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  1. Here in Brazil the overall reaction to CD songs were always good but I dont think it is because of the songs itself, but the show atmosphere in general, people dont want to stop having fun and they dont. Tbh, Brazil is very open minded to anything and would be a good place to debut new songs, if the crowd gets bored with it, then there's probably something very wrong with it.
  2. Subjects: How punk he is, how everything is so positive in the GNR camp, SJW bulshit and politics.
  3. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Those prices are exactly why they will probably not play anything new. Vegas and the vegas market (with the exception of Russ ) is the band in full nostalgia trip mode. People only wants their SCOM.
  4. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Vegas? Cool, cant wait for the return of the dancers, flying piano and if we get lucky, THE ALMIGHTY DJ ASHBA
  5. Although I hope they will, I don't think we'll EVER listen to a new GNR song.
  6. I believe they might not give Izzy a shot for a really dumb reason: To prove they can release a great Guns record without him. There might still have resentments on the band members for what Izzy has done in the past, I believe specially Axl might feel a little bitter over him and with all the internet claiming what are the usual claims about Izzy being the soul and sound of GNR, it might happen.
  7. My toughts on the box is that is fine as it is for hardocores or people willing to pay for it, but they couldve at least put a vinyl -only version version of it, like they did with the CD sets, id buy that without hesitation.
  8. I wonder what "evolved" means regarding CD lol
  9. LIES Vinyl?

    I have it too, it was my first GNR vinyl, got it when I was just ten
  10. imo that song is pretty generic, I wouldn say it but as you touched the subject.. if thats what we should expect Im not very excited about it...
  11. I believe he could be a guest in one song, there's even one ready for recording and release if that havent turned into BOX.
  12. Its a fact he is warming up, otherwise we'd have Rio 11 every night. He is doing his best with what he has left.
  13. Nop, they do nothing. The AFD box was the first time they did it and judging by the lack of anything else, its better than nothing.
  14. I like the people that made AFD, outside that im in for the music and not really the people as they've changed a lot from what I used to like about them.
  15. Nop, sorry. I just searched post malone on google and found a cringe performance of Aerosmith with him. God forbid. I searched for "Beck" too cause I tought it might be the real Beck, the one I know but nah, thats just a little band playing their little songs.