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  1. I was lucky enough to be living out there at the time and saw two of the four nights. Fucking wild. Axl running the Olympic track was mind blowing. He was FAST! ...To this day I'm still not sure if Slash was telling us to do heroin or not to do heroin.
  2. Seems that Constantine is out already...
  3. ...what appears if you use the hashtag #wheresizzy on Twitter?
  4. I just got back from buying this one at Target...onsale for $15.99 with an iron-on patch, two CD's and a booklet. The woman working the checkout lane didn't know anything about it at all and I got her all fired up...and now she's buying one too. You're welcome, @Fernando
  5. http://www.nme.com/blogs/locked-nloaded-heres-what-to-expect-from-the-guns-nroses-pop-up-store-2345422
  6. Except that most of the band is unknown... and the majority of the AFD5 are still under gag order. I just changed my mind...I would buy one of these and gift it to Izzy just to see him do an unboxing video!
  7. The box is really cool... just not $1000 worth of really cool. If you buy it, more power to you. Personally, I have better things to do with $1000.00
  8. Correction: Perla was paid 6.5 million for Donnington concert
  9. A few more pictures... ...A triumphant Steven Adler!
  10. OK...I went last night and meet Steven before the show. HarleyFest was a free carnival-type event in the parking lot of a huge Harley dealer here in metro Detroit. They were selling Meet and Greet VIP tix for $25 that sold out, maybe 100 people with VIP wristbands. I had a wristband but not exactly the right one It’s impossible not to like this guy...Told him that I’d been sober for almost 11 years and he signed my ticket from 1989 when GNR warmed up for The Stones. He’s a hugger, but so am I. Meltdown told me that Steven hugged and kissed him about 3 times to thank him for the radio interview that they did together the other day. Meltdown is probably expecting some serious love from you too the next time you see him @RussTCB The show was a blast...Steven never stops smiling and looks and plays fucking great! Rocket Queen is just sooooo right with Adler behind the kit. They opened with Reckless Life, played Civil War, You Could Be Mine and most of Appetite...no Out Ta Get Me or You’re Crazy. As far as Constantine goes...the dude sounds great but I think he’s trying too hard. It’s a tough gig. After all, he’s trying to sound like Axl Rose, and not like from 2018, but from the 80’s. If this gang stays together I think he’ll keep getting better. He needs to relax and just sing and not try to be a “rockstar”. Prime example was during Sweet Child when he snake-danced his way into a mic stand and dropped the wireless mic which then broke. All in all a super fun night...If Adler comes your way...GO. He’s a lovable living legend. Personally I’ll root for this guy forever.
  11. I just may have to make some Steven masks for this one... I assume you'll be going on Saturday @RussTCB ?
  12. He must think he's Kid Rock now! Honest Question: Who wears a shirt with the word "FUCK" on it and exactly where can you wear a shirt with the word "FUCK" on it?
  13. COOL BAG, sure... but click the link above and read the description. Who the hell writes this stuff?! I won't buy just because of this: Guns N' Roses returned to glory this year with 2 dates in London. Axel might not be back to his very best, buy by God they put most other bands to shame - Rock On. We have heard they are likely to be back in the UK in 2018 for a bigger tour.