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  1. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    More power to anyone that wants to spend money to see a band, whether we think it's a good value or not is irrelevant. To each his own. But... these "presales" are just devious new ways to shakedown a fan base. It's borderline criminal. Exactly how do these three sleep at night? Why don't you just...fuck off.
  2. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Vegas Pricing today in the presale looks like this = Pit Patience Package = $ 1,319.91 plus fees Live and Let Die Package Section 205 = $ 631.41 plus fees Section 104 Platinum pricing varies from $ 1,480.00 to $ 1,730.00 plus fees Section 103 Premium Paradise City VIP Lounge Package = $ 1,786.41 plus fees Upper deck = $ 169.00 plus fees
  3. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    In my not so humble opinion, Get Ready for standard price tickets ranging from $499-$149...but good luck buying them. I wouldn't be surprised to see most available tickets to be either VIP packages or Ticketmaster Platinum tickets in the range of $800-$900-$1200 each.
  4. I present this exhibit into evidence:
  5. #WokeAxl

    Nothing against the OP but the only one around here that should be using #WokeAxl or #FuckingAnything should be Melissa the #SkittlesSmurf... #FuckHashtags
  6. Honestly, it is essential to bring Izzy back into the family to ensure any long term success for these guys. The three-union has been a massive money grab but...it will come to an end soon. We need new music now. I'm afraid that, without IZZY co-writing some new songs, all we are ever going to get is re-hashed Axl songs...and I personally don't need/want those. Stradlin' has been extremely prolific compared to Axl so we know he's more than capable. I can only hope that someone out there is paying attention and listening.
  7. Past = Axl Present = Slash Future = Izzy
  9. Now I'm just plain angry that I used to like this guy... Duff McKagan: HOW TO BE A SISSY (and other delusions)
  10. It does not.
  11. You MUST GO. You MUST REPORT BACK TO US. If it sucks... well then at least the rest of us didn’t have to go.
  12. I'm a VIP kind of guy... Punk as Fuck VIP
  13. I'm curious to learn his thoughts on the 1980's Seattle punk scene and whether or not he follows the Seahawks...
  14. Seriously...when I first read this one I was expecting him to talk about the past and rip on the current lineup. Then I remembered that he is in the current lineup