an interview like I did yesterday Mostly because it was so easy and fast to read... and I couldn't stop giggling with Slash passive-agressive responses I wonder what Axl thinks of that, did he read it? And I wish he would give same kind of interview to RS. Maybe like a response to Slash, haha..... but I know that just won't happen.
  14. Not much of a proof when you know a publication like Rolling Stone (similar to any other big media) has all the digital tools available today to track clicks. As soon as an article goes live, you can go check in your Ads panel how the article is performing, the keywords and the incoming clicks show exactly where the audience is coming from. He doesn't need to monitor this forum at all. The software they have at the newsroom lets them know automatically every single website and social network where the article is being mentioned, posted, linked, etc. Just because he defended his work doesn't mean he might not be a fan of the band himself or that his questions were all "lifted" from here. And if they were, then he did his job very well, but the wording and the edition of the interview pretty much belong to Rolling Stone stylebook.
  15. What is Axl up to these days?

    The point is you are arguing something completely different than I am and on top of that, your information is incorrect. Axl usually says many grandiose things later he doesn't live up to them. He never stood by what he said in 2016. There is PLENTY of proof around (from pictures to videos) of Axl signing stuff and taking photos with fans. The notion of 100!!! πŸ˜‚ or 1000!!! eBayers around Axl and only one real fan that you are presenting here shows me that you are pretty clueless with what you are defending. You have obviously not been following the tour and its sideshow. Once again you don't know what you are talking about. You assume so much it is almost fun to see you making up scenarios that never happened. To begin with, there were never HUNDREDS of fans shoving stuff on Axl's face all the time. He is not the Justin Bieber you think he is πŸ˜‚. The only place where there was a considerate amount of fans was last year in Bologna and most of them were really real fans who waited at the hotel entrance for hours. And all the contrary to what you are saying (because you are not well informed), he did sign stuff and took photos with many of them. Most fans have cellphone cameras and are constantly filming everything, so what you are saying is not a trusted method to distinguish a real fan from an eBayer. Not to mention that Europe is the continent where he signed the most autographs and took most photos with fans. Do you really believe an eBayer has the money to be hitting every European city GN'R played so they can get Axl's autograph to sell? πŸ˜‚ Nope, there is no way he is "familiar" with eBayers faces. If you'd stop to think, being an eBayer for autographs is not something hundred or thousands of people can do. First, you have to live in a big metropolis and second, that metropolis has to be a place visited by or a residence for lots of celebrities and famous people, otherwise, your business would be a failure and the probabilities of making a living out of it would be really low. No, you act like Axl Rose is pestered by thousands of eBayers everytime he gets out of a car. Most people who come close to him are FANS and the eBayers are just a handful on a lucky day. Either way he said he wasn't signing them but then he went out and signed much more than he warned against. Either way in 2014 he said he had three albums full of new music ready to come out and so far I'm just listening to the crickets in a lonely night πŸ˜‚
  16. Slash is the Maradona of rock: "a cosmic kite"
  17. What is Axl up to these days?

    He tweeted about Ebayers twice in 2016. However, he signed and took pictures with a bunch of fans throughout the whole 2016, 2017 and 2018. Why would Axl be checking Ebay looking for his own autographs? That's fucked up or it's too much time on his hands. Both options would be sad, really. Of course, but how can Axl determine who is an eBayer and who is not? Does he have an scanner incorporated into his brain that can throw Google results, like the Terminator II? Yeah, I can imagine and who's fault that's gonna be? Axl's, of course! He could have stopped and signed it. Because not signing it, doesn't prevent an eBayer from faking an autograph and trying to sell it anyway. So this Axl method is useless and it only ends up hurting fans, not the ebayers. I'd be surprised, huh? Yeah, I became a fan yesterday and never attended a show.. Ugh, the probabilities of getting a litho are really low, because as you said, they are limited and only maybe the 5% of the concert-goers will get them, with or without eBayers around. It's a mathematical thing, not an EBay issue. Getting a litho is not for everybody, it requires investment of time, money and effort. I am almost sure that any fan who really wants a litho will get it. But usually people won't put on the effort so yeah, eBay is the last resort for the lazy ones and for collectors who cannot attend every single show. I really don't see it as a bad thing. This part is really hilarious because: 1) some people really DO pay that amount of money for either real or fake autographs 2) there's no proven system to prevent transactions between individuals 3) the band is selling an AFD box set which costs 1000 bucks and it is more of a ripoff than any real or fake Axl autograph, lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  18. The Rolling Stone interview has something that is effective like a goal from middle field. The questions are the best, precise and concise and the answers are not the best at times, but they are also precise and concise. I guess the difference might be in the reporter and the way he edited the raw material.
  19. I think he is informed about Izzy's pissed off tweet and everything that happened after it.... the rest of the tweets, the rumours and even the fans popping up at shows with 'Where's Izzy?' signs, so he knows that situation of "he said, they said" is something he doesn't want to go "nowhere near" because it will always be a point of conflict. Izzy stated one thing, Axl said different. Where does it lie the truth? Slash doesn't feel like clarifying any of it. Probably because it is just what Izzy said later in the WSJ article... that he couldn't find a happy middle-ground and that negotiations failed. There's not much else to say about it.
  20. Slash mood in interviews is always like "meh "
  21. Maybe he's fed up with the eBayers that post his interviews in every forum and he has to go scolding people on Twitter on a daily basis
  22. I know, Im just saying that I think that's the way it works with media today. You cannot reproduce the entire work of someone else in your website, even if you are direct linking them and giving all the credit. If I'm not mistaken, the journalists are paid a percentage for the clicks they get in their stories.
  23. Yeah, I kinda thought it wouldn't be correct to post the whole thing here, it is their work and it's meant to be read at the website
  24. I think he might have been referring to the way Izzy cleared up any involvement with the band...... but I don't know.... because if he means the tweet of the 'loot', I'm not sure that was well-handled. Unless he is talking about the way Duff and Axl addressed it? I don't know.. it is sort of confusing... Yeah, but it is Rolling Stone not the Icelandic newspaper, lol I think they've earned their right to ask whatever they want.
  25. My intuition tells me he is referring to the second Izzy tweet, not the first one.