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  1. I'm not trying to make anything about me. I was just trying to give you firsthand testimonial about how it is a real struggle. I felt like you felt easy saying those things about Axl because he is someone that you will never get to know. But I'm someone who is right here who can talk to you about it. That very well could happen I suppose. But I think it's a minority of people who fake it and I very much think that Axl has been a legitimate victim of a hard childhood.
  2. His post is pretty tone-deaf in the modern era where suicide is such a huge epidemic. I've struggled with suicidal thoughts since my teenage years and myself and many others are really tired of being told to just suck it up. Mental health is becoming more and more of a priority and society is better off because of it. It's very hard for me to criticize Axl because it's very obvious that he is at a point in his life where he has found happiness and I'm so happy for him because we all know how much he has struggled.
  3. List of people who have listened to those L. A. Guns albums: Two
  4. What is your quintessential Guns N' Roses song?

    +1 Estranged will forever stand as GNR's masterpiece. A perfect recording.
  5. It refers to a group of musicians who work on material for a while that is eventually handed over to the main line up to develop further. They are working on material that might eventually become Guns N' Roses songs but they are not members of Guns N' Roses. It is believed that Axl had a group of such musicians doing exactly this in the background while the remains of the use your illusion lineup worked on their own material in the mid 90s.
  6. Old Axl Rose Diss Track?

    I promise you it gets so much better!
  7. Old Axl Rose Diss Track?

    We all knew it was either you or @ludurigan who recorded this track but thanks for confirming it.
  8. The "Chinese Democracy" energy experiment - spooky!

    absolute nonsense
  9. It needs to be released on streaming services!!!!
  10. Old Axl Rose Diss Track?

    I found this the other day because it's the third result when you search Chinese Democracy on Apple Music if you can believe it!
  11. I found this horrible, old song targeted at Axl. Recorded by some guy named Scott Savage back in 2008. On an album called....."Chinese Democracy"? It's available on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and other services incredibly. What do you all think? I feel like you guys might find it funny. (I re-uploaded because I know international users have problems viewing videos like this)
  12. Old Crew SWAG

    I think they mean Duff's tour?