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  1. Dafuk bro, what Greta Van Zeppelin have to do with this? Snoop is a legend by his own btw
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    I can see Slash doing something with Perhaps, theres a nod to Estranged on its guitars but without Slash, that could never work.
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    The thing with Hardschool isnt even the ammount of words on it, its a moody song compared to Paradise City that has a very “party” feling overall with an iconic and catchy intro and chorus and a fantastic outro. I dont think we can compare these songs at all. The chorus on hardschool is great and kinda catchy, but it needs a complete revamp on the intro and verses to get there. Intro and verses are uninteresting at best.
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    Unless they go Ozzys recent way doing a collab with someone like post Malone on a trap/pop song, anything they do will be dated. Rock is grandpas music bro.
  5. If GNR ever releases anything they should ride the .feat wagon by callin Snoop, Dre, Cube, Ice-T and Earnie C. thatd be the greatest feat ever. That could work with Eye on You, holy shit.
  6. The "New Album" Thread

    Aside both Snakepits, none of them can produce a good album to save their lifes. These days Slash doesnt show skills nor emotion or creativity. But Id still take him anyday over BBF cause he did great in the past, Slash was one of the guys that made me get into guitar. I wonder if BBF inspired anyone
  7. Open Letter to FERNANDO...

    Fernando might know less than us, its just the maids son after all. Useless is his surname.
  8. The "New Album" Thread

    I think bumblefoot is really really uninspired and generic. Skilled, yeah, but he totally lacks anything else like creativity and emotion.
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    I honestly dont think hardschool is good enough to be the first single, B-side material at best.
  10. The "New Album" Thread

  11. The "New Album" Thread

    We all want a new album, but aft er 10 years of false promisses we do our best to not get our hopes up. the more you climb, the worse the fall.
  12. The "New Album" Thread

    Honestly, they might be working on stuff on the studio, maybe theres even a album done by now, the thing is: will it be released? it all came to Axl after all, and Axl is still the same Axl he was 20 years ago.
  13. The "New Album" Thread

    If they’re really serious about this lineup and will actually release something in the future, I could see Axl putting Fortus to hold a press conference just to legitimate his position even more. People say Axl is loyal and Fortus is on the band for 300 billion years more than Slash after all.
  14. The "New Album" Thread

    Dont cry was written by a differemt band too, theres even a Tracii Guns recording of it if my memory is right.