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  1. Steven KICKED ASS last night in DETROIT! He finally has a fantastic band with an incredible singer...ARI is the real deal. ”He sounds BETTER than Axl right now!” - the esteemed @ZoSoRose If this gang comes anywhere you...GO!!! it was a damn fine Rock N’ Roll show...a fucking BLAST !
  2. Steven Adler looking for new singer

    Ari is fantastic! DETROIT ROCKED LAST NIGHT I’m so happy for Steven...this lineup KICKS ASS! GO SEE THEM.
  3. I'm guessing that when he first saw the watermark and ranted about it, he thought it was a TB/GnR watermark.
  4. Steven Adler looking for new singer

    Hey man, Wifey and I are in for Friday night...I purchased 50% off tickets already using promo code JUNGLE so we don't need your connection. Should be a blast! BTW, what is your real name again?! Let's go @RussTCB bring your gang too!
  5. Enter Promo Code: JUNGLE for half-off DETROIT tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/steven-adler-of-guns-n-roses-w-spiral-crush-chris-males-tickets-50780390515
  6. DETROIT this Friday night...I might actually be able to go now. @ZoSoRose or @RussTCB ?
  7. I can’t wait for Kat’s official black and white version of this photo to hit the social media channels! #GnFnR
  8. You should definitely go! I’m out of town that weekend or else I’d be there...damn. He’s such a good guy
  9. Steven Adler looking for new singer

    So I assume he found a new singer then?! https://www.dieselconcerts.com/
  10. Adler is coming back to DETROIT! Wonder who the singer will be this time??? https://www.eventbrite.com/e/steven-adler-of-guns-n-roses-w-spiral-crush-chris-males-tickets-50780390515 https://www.dieselconcerts.com/
  11. I’ll just scrounge around my junk drawer in the kitchen... I’m sure I can find a blue Sharpie in there somewhere. If not, I’ll ask the wifey to check the store room.
  12. Do you have 2 working cassette players?