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  1. it did add legitimacy to the record imo. If the songs had disappeared from the setlist then it would have sent a clear message about the NuGuns era being over; but instead Slash and Duff joined the NuGuns line-up making a hybrid of the band where the NuGuns era is mixed with the classic era and its all "Guns N' Roses"
  2. He's absolutely right. CD is way beyond what your average AFD fan would enjoy.
  3. Axl's 90s net worth

    I think people are mistaken. If I remember correctly it was Dizzy's ex-wife who was asking for money for their daughter's college education. Not dizzy himself
  4. The point they are trying to make is that most of Axl's followers are from South America, so tweeting about an American election is apparently useless. Its a very weak point but that's what they are saying. Also implying that the Democratic party reaches out to people who don't speak English to vote for them. Which is apparently a problem.
  5. Trump IS the establishment! Born into wealth and dedicated to making his fellow rich people even richer! Are you being serious?
  6. I got posters at both shows I went to. Because I like to have them on the wall to remember being there. Framed posters last longer than shirts or hats or any clothes
  7. He said that he had scheduled gigs that he couldn't cancel
  8. Yes other people are. My post isn't directed at you.
  9. This is one of the saddest threads I've ever seen on this forum. Slash shows respect for Bucket and all these Slash fans try and tear Bucket down. Shameful.
  10. Yes!!! I've wanted one of these! The B-side was Move To The City 1988 acoustic.
  11. Right. So why bring up the popularity bit at all?
  12. That has no relevance to the amazing work by Bucket and Finck. Popularity doesn't equal quality.
  13. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    They attended that warm up show that was broadcast on Sirius XM