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  1. Wasn't there a bundle that had all the Vinyls with a shot glass or something? I really regret not going for that...
  2. Lies

    I would go as far as to say that LIES isn't even as good as either of the Illusion records.
  3. Lies

  4. Aquaman is DC Comics I think you'll find!!! 😤😤😤
  5. Chinese Democracy: Rockband version

    wouldn't be hard to make at all
  6. Based on Axl going up to talk with Duff right after debuting Locomotive and now Dead Horse, we can infer that Duff is the one really pushing for the deep cuts. Maybe more than Slash?
  7. Perhaps resting his voice for that big scream and transition to his high voice that comes right after.
  8. Best non-Guns Slash song

    One of my all-time favorites. Slash and the King of Pop.
  9. Your favourite live era

    90-91, 06, 16-19
  10. What's wrong with this song in a current climate?? As someone else said, It's So Easy is way, way worse.
  11. No I'm not LMAO. I just have the Coachella litho as my avatar. I didn't know about any art being stolen.
  12. I'm in the minority of people that thinks he was lucky to only receive a lifetime ban. I am very thankful to whoever got us the new songs but the band is perfectly justified to punish people for having things they aren't supposed to have.
  13. perhaps I am just lucky, but I have heard all three of these songs across my three NITL gigs.
  14. It's for real! 3 or 4 people around me got up and left after SCOM and never came back so they missed Patience, Nightrain and other big songs. It's crazy.