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  1. Izzy said that about a phone call Axl made him and then started to say something like: but in 1513 you said so, so and so. while reading some kind of diary.
  2. Well, thats their own fault for not giving what the masses want, new music. Theres nothing to ask about, really. Nobody cares for their solo efforts, so they ask the basics about it and then back to old stuff. Im sure there will be plenty new stuff to talk about if they release something.
  3. Axl Rose wanted to meet Serguei at RiR 3

    Lol just saw this. Just to left it noted, Seguei was a trully rock n roll survivor, he was friends with a lot of the royalty and it is said he dated Janis Joplin while she was in Brazil. He passed away a few months.
  4. Slash just doesn't care about the songs, why on earth would he invest time on polishing songs from an album that he isnt even part of? Not to mention it is the album that broke up his band. People that saw the SMKC tour on the other hand, says he is killing it, playing with joy and really seems to be into it.
  5. Slash is back in the sauce? Hell yeah.
  6. It could be cool if they had stuff going on, but as of today, theres nothing to keep the fanbase interested as even youtube videos are forbidden. They dont want anything unofficially circulating? Give us something official then, a lot of bands use their social media to keep their fans interested and all GNR does is post terrible artwork and lyric videos of 30 years old songs edited in free apps.
  7. Sometimes it crosses my mind this is a band thing, doing this to try to keep the "mistique", closer to the 80s when you had to go and buy bootlegs if you wanted something like this. With the whole media black out going on... Its like they want the band to get back to the 80s and 90s.
  8. It may be, they're upset because fans wanted them to be a functional band and all they wanna do is milk the cow and eat squared pizzas.
  9. The message is: we're in full nostalgia mode.
  10. They were equals during the band activities. Axl became the Jester and Slash the King by the time the band imploded. And at that point, even Slashs popularity was in check due to everything that happened to the band.
  11. Its probably made in a free app, so anyone.
  12. I once "worked" in a Gilby gig here in Brazil, I believe it was 2009 and I was very close to the venue manager, so I got to hang out with Gilby. He said some interesting stuff about his tours, told some GNR stuff. I have some pictures with him somewhere. He was great.
  13. Honestly, when its good to our ears its good. And it will sound timeless to us. People say AFD is timeless, I remember we had a similar discussion at the Steve Hoffman music corners, an audiophile forum, and a lot of people said AFD was dated and a product of its time and that GNR would do a disfavor by releasing a new album as the band was also a product from a certain period of time.