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  1. I could use the "but who is in the band right now and has been for more time than Izzy" argument but again, until they release a new record everything is pointless.
  2. Until they release any new material... I dont think so and even if they do and it features Richard's material and it sounds good, he'll still be bashed because he is not Izzy or wasnt there in the 80s/90s. I dont think he'll ever be respected by the die hards lol.
  3. Bumblefuck wasnt even there yet to the most interesting part of the CD era, I dont see why he of all the members of that thing should release a book about it lol I believe a Tommy book would be far more interesting as he already had a interesting career before he joined Axl and stayed with Axl from the start to the end of his solo thing. What Bumblefoot would say in the book? The guy didnt even had a interesting career before GNR, he was only a guitar geek/generic metalhead that lived with his mom. "I audition, I joined but no one liked me, Tommy bulied me, Axl didnt care for me or my generic pop rock writtings so in my emo days I'd shitpost about the band on the interwebs". Thats Bumblefoot book.
  4. If the World Discussion

    I like it, even the often negatively criticized digitally altered high pitch Axl vocals on it, I think it actually contribute to the overall weird mood and works.
  5. Prince Axl is bored? Poor baby. From everything we know from the past 20 years whose fault is that? Yeah.
  6. LOL@people that thinks they are better fans than others just because they are on a forum or are old. Bunch of elitist bulshit.
  7. I dont know, I see a band as an entity composed of people that comes from the same place, from an ideal of life, from histories and from friendship and the will to make it together, and not some people hired to do a job. Let me tell ya, I see The Dead Daisies as a David Lowy thing. I really enjoy the songs and its one of the best things I've heard in the past few years, but its not something that I see as a band, for me it is a bunch of people hired to do what Lowy wants to and in the end, everyone except the boss, is expendable. And that defines a solo work for me, and thats what Axl did. Does it mean I deslike CD? Nop, I love the record, but I'll never see it as a BAND effort cause the original will behind the band Guns N' Roses had vanished. Is Slash doing it for the money now? Maybe, but at the minute Slash and Duff are back in the fold it gets some more of a BAND feel, what GNR really was.
  8. Troubadour was also filmed, but the company behind it got fired and sued the band, or something like that.
  9. I think he was talking about There was a time
  10. Just a little: Do we know for sure that the infamous Izzy loot tweet was adressed to GNR? Cause as far as I remember it, he didnt tweet that straight after the interview, it took some time. Izzy's always tweeting weird stuff and deleting, is there any possibility it wasnt adressed to GNR or is it 100% fact?
  11. Ok, listening to it now. That will be interesting. Thanks!
  12. My guess is that Axl had so strong bonds with Fortus/Frank that Duff and Slash, seeing as they are professional musicians, agreed to stick with them. Some people like to undermine their careers but Fortus was in some major alternative rock bands like The Eyes and Psychedelic Furs (this one with Frank). Those bands, while not in the same genre or level of popularity as GNR, were important bands to that subculture, Psychedelic Furs were even compared to the likes of Echo and The Bunnymen. Oh, and dont forget Slash tried to get Fortus to his band. So, maybe, they'all agreed that this would be a new incarnation of the band that could do fine. We like to assume that they dont have chemistry together, but is that what they think? how could we know? Maybe they feel great playing with them and dont feel like the AFD5 is needed. They dont own anything to Izzy and Steven after all. Id love to get the AFD5 back, but the assumption you guys made are so unfair and impartial.
  13. I'm I the only one who dont believe Izzy and Steven are out because of money? lol
  14. JuJu Hounds is amazing in fact, but honestly? After that the whole Izzy catalog became just easy listening with no impact at all, the bland part of the Stones. Not saying that it is good or bad, but those songs lack of Slash and Axl. I'm a Izzy fan, love his solo work but I can recognize that.
  15. Do you know what the goals are? Please englight this community with your wisdow of the facts.