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  1. I never got the love for Matt to be honest. Nothing really personal or anything like that, he was there during a important period for the band but he honestly didnt do anything worth of all the praise he gets. Everything he recorded on Illusions already existed in some kind shape done by Steven or the rest of the band, did he add anything? Probably some fills here and there, but even the classic Dont Cry/November Rain fills was Axl idea, even that. Plus he's just a machine has no feel at all and it seems for the most of the time he was a douche and an attention whore. Remember VR videos? Slash appears 3 times while I only appears 1. I dont see any difference between him and Frank beside the eras they played and looks. Frank even got a point for being a "super nice fella".
  2. Wow, that was fast. Robert took it off youtube already.
  3. *FAKE* Silkworms Intro clip

    Well, yeah. Cause Axl failed to prove his point. Chinese Democracy era will never be considered Guns N' Roses 'cause it was a failure. Had they released more music, maybe they'd reach respect. But thats not what happened.
  4. *FAKE* Silkworms Intro clip

    And whose fault is that? Axl for giving up his vision and never being able to deliever what he promised so fans could never relate to a Guns N' Roses that isnt classic Guns N'Roses.
  5. lol @ people that complains about a band like GVF. Its because of people like yout that rock n roll is dead and Axl got nuts and wont release any music.
  6. Myles has no personality and attitude in his voice, he's just a good samaritan and rock n roll should never, ever be sang by a good samaritan. It has to be filthy and dirty. I'm expecting a new Conspirators album but I hope Myles isnt part of it.
  7. Probably some Axl cover, theres a ton that sounds great and could do this.
  8. Wow, so you're saying Izzy hasnt writte with the band. You should share your inside info and knowledge with us. Just imagine if we ever get an album and half of the credits goes to Izzy. lol Theres no way to know anything, everything is an assumption and I wouldnt rule the possibility out.
  9. Yeah, he is interested... Thats why we have CDII, III and X released. If Axl had any interest he'd have released at least five albuns in all those years.
  10. I agree with this and I think it is mainly Myles fault.
  11. Or because Axl has no interest in releasing anything.
  12. Next GN'R Album Name Rumors?

    With all due respect but the red panda thing sounds silly as fuck, was this even a real thing? Of course we dont know the context but just reading it it sounds awful for a band like Guns N' Roses.
  13. Can't we all be friends?

    Order of Nine is such a funny guy. Users like him r probably the reason I still come here, to laugh.
  14. Can't we all be friends?

    Dysfunctional band dysfunctional fans. We're all retarded.