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  1. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    From his size i noticed he got some more instances of hunger
  2. From what we know: Guy buys unreleased music and spread all over the internet hes the buyer. Guy is contacted by TB and hand over his copies and get his $ back. Stuff leaks anyway cause the original owner of the locker content still had the originals and was still selling it. The guy that TB contacted gets the blame and is banned from concerts.
  3. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    Tbh Kiss has way more "integrity" at least they released music and vault stuff.
  4. From what Ive heard Rick bought a thumbdrive with the material, not the actual discs.
  5. "relevance" and "Chinese Democracy" sure at two things that doesnt mix
  6. I dont think Axl even listen to music aside, maybe, classical and film scores these days. Guy just doesnt seems interested in music at all.
  7. This is TB we're talkin about, "professionalism" is their surname.
  8. I got myself wishing Axl to shut up on the outro and let Melissa sing.
  9. Its not like Axl wrotte those songs by himself. Did you forget the Shadow Company and a gazillion of hired guns? I honestly doubt Axl could writte any of these songs by himself.
  10. Why no Street of Dreams?

    I still believe this ones about Slash. "What I tought was beautiful don live inside of you anymore" Didnt Axl say that Slash original soul was gone when he od'd or something like that?
  11. Oh my fucking god thats bad. Not the cover, but the dinosaur. Wtf
  12. Just to add that at this point KISS is a far superior band over GNR. Great catalog, used to release new stuff constantly, vault stuff is always on the horizon... They do a lot of merch? Yeah, but they also do a lot of music related stuff. Not to say they still do a far superior show than GNR. The KISS comparisons make no sense at all, GNR is away worse.
  13. Eh... Honestly? I still think its a fake and have some ideas of who it might be. Those who were closely following reddit and discord got some stuff that Fernando himself would reply in different ways, as its related to recent cannon band activities. The person behind the account had no idea who trocolli is and his contributions to the AFD box, for exemple. And trocolli said Fernando do know about him and his contributions.