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  1. The Black Crowes "Reunion"

    It is a new release so its currently only available in hardcover. I don't know about international shipping with Barnes and Noble, but if this helps you: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/hard-to-handle-steve-gorman/1131939984?ean=9780306922008#/
  2. Copyright Strikes....

    Seriously. Either tell us who you are and release the transcripts of your communications with TB or just stop. This thread is giving me motion sickness.
  3. The Black Crowes "Reunion"

    A total travesty there. I can’t help but think that the asshole brothers look like a pair of homeless vagrants that won a $5,000 shopping spree at John Varvatos.
  4. The Black Crowes "Reunion"

    I definitely won't argue with you. This is a cash-grab pure and simple and count me out. I saw the Black Crowes about 6 or 7 times live and they were occasionally brilliant, mostly mediocre and at times plain awful. These asshole brothers must be flat broke to even agree to tour again together with "all new members." Live Nation will promo the shit out of this "reunion" and my advice to you all: Don't fall for it. Save your money and buy Steve Gorman's book 'HARD TO HANDLE: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF THE BLACK CROWES'. Read that one and find out what the Robinson brothers are really like...
  5. I talked with those Dirty Honey dudes earlier this year after they warmed up for The Who and the guitarist told me that Slash was his hero. I'm sure he was thrilled to find out that he wouldn't even be meeting him. What a joke. The Rolling Stones at least trot out their opening bands for a quick handshake/backstage pic together at their gigs. And they are THE ROLLING FUCKIN' STONES. I appreciate your last few posts in this thread and feel your pain. This band is fucking infuriating.
  6. She’s holding FOUR aces... WHERE’S IZZY?!
  7. Of course! Lets face it, Slash is already a walking, talking, living breathing cartoon. He could easily become a KISS character.
  8. Wanted to share my girlfriends UYI painting

    You're a lucky man...that is an awesome gift!
  9. ...Except the number is conveniently cropped out at the bottom and they are using the exact same picture for both listings. BUYER BEWARE.
  10. Seller is using the same picture as seen here on page 183 that @AxlIsGod. posted. One sold. Second listing is up already up now. BEWARE!
  11. I'm sorry but it is beyond sad that someone on TB would think up the idea to alter the video and then actually do it and then actually share it on social media.
  12. Absolutely fucking pathetic...when I watch this all I can hear is "Fuck you, Kurt." And "Fuck you to any one else that liked us when we were truly a Rock N' Roll band." No band has ever fucked over their original fanbase better than these fuckheads. Fuck all y'all.
  13. It is definitely an American thing: Legend has it that every Halloween The Great Axl rises up from the most sincere pumpkin patch to spread joy and give new music to every little girl and boy.
  14. STONED in L.A. Anniversary

    No! He made it all the way around and climbed back up onstage on the other side... Stuff of legends.
  15. STONED in L.A. Anniversary

    I saw two of the four gigs...fucking epic. Axl running the Olympic track all the way around with security guards and fans chasing him WOW!