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  1. What country are u from? Im From Brazil and at least in Sao Paulo dvds are sold for a bill cause no one buys it anymore and most stores are just tryin to clean stock, its all about blu ray now. And we are a third world country lol
  2. See. All what you wrote seems accurate and great, but your're relying in a "normal world" scenario. Fixed for ya.
  3. They could do a 4 new songs EP with 4 live versions from NITL plus SOYL and acoustic Move to the City. Its already on the single and box? Yeah, but it would be cool for those who havent bought or listened those yet as an album would probably be more promoted and reach more casuals and people that got out of the GNR loop.
  4. GNR Tribute Album Coming Soon

    What the hell have they done with MY Locomotive.
  5. Yeah, even if GNR decides to writte a new album im not so sure these guys would be creatively involved once Slash and Duff are back. But I guess he is happy where he is at, he is playin stadiums, earning a "lot" and making a livin of what he loves.
  6. Richard did some cool stuff since he joined GNR tho, the two albuns he did with the Daisies are specially great. Not sure if he would be able to do that havent he joined GNR.
  7. So, whats the lyrics for Atlas?
  8. I like the idea of a documentary, but not really interested on a live album/movie cause we've been following the tour since day one and probably watched every concert or at least bits of it on YouTube. Dont really care about watching em again professionally filmed.
  9. I think its better than half CD.
  10. Difference is all of those actually released a bunch and still releases music from time to time. Guns is a shame even among the nostalgia acts.
  11. I bet on Slash, maybe even former and other current band members, but not Axl.
  12. He might have some unreleased material but I seriously doubt he knows anything about the future of the band lol This person must be saying this just to get attention, lets say he does really have something, saying stuff will be released soon not only gets the attention hes looking for but also pressure people who actually has stuff to trade or leak it. I call it bulshit but hope im wrong.
  13. Since Slash and Duff got back to GNR: Dizzy released an album Slash released an album Duff will release an album On the next months we'll probably see announcements from Richard, Melissa and even Frank. But nothing from the actual band. What a sad little band we chose to be fans of.