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  1. That's one smart little fella... The rest of the kangaroos apparently chose the option to get an autograph from Axl instead of a photo.
  2. Just found out more about his health here: https://www.guitarworld.com/artists/buckethead-diagnosed-chronic-heart-problem-says-i-could-be-gone-tomorrow
  3. Classic Rock GN'R special mag

    I used to love reading the daily newspaper, but that was probably 10 years ago! The USA printed new business is long gone...sad. My kids don't even know the pleasure of quiet morning time with a paper...now I'm just sounding like an old man!
  4. Classic Rock GN'R special mag

    With all due respect allwaystired, where do you live? I can't get a decent magazine anywhere nowadays, let alone a newspaper! Printed news-media is dead.
  5. I just wrote the lyrics to my new song: Sadomasochistic Torture (Being a GnFnR Fan) And after all these years... After they suck me back in... You've got to be fucking kidding me... When will I ever learn. Bashing and Beating my brains out... Loving and Hating and Loving and Hating again... A Fan's life is never easy... A Fan's heart is always bleeding. Fuck Me... Alright! Fuck YOU.
  6. Agreed My Top Three: Spending time with my son in Vegas 2016 amidst all the hype and anticipation of the unknown. Returning to Vegas to hang in the Pit and snag a pic from Slash last month. Russ' Legendary Pre-Party.
  7. With the tour now over, I remain extremely proud of my official score: 0 points.
  8. Fun fact: they never played AFD in its entirety during the NITLT...EVEN THOUGH THE 30 YEAR ANNIVERSARY FELL INTO THE HEART OF THIS TOUR. Sorry to drop into this thread and bring a downer to what should be a celebration of excess but I blame Slash and Duff for not standing their ground. Oh well, I saw three shows and had a blast. I'm happy for everyone that loved last night's show. Carry on....
  9. WTF San Diego?! Just because you're Los Angeles' southern little sister doesn't mean you can't get fired up for a GnFnR show!
  10. This guy has a few great videos from Slash's side...
  11. Duff has a fucking kickass shirt on there! I wish he'd rock out on 'Raw Power' again in his song slot.
  12. PIT Tickets...both sides...available on Ticketmaster NOW
  13. PIT 2 Slash side $375 each Platinum on Ticketmaster available NOW
  14. The big guy in the top left of this picture is my buddy! And the Wifey has both her arms up rocking out in the bottom right corner of this one! They LOVE me for buying those tickets!
  15. So I'm back home and I must chime in about this one...It was one of the BEST fucking shows I've ever seen! With all my worries about the extra CD songs and too many covers and the length of the show, I had been nervous about this one since I was bringing my wife and another couple. Wifey's review: " It was the fastest 3 1/2 hours of my life. I LOVED IT! " You just cannot deny the power of SLASH...holy shit he even makes the CD songs shine. I'm surprised, bewildered and astounded. That's the 5th time I've seen GnR live: twice in 1989, Vegas #2, and Detroit Ford Field. Something about Vegas, but this one was BY FAR my favorite! Props to Fortus too. That guy kept his shirt on and rocked his fucking ass off. Damn. Well done! (And don't forget....I'm an Izzy-guy) I bought PIT tickets on Duff's side through AXS Premium. $395 each. WORTH EVERY PENNY. Spent most of it in the center corner by the end of the ramp while Wifey was over in Stage Right corner by Fortus. Plenty of room to bop around and I truly appreciate that the Pits are not oversold. We each got a Slash pic (!) and Fortus tossed his wristband to the Wifey. A FUCKING BLAST! If anyone is on the fence about these remaining arena shows...GO.