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  1. Listening to the first track, seems more industrial than anything Axl could ever dream of. Whos the hillbilly now.
  2. Im not ignoring, Im just talking about the general perception over the guy, not just mine. Outside the hardcores he is basically known for the weird stuff.
  3. No idea why these people feel so defensive in regards to buckethead criticism, the guy is a fn weirdo that is known for his weird performances its almost part of the show a guy like this being criticized by regular people and im pretty sure most of his sucess comes from curiosity and being a weirdo. He is a strange creature that most of the time do weird bleep music, extremely technically skilled, but still a weirdo. So the criticism is just natural. When people criticize Myles is the other way around, the guy ia criticized for being way too normal and a nice guy overall. One has way too much personality and the other has zero personality.
  4. Yeah, thats what I tought. Believe most of the pricing from this come from the rosewood and its kind of fair tbh, oposite to all the other signature models. Thing is, is it worth? dunno.
  5. How much does a Brazilian Rosewood board goes for in the US? Some selected pieces of it may be really valuable depending on its shapes and patterns.
  6. I wasnt around at the time but from what I see on interviews there were obviously interest in GNR at the time and they couldve survived the 90s havent they blowed everything up with their own shit.
  7. Do we really believe Axl has the chops for a piano album? As far as I remember he used to be pretty limited at it.
  8. I just think Slash doesnt remember exactly how the original solos are during the gigs, so he does the best he remember it. A gig is something very sponthaneous, rushed, adrenaline flowing, its not unusual to change stuff, specially something he may not be that familiar with, Slash himself did it a thousand times in his life during the early days, with his own solos. Of course, theres always a chance he doesnt really care for the songs so he just do whats easier for him and what the casuals like: mindles shredding. A casual see a sheredding as something really hard to do. The fastest the better.
  9. Favorite Slash albums

    Its 5 o'clock Aint life grand World on Fire (instrumental) - Rest
  10. God forbid Buckethead playin with Slash, that guy sounds like a computer lol
  11. I like most of WOF, but still see it as a less sophisticated Slash, a simpler approach on what he used to be. Its drama free and maybe just what SMKC lakes of: dramatic and emotional approach. He'll get this point of view back with Axl and Duff I guess, thats why I believe a GNR record will sound like a GNR record and not some bland and forgetful "cock rock".
  12. Hes not trying to sound like GNR with this band, thats the point. Ive always seem SMKC as a "easy listen rock" their music never had much personality, the complete oposite of what Guns N Roses or even his Snakepit albums were. Thinking like this, I see Myles as a perfect fit for the project: a cool guy that has a great voice on his own but lakes in personality and the kind of turbulent and drammatic emotions we used to associate with the Slash sound. So, this band achieves exactly what I believe hes tryin to do: Easy listen casual rock music. The way I see it, if we ever get a new GNR album with Slash, everything we desire will be there, as he said himself that he has riffs for GNR and riffs for SMKC, a different state of mind.
  13. Agree completely, at this point Slash is just wasting his time. Id ditch the singer and start a new approach with the amazing instrumentalists he have.
  14. Id be fine with a new project featuring Slash, Duff, Dizzy, Fortus a rock n roll singer and a decent drummer. They cant release it under the Guns N Roses name? A new project would do then. Sometimes I try to be logical thinking "they just got back together" but history strikes me harder than "logic".
  15. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    Ive been hearding rumours about a one off gig in São Paulo early 2019. Source is kind of reliable as they took care of all of the AFD boxset promotion around.