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  1. I added the rip of the 1985 Mystic cassette to my Apple Music so I could have the complete set available to stream.
  2. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    Both shows I attended have become highlights of my life. But the 2016 show in KC will be a show I never forget. I stared at that stage and never missed a second of the show. I didn't sit down once.
  3. He was in the band from 2000 - 2004
  4. Better Gone is the Brain remix.
  5. It would be possible to make partial stems from them.
  6. New Work Tune

    have to wait until midnight for it to come out in the US
  7. I have the album already but I can't wait for it to hit Apple Music so I can edit my GNR playlists with the new goodies.
  8. The Plague is.....interesting. But a new little GNR song is cool to hear. And yes it does have vocals.
  9. I ordered the Super Deluxe Edition on Amazon and it's still not shipped out yet
  10. Shackler's Revenge Remix leak **NO LINKS**

    yes. I got them
  11. i heard it and it sounds legit to me