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  1. Your last line is one of the most well-crafted sentences that I have ever read here... Bravo!
  2. AHHHHHHH MY EYES! Good God... Wish I hadn't done that and it was so bloody bright that it took me 7 minutes to see well enough to change the theme back!
  3. What is it with this guy and his nipple?! For the love of GOD, man. Enough.
  4. In the early 1990's, it was a beach resort town (?)
  5. I'm sure there was, and maybe still is, a gag order on Steven. But think about it, what happens to the guy IF he talks?! So fucking WHAT if he offends Axl at this point. They can't take anything away from him now...unless the gag order mandates a defamation lawsuit being slapped on him if he does open his mouth again. In my opinion, the whole thing fucking smells. There is an insane amount of money being made yet the veil of secrecy still exists. It would be SO EASY to put it to rest if Duff and Slash would fucking SAY SOMETHING! But ahhhhhhh...gag orders prevent THEM from talking too I bet.
  6. PowerBall GNR

    "America's favorite lottery!"
  7. PowerBall GNR

    Mark my words. If I win, I will hire GnR to play my Birthday Party. You are all invited.
  8. 08/21/17 - Ottawa, ON - TD Place Stadium

    It's a BADASS Jackalope or simply a black cat crossing the path of a overstimulated mule deer.
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Trump has a new "commercial" out now. You can see it here if you want: Looks to me like he's trolling AXL now! See the GNR T Shirt?
  10. 08/16/17 - Buffalo, NY - New Era Field

    Except they've been charging Eagles' PRICES. Although I'd have to be drunk to go see The Eagles...and I haven't had a drink in 12 years!
  11. 08/16/17 - Buffalo, NY - New Era Field

    Not sure about last night, but I've thought about the ramifications of the current ticket selling strategy and am not surprised... When you sell off tons of tickets at the last minute for drastically lowered prices, you're bound to attract more casual fans that are looking for a cheap night out, no matter who the band is. ie TONS OF DRUNKS WHO DON'T GIVE A FUCK Sad.
  12. Buffalo is one of the few NFL teams that do NOT have cheerleaders! Lawsuit may still be pending...Zombie cheerleader since the Jills 'died'? I'm grasping for straws here people!
  13. 08/16/17 - Buffalo, NY - New Era Field

    FYI... Local radio pregame party in a GREAT parking lot! Hammers Lot! http://www.wedg.com/2017/08/09/shredd-ragans-guns-n-roses-tailgate-party/
  14. PIT tickets available NOW on Ticketmaster
  15. Could it be the Argo Tunnel ? In the words of the great Steve Earle: There’s a hole in this mountain and it’s dark and it’s deep And God only knows all the secrets it keeps There’s a chill in the air only miners can feel There’re ghosts in the tunnels that the company sealed Sends chills up my spine, for truer words have never been said. The dark history surrounding this tunnel near Denver is a devastating and sorrowful truth that is part of our Colorado gold mining heritage. The Argo Gold Mine and Mill was once the largest of its kind in the world and would process over $100 million of gold ore, but it would also go down in history as a widow maker with a fateful flood that will live on in infamy.