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  1. Oh, I was looking forward to listen to this episode later today, but as I understand from your comments theres nothing about GNR on it? Thats too bad, kind of lost the magic haha. But great job on interviewing Richard, no matter the subject! Thanks!
  2. How can you people assume I hate the band from my comment? Lol GNR is actually one of my fave bands, I even like Chinese Democracy, its just frustrating that nothing happens and that was my actual reaction at the time I read the Slash quote. I dont believe anyone who posts here hates the band, it doesnt really make sense to spend time, hours, days and years on a forum of something you dont like. Its not because my opinions differ from yours that Im less of a fan than you. I dont need to lick Axls balls to be a GNR fan, sorry.
  3. The Chinese Democracy 2, 3 and so on you complain they havent released in a weekly basis.
  4. Fuck this band. Another record we'll probably never listen to.
  5. At least Kiss release stuff, I like their music and Im pretty content with their music/video imput and just ignore everything else. If GNR were anything like KISS when it comes to music and video releases itd be great.
  6. I saw that you got Richard for the next one, main topic should be new music.
  7. I dont think TB should have credits for the tour itself, isnt it promoters business? I forgot which company is running NITL, Ticketmaster? Livenation? TB is more like Axls personal assistants.
  8. The only stuff I dont really care on the Stones discography is their 80s imput, but I love Voodoo Lounge and everything that comes after, Bridges to Babylon is great. Different, but great.
  9. Ironically, the post 2000 album I like the most from the GNR members was partially written by Fortus and Dizzy, Revolucion, by the Daisies. Frank was also on the band but didnt writte anything.
  10. It seems to be just a super exposed picture. Crop or not, it looks bad and cheap anyway. Kat
  11. wow, is this really from MTV? Always tought it was just some random camera.
  12. Axl 1994 solo project ?

    Slash didnt say this, he said he tought "how? He dont even know this people" or something like this. And the solo project eventually became Chinese Democracy.
  13. Yeah, those albums have solid material, the only reason I see for Axl not wanting Gilby writting for GNR is he would feel less powerful. But Gilby did some really special stuff, specially on Pawnshop Guitars. A mix of those albuns with Axl and Duff imput would be great. Axl shouldve seen the greater vision of what GNR was, a rock n roll band, and saved his weird stuff to a solo project. GNR wouldve probably never broke up if that happened, his album would be celebrated and we wouldve both: CD, as a celebrated solo album and GNR.