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  1. "Fans loved it and no one complained." If it was ever in question, it's quite obvious to me that Billy Corgan has never been to this forum.
  2. Can't we all be friends?

    The guys in this band aren't friends, so why should we be?
  3. Izzy was responding directly to an interview with Axl and Duff...it was a response to the interview NOT the concert incident
  4. Fuck yeah, I'm angry. I wanted the Appetite Five. No apologies. But... The first two words in my reply are: "MY OPINION". And yes, I DO BELIEVE that Izzy AND Steven were asked to be involved in this reunion before the Troubadour show. IZZY got fucked over due to money. Steven got fucked over because he's Steven. And no, KURT19 doesn't rhyme with Smaxl Smose.
  5. My opinion based on the bits of public info and tweets: Izzy was asked to participate in a full-blown GNR reunion. Once the business dealings got serious, he found himself stuck in the middle with Steven instead of being on equal terms with Slash and Duff. He got fucked over in the proposed loot split. He walked and took the long way home. The tour kicked off and Izzy was invited to "special guest" along with Steven to keep the die-hard fans happy and to keep the ticket sales flowing. Izzy got fucked over again during a sound check by a no-show Axl, his old buddy Duff, and puppy dog Steven who was willing to work for peanuts. The Three-Headed monster saw their bank account balances balloon bigger than any other phase of their lifetimes and came to the greedy conclusion that Izzy wasn't necessary. Money is the root of all evil. Izzy got fucked over by an ego-maniacal, power-mad, tortured-genius and his two newly ultra-rich lackey henchman. End of story.
  6. You just don't step inside to 14 pages... And I still don't know if Izzy liked the movie or not!?
  7. Nah, pretty sure it's Izzy's reflection.
  8. FUCK YEAH! Was the show last night or next week? If we missed it, sorry and let us know how it went!
  9. Buckethead Updated 2018 Tour

  10. Never sell the guitar... Keep it and buy one of these Vox mini modeling Amps so you can always plug in whenever you want! Less than $130 and takes up about as much room as a pair of boots. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Vox/3W-Battery-Powered-Modeling-Amp.gc
  11. All four of the Los Angeles Coliseum gigs in 1989.
  12. W.Axl Rose VS Vince Neil

    Vince Neil would gas out just climbing through the ropes
  13. That's one smart little fella... The rest of the kangaroos apparently chose the option to get an autograph from Axl instead of a photo.