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  1. RussTCB Stepping Down

    Well, Use My Disillusion...I've just found out about this ANNOUNCEMENT now. Thank you @RussTCB for everything that you've done here! You're an inspiration to all music lovers of every genre. Keep Going and Keep Smiling.
  2. GREAT episode, I love INXS. I can see why Axl wouldn’t have wanted to open for them and not just because of the spectacular meteoric success of AFD... Michael Hutchence was a true ROCKSTAR.
  3. It’s not a real dog... It’s a puppet.
  4. NITL live videos on youtube

    No wonder it takes so long then.
  5. Sadly, no. You misread it... This channel is for the GNR FAM. Not for the GNR FANS. Easy to misinterpret so no worries. At least this pic is in Techni F’N Color!
  6. Fantastic tune!
  7. Top live performances!

    Great idea! I’ve put together my list of best live performance videos...check it out!
  8. Norah Jones covers Patience

    Wonderful, thanks for posting that! I saw Norah live at the Joint in Las Vegas years ago. She was so pumped to be playing at the Hard Rock that she got up off the piano bench and said she felt like Axl Rose and proceeded to snake dance and drag her microphone stand around in a perfect imitation of the man himself. Most of her fans were shocked and confused while I thought it was just so kick ass. She’s cool.
  9. I used to respect Duff. Now I do not. Slash, on the other hand, is a monster on stage and a true guitar hero. I still respect his abilities but no longer respect his integrity or his hair. Does that answer your question?
  10. Well, seemed like Frank and Kat got plenty of TV time to me. I guess with all the good will dripping from this televised performance they should parlay it into another world tour...
  11. It’s So Easy to laugh at the band this morning. The bloated monster of a brand is completely unrecognizable to me at this point. Stupid. Just plain stupid at this point to see what used to be three Rock N’ Roll gods now morphed into robotic cartoon characters being turned on and off by the TB puppet-masters. Carry on you f’n weirdos.
  12. This show is just part of the hype for the Super Bowl. It occurs on Night #3 of the Bud Lite Super Bowl LIV Music Fest in Miami at the American Airlines Arena, ahead of the big game on Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium. Basically, they are trying to appeal to EVERYBODY and it will be one of those events where you need to be seen if you think you are important enough for people to care about seeing you. Thursday, tonight, features: DJ Khaled and Friends, Meek Mill, DaBaby and Megan Thee Stallion (no relation to Melissa Thee My Little Pony) Friday night features: Guns N' Roses and Snoop Dogg Saturday night features: Maroon 5 and Dan + Shay https://www.superbowlmusicfest.com/ Budweiser and the NFL are in charge here...not TB.