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  1. What kind of news exactly? Like, “Alex got a few pounds during quarantine!”? cause theres no news with this band lol
  2. If theres any truth to that, Ill get over my quarantine depression and be interested again, assuming it leaks somehow
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    Honestly, they should just drop the whole “CD Sessions” on Spotify right now to give something for their quarantine fans to enjoy, specifying that those sessions are to not be mislead as the first new Axl and Slash release in a thousand years and then focus on a completely new album. Axl solo happened 20 years ago and it failed almost miserably, its time to move on. But its fat Alex we’re talkin bout so... never gonna happen.
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    Werent the UYI tapes among the Universal fire losses? I remember reading somewhere that GNR tapes were lost, just remembred that as tou mentioned the UYI and the tought of a remaster crosssed mt mind
  5. Amazing how Matt by himself can do a better version of this song than the current fullband. They should definitely revive VR with Izzy, Duff and Matt sharing vocal duties and get rid of the weakest link of GNR.
  6. Yeah, but the Garden is sung mostly in lower register, it could actually turns into something cool, yet, they missed the opportunity
  7. Id be interested to know how can GNR be so dumb to the point of missing the perfect opportunity to play The Garden in São Paulo in 2017 having Alice opening their gig. I hate this band.
  8. The "New Album" Thread

    Proof of whats gonna leak? At this point we all know these titles exists, its just convenient just stop by here now and say OHHH I KNEW ABOUT THEM 8 YEARS AGOOO. I could just create a new account myself now and start telling anyone that I knew Jackie Chan was called Hardschool since 2000 lol
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    Oh yeah, people saw lists of unreleased song titles but never told anyone until 8 years later when we got the leaks. Of course you saw a list citing State of Grace and Eye on You and decided to keep the information. anyways, anyone wgo had legit info shared it with the community, f such a thing existed, wed know about these titles long ago, likewe knew about all the others.
  10. The "New Album" Thread

    NITL blu ray release, they’re probably recording overdubs. Calm down peepz
  11. As if being a “day 1” gnr fan is a reason to be proud lol id be ashamed.
  12. The "New Album" Thread

    Youre wrong, TBs job is the get Axl nice and comfy at his bubble.
  13. The "New Album" Thread

    So the forum got into the blind faith phase again? Oh poor babies, dont let it happen
  14. The "New Album" Thread

    Why the belief a new album will be out today? lol
  15. The "New Album" Thread

    Brazil does, I work just a few blocks from one of their storages
  16. You cant really compare GNR to the Stones tho. GNR has four albuns and a stale setlist. The Stones have a hundred albuns and they vary somethings on the setlist. Theres also the fact the Stones will probably stop really soon, they aren’t immortals after all and everyone wants to see them before any of their members kicks. GNR is just a joke of a band with no catalog to spice things up giving cringe performances for a lot of money. edit: Actually, you cant really compare Gnr to most nostalgia acts cause when a band come to this point, they usually have lots of back catalog to rely on. GNR is the joke amongst the jokes.
  17. The "New Album" Thread

    By the time they did the SOYL thing with that little game on the site a lot of rumours from an AFD rerelease where already circulating but we were still hoping for something different. From a new album to AFD5.
  18. Even if the label rejected the album back in 99, can we blame them? Its likely the songs that leaked came from this version of the album and although its a little better than what was released, it wasnt really a Great album overall, so so at tops. So just imagine, a label invests a lot of money on the comeback album of Rose and he turns in that turd. Id reject it myself too. It wasnt just an album, it was the GUNS N ROSES comeback album. There were a lot of anticipation over it and it wasnt even on the level of UYI, that isnt THAT great also.
  19. Why would anyone be proud of being a fan of these clowns since 1987 to this day ? lol It only shows you have not much to care about in your life as this band havent done anything of your interest (since youre not a CD fan) since 1994 lol Itd be a total shame to me, not a reason to think im better than anyone else. 50 years old saying how great he is because he is old on a internet forum. Thats madison level cringey.
  20. Yeah, there was an Izzy tape for a second Juju Hounds there but it was sold to a different person and havent leaked. Not sure what else was on the lockers, but the Izzy tape was amongst the itens. This is the info the guy put on discogs: https://www.discogs.com/Izzy-Stradlin-And-The-Ju-Ju-Hounds-November-1993-DAT-Bill-Price-Rough-Mixes/release/13850373
  21. When I first read “Izzy” and “Tapes” I tought the scrapped Juju Hounds album that was on the Zutaut locker had leaked, almost lost my shit. Gonna check the interview latter!
  22. Look at that chin, liquidify and airbrush is strong with this one.
  23. How dare people say GNR isnt the most dangerous band in the world? You gotta be really careful on a GNR show, just imagine Rose falling off stage, it could instantly kill thousands of people and also cause a major earthquake.
  24. Untitled Axl Rose biopic

    Fixed for ya.