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  1. The gig was filmed but they never announced anything.
  2. Id be fine with whatever they put out. Just release stuff and move on to the next chapter.
  3. Absolutelly, Axl is nuts no doubt about that.
  4. "The pièce de résistance, meanwhile, was a pile of faeces left in the coop by Rose's timber wolf puppy. "One of the engineers says, 'Bucket, we'll get it cleaned up' and Buckethead says, 'I love the smell of dog poop - leave it right here'," recalls Zutaut. "Three days later, the studio stinks to high heaven…" " Do we need more?
  5. Who wouldnt feel uncofortable next to that guy? He's a fuckin weirdo.
  6. Sorry bros, cant reveal my inside sources.
  7. It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome to the Jungle Double Talkin' Jive Better Estranged Live and Let Die Slither Rocket Queen Shadow Of Your Love You Could Be Mine You Can't Put Your Arms/Attitude Civil War Coma Slash Guitar Solo Sweet Child O' Mine Wichita Lineman Used To Love Her Wish You Were Here November Rain Black Hole Sun Only Women Bleed/Knockin' on Heaven's Door Nightrain Encore: Patience Don't Cry The Seeker Paradise City
  8. January 2029, not 2019. You nuts?
  9. Hey Izzy fans, I just did this little Izzy doodle and wanted to share with you guys Im no pro so its not that accurate to how Izzy looks like so, feel free to share your opinions! (If you open on instagram you can see a second pic that zooms to the face)
  10. I have no doubt they're all great people, I just dont think they fit GNR, specially Bbf.
  11. There might be material for two amazing albuns without "fillers" on the vault tho. We must remember the last release of this band was 30 years ago, numerous sources have said what is on CD isnt thr best Axl material, Slash has probably done great stuff and saved for Guns, they could even call Izzy to work on the studio and its almost guarantee Izzy has songs. Theres also the mid-90s sessions that most of the people involved called the best GNR album, if this stuff exists and wasnt released, I see no point on keeping it on the vault. We wouldnt even know if these songs are old or new unless they tell us. So, I believe a double album full of great songs is possible for these guys and it would be huuuge for rock n roll. What was the last time a major rock n roll act released something so ambicious?
  12. lol theres no reason to be negative about this, its a good thing he recorded a song again, even if its not a GNR song it is a song and he is killing on it. I bet he's just testing waters, seeing peoples reactions to his voice... maybe he did this to shut up the haters who says he cant sing anymore. Theres rumours that say Axl was really hurt with all the negative response to CD among other things. Seeing how good the response for this is, it may only bring good things. Its good for the self steem of a harmed man.
  13. This is actually true. His name is Marcelo Barbosa and he is a virtuoso that used to be famous for his clinics and now is in Angra, filling for Kiko Loureiro who left to join Megadeth. He actually got a invitation to go to LA as he was a BBF recomendation, he wouldnt even do an audition as far as I know, but then the reunion took place. The guy is what it is, a virtuoso, a extremely skilled guitar player but as BBF a bad fit.
  14. God forbid someone like Neil Peart on GNR.
  15. The way I see it Fortus is great for what he was hired for but he'll only be a real and integral part of the band the day they release new material featuring a stable lineup with actual contributions from him, not only a riff or a lick here and there like in Chinese Democracy. Hell, we dont even know what he played on that. Then he can demand his face on merch and stuff.
  16. I dont know if she would be a good fit image wise but I've seen her live with Richie Sambora a few years ago and she kills on guitar, a great blues rock n roll player. So whats worse, Orianthi or Melissa?
  17. Did any of you notice Fortus comments on this post? lol Guess someone is a little bitter for not being displayed as part of the band
  18. Oh shit, its amazing to listen to Axl singing like this. I love the low harmonies on the backing vocals. Fantastic!
  19. This. Brain is the definitive modern drummer and he sounded fantastic on the old songs, skills, groove and feel wise.
  20. Lots of old Recordings

    Duff was part of Izzys band by the time and it seems this stuff is Duff related.
  21. Guess this wasnt officialy aired yet and someone leaked to get free promotion for the show/Axl.
  22. Nothing to do with skills, but groove and feeling.
  23. Lots of old Recordings

    What the what? Apparently those belong to... Duff? It seems logical, as the guy also has VR stuff and most of the stuff on this picture features Duff. "Band member checked from time to time" On the VR lights ebay auction OP says he might call the members (Duff) to say Hi to whoever buys it. Guess those tapes belongs to him. With all the lunatics like Alfred around, it gives me the chills that those were handed off to someone who says they are management, as the owner apparently checked the tapes from time to time. If the owner checked it, why did "GNR management" had to be told the tapes were there to just then pick it up?
  24. Holy shit, Alfred was behind the cat account? Didnt that account shared pictures and gave "insights" that turned out to be real?
  25. Wasn't he against the release of that abomination?