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  1. Buckethead Updated 2018 Tour

    Had a great time at the Bucket show tonight. Such an amazing talent, please don't hesitate to see him if you have the chance. You may regret it someday!
  2. People here seem to be mistaken on what NIN actually sounds like haha. Oh My God is the only GNR song that is close to that sound.
  3. What's about the life of Paul Tobias

    His last shows were the shows at the Joint in late 2001
  4. What sort of music video would GNR do?

    A video for Catcher in the Rye does not exist.
  5. [REQ] Oh My God - FLAC

    sent you a DM
  6. I have it if they don't.
  7. I recall one of Axl's chats saying Tobias simply moved into a background role and he stepped away because he didn't like touring. So either Axl was lying or Brain misspoke. Also Paul helped put together the album notes in 2007/8 so he was clearly still around and on good terms with Axl.
  8. THE Best gnr tribute band ever ?

    I really like the singer in this one.
  9. Requested Tokyo 09

    already taken down
  10. LEG 10 - ASIA - TRUE OR NOT?

    GNR playing communist Vietnam?? They might not play Chinese Democracy.
  11. I don't see him leaving the biggest tour of his career no matter how into the shows he may be. He's probably making the most money he ever has made touring right now as well.
  12. what does this have to do with GNR?
  13. "All I wanna play off of Illusion is the one I recorded which is "Civil War". That's the best one on the record anyway." "There are 5 guys, If Matt wants to come up and play the Use Your Illusion stuff I'm all for that, go for it, Because I get to play the great songs." ~ Steven Adler on Eddie Trunk Sep 28, 2015 That is the attitude that I think killed any chance of him being permanently in the reunion. Him being unwilling to learn new songs beyond some UYI songs.
  14. It's incredibly likely that Axl shot that idea down right away. Unlike the other members from back in the day, Sorum was fired. He has a bad reputation for causing tension and not being diplomatic (which was well recorded in his GNR and Velvet Revolver days). Someone like that could be potentially very bad for a reunion that had potential to fall apart easily if it wasn't handled carefully. It's the same reason they are so cautious when bringing Adler on board. Axl wanted stability and reliability, he knew Frank wouldn't cause problems and would go with the flow.
  15. I can't see where any of you are getting this idea that Slash wouldn't be willing to work with Fortus on a record. Slash was apparently a fan of him long before the NITL tour and even tried to recruit him into his band. ^^^^ That is straight from Fortus, he has no reason to lie about it.