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  1. ...and a freshly cropped photo-shopped belly
  2. BTW... THANK YOU @Archtop for posting this on twitter! YOU ROCK!
  3. Me six months ago: "I love AFD. I do NOT love the band members. I do NOT love the management team or the industry fuckers. I put up with all the swirling bullshit because of the music." Me now: I DO NOT LOVE ANYTHING ABOUT THIS BAND... EXCEPT THIS FORUM. FUCK THEM. FUCK THEM ALL.
  4. Staged photos of Duff and his wifey are so fucking PUNK! They are Not My Marital Role Models #strikeapose #IThinkI'mOutForAwhile
  5. Duff’s sadly turned into a corporate tool... Promoting shitty t-shirts and espousing political views on Twitter while raking in millions of dollars is the exact fucking opposite of punk.
  6. I was lucky enough to be living out there at the time and saw two of the four nights. Fucking wild. Axl running the Olympic track was mind blowing. He was FAST! ...To this day I'm still not sure if Slash was telling us to do heroin or not to do heroin.
  7. Seems that Constantine is out already...
  8. ...what appears if you use the hashtag #wheresizzy on Twitter?
  9. I just got back from buying this one at Target...onsale for $15.99 with an iron-on patch, two CD's and a booklet. The woman working the checkout lane didn't know anything about it at all and I got her all fired up...and now she's buying one too. You're welcome, @Fernando
  10. http://www.nme.com/blogs/locked-nloaded-heres-what-to-expect-from-the-guns-nroses-pop-up-store-2345422
  11. Except that most of the band is unknown... and the majority of the AFD5 are still under gag order. I just changed my mind...I would buy one of these and gift it to Izzy just to see him do an unboxing video!
  12. The box is really cool... just not $1000 worth of really cool. If you buy it, more power to you. Personally, I have better things to do with $1000.00