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  1. Well, the guy might be working for TB after all.
  2. At least he didnt say they were working on a riff Slash recorded 25 years ago. lol
  3. What is Axl up to these days?

    The only reason we joke so much about him is because of the lack of new music. And we dont really do it in a offensive way really, we are all here fooling around because we love the "art" they've created 25 years ago and because we expect for more. While theres no sight of new "art" we talk about what he became in the last 20 years. Its his own fault if he became a target for so many "jokes".
  4. Of course it is, but fans wanted to create a petition, something that worked in the past and try it again so, whats the big deal? Nobody is obligated to sign it if they feel its not worth 30 seconds of their time. I bet writte a message here bashing the petition takes way more time than signing it. Lol
  5. Thats great, did you spent 15 years recording it?
  6. Thats hilarious, we should properly tell Tommy the whole story, maybe he still has some contacts in the camp and is able to create some buzz. - So, TB stolled someones art? And I was fool enough to think they couldnt get any lower.
  7. Like a Dog was only released because fans created a petition.
  8. Fortus is a great guitarrist and not only a shredder as people here tend to say so, those who can go, enjoy the experience! Id say "ask about a new gnr album" but we all know whats the response is gonna ne like.
  9. A CD boxset could be interesting, containing unreleased material, demos and stuff. Id love to see a documentary on the Chinese Democracy production.
  10. Yeah, Im VERY familiar with the whole experience, have you ever tried Coma or The Garden? What I was trying to say is that weed dont usually change my mind for things I dont really enjoy
  11. "Glory days" There were no glory days since 1991, unfortunately Had they managed to properly release material, yeah, but all weve got was bulshit since 1991. We are kind of a masochist community.
  12. He should drawn it himself, all his SMKC artworks are awful, specially this one. Dont know what is this guy trying to achieve, dont know if it has the Slashs direction over it but its really really awful. For a guy that created some iconic artworks like the GNR logos, Slash might have lost his artistic chops the same way he partially lost his musical chops.