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  1. Nop, Sorum left long ago
  2. Theres no curfew on Rock In Rio days or pretty much any huge event here in Brazil.
  3. What happened to GNR?

    Thats a hard one, he? Aftermath: Paint it Black/Under My Thumb/THink/Flight 505/Goin' Home Beggars: No Expectations/Salt of the Earth/SFTD Let it Bleed: You cant Always Get what you Want/Gimme Shelter/let it Bleed Sticky Fingers: Wild Horses/Sway/Dead Flowers Exile: Tumbling Dice/Sweet Virginia/Loving Cup, Torn and Frayed/Let it Loose/Shine a Light Its Only Rock n Roll: Aint too Proud/'Till next goodbye/Time Waits for No One Some Girls: Just My Imagination/Far Away Eyes/Beast of Burden Hard to pick, the whole albums are amazing.
  4. What happened to Steven Adler?

    If Steven is not reliable enough Brent Fitz'd be great. I dont think Matt has any chance of getting back, he's the one that confronted Axl the most.
  5. Tijuana Jail is an amazing song, its a shame Axl tought Gilbys skills were mediocre. I can see Axl singin on that, itd be fantastic.
  6. What happened to GNR?

    Guns N Roses happened to Guns N Roses.
  7. As far as I remember Slash wasnt around during the Izzy thing, was he? Wasnt it just Duff and Izzy?
  8. Be careful, dont let anyone fool you guys! Axl got mugged in Rio 91 And hit me when you arrive in São Paulo to SPTrip!
  9. Is there an easy way to download the audio concerts? I have a few, but I always see people talking about a lot more but cant find any to buy :/ I know there used to be a torrent tracker or something, but it seems to be offline now.
  10. Axl should stop wearing the cap. He looks like a weirdo man-child, refusing every second to grow up. ew. The hats suit him better nowdays.
  11. Maybe he feels better doing that, its his own thing after all. I think Gilby is the only one that has actually moved on with the Guns thing, I think he had enough of it and he better than anyone knows what kind of troubles he might get into by joining them again even if just as a guest. He must also have some grudge over the way Axl treated him during his years on the band but, even if they've met and recorded together after that. Instead of being a pussy like the others, he just kept doing his stuff and moved on. Think Gilby is in peace with all this.
  12. Youre right, Im just offering the option that maybe, I said maybe, it really isnt solely about the money but because he didnt want it.
  13. Just saw that the Stage will be fully covered this time, no raincoat I guess!
  14. I dont really think it was about money. Gilby came to Brazil in... I think was 2010 and I had the chance to show him our Rock N Roll Gallery (Galeria do Rock) cause I was close to the owner of the club he was playing and so he asked me to go with them, Gilby said to me that most of the gigs he was doing that tour he was doin for free, just asking for travel and acomodation, so I dont think its an issue of money for him, maybe he really couldnt/wasnt interested.
  15. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    I like the albums he did with SMKC, but lets be honest... That thing only existed because he couldnt be in GNR, World on Fire is an album meant to be sing by Axl and if Slash could do an album that good out of GNR and actually be on the charts, I can just imagine what an actual GNR album could do. Every now and then we get a little surprise and rock n roll gets to shine again, GNR has proved it can reestabilish a lot of peoples faith in the genre, maybe if they release an album as good as a mix of World on Fire and CD, we'll see the genre shining again.