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  1. For a 1994 album, assuming the lineup would be the same as the Illusions tour, I believe they could do great removing the weakest tracks from Five O' Clock like Jiz da Pit, Be the Ball and Good to Be Alive with stuff like: Tijuana Jail and Skin N Bones (Gilby) This I Love and some other Axl song (assiming he had another one). Six feet Under (Duff) Fall to Pieces.
  2. Fly GNAIR

    Will the band be there? We should make some money and pay to the angriest member of this forum to go there and while on the sky, start to rant about every single wrong thing going on. They're in the sky, nowhere to run, they gotta listen we want a new album and Frank is terrible and we want the guy from Foo Figheters.
  3. Axl should get these guys and do a solo album and tour, as it should be since the begining. GNR is GNR, a different kind of band.
  4. After this Idont really think the problem is any of the keys, did you guys notice a fellow that seems to be doing the so called sub bass? It didnt affect the rawness of the performance. Whats left to blame? Frank.
  5. Its not really about playing exactly like the album, but playing it with a certain feeling and attitude that Frank obviously doesnt have. Frank might be cool, professional and a drumming master at his own but he is no rock n roll drummer.
  6. The drumming difference is like water and a very expensive wine.
  7. Wishlist (Not Setlist!)

    lol Tracii would never want anything to do with the joke of a band GNR has become. Guy released an album since reunited with Phil and is already recording a new one while his Roses...
  8. It seems that this is a song from a band called El Presidente, sometimes the vocals does sound like Axl on their songs. But hey, description of ides of march as being a loop created by Dizzy does fit on this.
  9. The farts does sound like pitoman
  10. Fly GNAIR

    We should all respectfully laugh at Fermanager's instagram with some kind of hashtag on his posts
  11. Fly GNAIR

    what the actual fuck...
  12. So, is this legit or what? Didnt even bother to search as some pointed its a fake. Love Going Down.
  13. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    Its only interesting because we dont know whats in it. Once we discover Axls vault is full of unfinished Silkworms we'll all get over it. We know, theres a possibility nothing complete really exists aside whats already released, OMG, SM and Atlas.
  14. Did stereo "complete" versions leak?