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  1. Best non-Guns Slash song

    One of my all-time favorites. Slash and the King of Pop.
  2. Your favourite live era

    90-91, 06, 16-19
  3. What's wrong with this song in a current climate?? As someone else said, It's So Easy is way, way worse.
  4. No I'm not LMAO. I just have the Coachella litho as my avatar. I didn't know about any art being stolen.
  5. I'm in the minority of people that thinks he was lucky to only receive a lifetime ban. I am very thankful to whoever got us the new songs but the band is perfectly justified to punish people for having things they aren't supposed to have.
  6. perhaps I am just lucky, but I have heard all three of these songs across my three NITL gigs.
  7. It's for real! 3 or 4 people around me got up and left after SCOM and never came back so they missed Patience, Nightrain and other big songs. It's crazy.
  8. Most people at the shows are casual fans. Listen to the reaction to WTTJ, SCOM, November Rain vs all the other songs. In fact, as dumb as it is. A lot of people next to me actually left and never came back after SCOM. Can't blame them though. They want to hear the hits. I have bands where I'm just a casual fan and I'm in that camp.
  9. I remember reading the reactions of all the people at Las Vegas 2016 hearing Coma played for the first time since the UYI tour and wishing that I could have been there to experience it. Well last night I had that same feeling, but with Locomotive Even if it wasn't a new song, hearing Axl say "we are gonna try something new here!" in person sent fuckin' chills down my whole body.
  11. I like the albums just fine as they are. but I would love a remaster in the vein as last year's AFD remaster (louder, fuller sound, more clarity) a Use Your Illusion... Naked would be cool for curiosity sake as well.
  12. The big "Fuck Bob Ezrin" thread

    The problem is that the material he rejected has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the fans and even some press back in the day. The "two great songs" comment is just laughable now. Axl apparently played him everything, and even we haven't heard everything from back then yet we have enough great material to make a very strong album that would have done well back in 99/00. Maybe that's truly what he felt back then, but we are just as justified to use our hindsight and see that he was definitely wrong. So.... Fuck Bob Ezrin!!!!