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  1. Thats a lot of money, good for them. I couldnt care less for how much they made as they havent done anything to justify any kudos from me. They reunited, yeah, cool, but without any new songs Id rather have nugnr doing their thing and Slash doing his solo stuff full time. This tour even made me dislike Duff, and the guy used to be a huge influence on me as I decided to pick up a bass because of him (yeah, he never were a virtuoso, but the guy had a very unique sound). So
  2. Well, he tried to ban a picture from the whole internet. I feel he would prohibit it if he could
  3. Maybe they're using one of his song ideas and decided he should be involved. Who knows.
  4. I love TSI, I know its just a covers album and itd never do great in terms of popularity but damn, most of their versions are fantastic. I specially love Human Being, that people seems to hate.
  5. Copyright Strikes....

    Its sad we dont have cool new bands to like these days and we have to keep expecting something cool from these old fat cunts that keep fucking the fanbase in the arse in the year of 2019. I wish I was into fuckin billie elish or whatever its called.
  6. I dont think he'll ever be over it honestly, the whole CD era was probably a shock of reality for the guy, we can all pretend Axl is so humble and whatever the fuck people say about him these days, but he probably tought he was Guns N' Roses and whatever he released would be acclaimed. When he got back in 2000, losing most of the original fanbase and with a lot of people seeing him as a curiosity, that probably hurt his ego a lot and some years later (2006-2008 I guess) he realized that he and himself wasn't enough to be Guns N' Roses, getting even more hurt by it. So, the way I see it, he probably still wants that material to be considered legit by the masses as he still performs a lot of it but is so afraid to release a "CD2" and fail again that he'll never do it. Theres probably the fear of releasing it and being successful just because Slash is playing on it. And theres also the scenario where he release an album full of Slash material and it is a sucess, undermining his grandiose visions way more. I guess for Axls ego theres no win on this situation
  7. Its funny cause Ozzy kicked Zakk from his band cause his solo music was sounding way too much like Black Label (which is basically Sabbath meets Pantera) and this song sounds exactly like something Zakk would writte for Ozzy but a little more generic and poppy. This only reinforces my toughts that Ozzy (or Sharon) was bothered by Zakks spotlight. Edit: Another funny thing is that Ozzy had to call Zakk back as a career move, yet he didnt let Zakk be on the recordings of the new album
  8. Overall its a very sabbathy song, I like it. Slashs solo is the weakest link here, its just uninspired like everything hes been doing on NITL, unfortunately.
  9. Instrumental sounds great! Vocals sounds more like something you'd see in a Green Day like band, but congrats for the effort!
  10. Well, there isn't anything to talk about on gnr, so why should he ask questions about the band? The tour is the same for almost 4 years now, there's no new releases... Members are focusing on solo or other projects, at least their projects have something fresh to talk about.
  11. Copyright Strikes....

    Yeah, my videos aren't monetized and he could do it if he wanted to... Izzy is just a simple man doing simple things. Maybe he didn't even want the monetization and chose to just delete it.
  12. Copyright Strikes....

    Just to add something to the table: I'm a graphic artist and I've recently put a YouTube channel focused on art and a instagram page. I've done an Izzy fanart and uploaded the video on the process of doing it to YouTube and Instagram with Izzy's Train Tracks as background music. The video was removed both from YouTube and Instagram. I did another version of this video, this time just to see where it would go with 14 Years extended demo from one of the Illusion sessions, it was again removed from YouTube but not from Instagram. What bugs me is: Do they have power even over Izzy songs? JuJu Hounds was released by Geffen by the way.
  13. The Marshall Podcast featuring Slash

    He's been saying the same thing for two years now, Slash is the new Fortus. But if you still get hopeful, good for you.
  14. The Marshall Podcast featuring Slash

    Well, the problem isn't Slash, really. Slash saying this actually doesn't tell shit.
  15. Nah, back in the day Ozzy said Zakk became way too big and had his own identity and didn't want his solo material to became just another "Zakk song", or something like that. I guess somehow Zakks spotlight hit him lol