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  1. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Where are these rumours comming from? Cause aside the Eddie Trunk (or was it Mitch Lafon?) comment about Izzy I havent seen any rumours for a while.
  2. The momentum is over, Ive seen them countless times only during NITL and in the last one I was already bored as fuck. I dont think they'll be able to push the nostalgia trip on this level much more, GNR doesnt have the catalog to be on nostalgia trips, other bands have a gazillion of records, Guns N Roses have two albuns and a EP lol. Eventually even the casuals will get tired. It is funny, the nostalgia thing could work havent Slash and Duff returned cause there was still a element of mistery in the air, but now its all old news. I still come to this forum everyday because I like the community lol
  3. Maybe Axl, Duff and Richard have worked into something while Slash is touring and he is speaking for himself in the interview... I wouldn't bet at it but theres a tiny possibility.
  4. I tought it was a repost from last weeks interview lol
  5. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Yeah, he knows some notes and progressions and all of that but still, I dont believe he can writte anything that comes to his mind without a guide. Of course this was a loooong time ago but does any of you remember an old Tracii Guns interview where he said Axl only knew how to play the same thing on piano? He went on with that same thing for years and years and that eventually turned into November Rain? And if we listen careful, these piano songs Axl wrotte are all similar. Some people call this "Axl unique way of playing" I call it the only stuff he knows how to play.
  6. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I believe he was so open to ideas because he couldnt really writte songs that werent piano or synth, so all he could do was point directions and expect for the best. We obviously doenst know the extent of Axls writting abilities, but Ive always seen him as a person who cant writte, just throw up ideas, piano songs and, of course, lyrics and vocal melodies. I wouldnt be surprised if Axl is the guy that goes to one of the composers and says: duuu du du dududu trying to explain what he wants.
  7. Just imagine if this suposed new song is a CD leftover, Arnond getting back with an Axl crying for his papa soundtrack. Good.
  8. He also said on this very interview they havent done anything.
  9. lol he is writting for another Conspirators record and not even a scratch on any GNR material.
  10. I like some LA GUNS stuff and while not really enjoying it, I really respect what they're doing right now, totally the opposite of what GNR is doing. Releasing stuff is waay better than nothing at all, we're all entitled to our opinions about their material as much as he is entitled to his about GNR, and if we go through this kind of road: He has somewhat of a affiliation with GNR thus he is even more qualified to share his own toughts. Who is Phil Lewis? The question is: Who are we, we smash GNR every fuckin day here, let the guy talk.
  11. If GNR headlined an important world event

    That would be fantastic, seriously Specially by todays extandarts where most of people who goes to these festivals are extremely SJWs. GNR would get a little of my respect back.
  12. I genuinely dig Right Next Door to Hell as opener.
  13. They probably arent but r they going to leave the cow even if theres no releases? They've already proved they can do both, milk the cow and release solo stuff. Duff is going to his second album since he got back, I dont think it is that big of a problem for them. They keep the cow alive for the casuals, milk it endlessly and do their own thing separate ways... In the end, their major audience doesnt really care for new material that much anyways. Its a fuckin shame and waste of talent but it is what it is.
  14. Actually youre the cry baby caring so much with others opinions, this is a forum, the purpose of a forums is sharing opinions. If you cant deal with opinions you better get out.
  15. Was it posted at their official social media? So probably legit. I dont mind a sporadic festival appearance but if they start a new tour we must be realistic nothings gonna happen.
  16. Havent you heard Chinese Democracy? They disbanded because of a identity crisis. Axls identity crisis. I strongly believe had GNR released a great album in 95 or 96 it could've changed the fate of "classic rock", that was kind of dead at the time.
  17. Slash and Steven in The Dirt

    A movie about Axl getting bald and fat and moaning about failed relationships while incapable of creating an album. That would sure be entertaining, yeah.
  18. Slash and Steven in The Dirt

    He was also on Game of Thrones cutting people's penises.
  19. Slash and Steven in The Dirt

    Just watched it and tought it was cool, I read Nikkis book some years ago and even tought it was accurate to some point. It is rushed, but I dont feel it needed a series for it, just 30 more minutes and it would be complete. Oh, and the Slash and Adler scene, they just portrayed what really happened. Dont really remember them jamming together so it wouldnt be accurate.
  20. A quick question

    I get the whole sunset strip thing but this is long in the past. Those are not trash strippers from the Sunset Strip stripping on a gig from a band that is actually living that scene, those are high profile models being paid to emulate that on a overpriced gig of a band of millionaires. Thats what makes everything so cringey. I'm far from being a SJW but I rather not see this on a GNR gig today. I dont mind it, I just think it doesnt fit.
  21. A quick question

    Lol if think you're such a "macho man" and needs to go to concerts to see girls dancing, onstage, you're probably doing something wrong. Its fuckin cringey, it was somewhat bizarre back then and its way out of line today. It just doesnt fit the atmosphere anymore, I wouldnt mind it if they still had the vibe for these things, but it just seems out of place with GNR now.