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  1. AFD 2.0 is probably the best route for them right now given the extremely positive reaction on SOYL. Doing something weird like CD now would just harm the band again.
  2. GNR Interview on June 11

    Rockstar Melissa pt.2
  3. Pitman is back and playing birthday parties

    Just saw this here and... Ok, why is Chris Pittman awesome? What did he do? What is his discography? Can you guys share some info on him with me? I dont really know the guy aside the GNR fiasco.
  4. I still cant understand why havent they put the so called "new single" on the album tho. It would fit the compact disc just well and the vinyl has a whole side full of nothing where they chose to put a fuckin hologram lol I believe they would attract way more buyers of the vinyl only/CD only edition had they put SOYL on it as most of people considers the mix and master of the original as a masterpiece. Im seriously considering not buying the remastered edition as Im one of those. Its a fuckin re-issue, a bonus track wouldnt kill.
  5. Subscribed. Did you guys found out whos doing it to the channels?
  6. So that's it? We never hear Chinese D Era Tracks?

    Nobody really cared for the Chinese Democracy era, people couldnt relate to the music or the band members (nobody even knew who was who and played what during thise years). Music just wasnt that good, otherwise it wouldnt have ended the wat it did. No matter how intelectual the Chinese Democracy fans think they are just because they like some bleeps and farts that a random keyboardist did during some songs, the fact is that those songs are simplistic and have nothing special about them. They are cool songs, they are indeed incoherent and they lack of directions, but are cool ideas... BUT they are no Jungle or November Rain, songs that had that SOMETHING else and that people could relate to also simple songs, but simple songs from people with a REAL point and anger to prove. Not some point from a spoiled man-child who tought he was above his former bandmates. It took 20 years but he finally realized that he was NOTHING and could do NOTHING without them.
  7. It seems the poster is indeed a fanmade version, heres the official:
  8. I believe it was a full show, anyone that has shot a video (even if just for school or little amateur videos) knows that you need at least 30 or 40 minutes shot to do a decent edit and this video does look like a complete show. Just look at how many clothes Axl wear, the sweat, all the different scenes... They couldnt stage dive, change clothes and look that tired just filming the same thing. Im sure it was a complete gig.
  9. Me too, Id love to have all the vinyls actually but not paying a thousand bucks. I live in Brazil and converting it to brazilian real (our currency) it turns into almost R$4k. R$4000 here is like four to five months of hard work for the average pleb.
  10. I agree with you at some extent but buying stuff officialy released shows the band theres still interest and demand for releases, what could end up on a new album release. If theres no interest why should band and label release anything? It is a capitalism world we live in. Like it or not.
  11. Whoa, thanks. If it is legit I never saw it before, it does look quite different from their designs at the time and really modern. Im not much into memorabilia and stuff like that.
  12. Id pay something like $200 in a box filled with vinyls: demos, raw mixes, outtakes, maybe two or three live shows, the documentaries... A photobook would be a plus, but im not really interested in merch and stuff like that. Thats what Id also pay on the AFD boxset if it had a version focused on music in vinyl.
  13. Blast from the past? This poster is "recent" and probably fanmade, they didnt even have acess to this kind of tools back in the day lol The art and design style looks like something done in 2010-2012 tops.
  14. I believe in the end everything revolves around new music. We r all complaining at this momment because we dont have a new album of new material. Everything could be fixed by the release of new music. It would be a new tour with a slightly different setlist, they could release all the merch in the world for it, they could release it in a thousand versions and tour the same places again and it would be just fine, it would be a new chapter and not some cashgrab nostalgia tour.
  15. So, to summarize: We r still clueless about GNR. What a bunch of idiots we are. Nobody fn cares for your clothes and trucks, you can just slip em to your ***.
  16. The songs on the SMKC albuns usually get boring on the verse, Myles rarely creates a interesting vocal line so thats probably why you like the intros but not so much the rest.
  17. I expect no more legs and focus on new material but we all know thats not happening.
  18. Paul Tobias

    people r arguing over paul who tobias lol
  19. Love the instrumental, hate the voice.
  20. Fernando looks like a total poser wearing this kind of clothes lol It just doesnt fit him.
  21. I believe a better term to qualify them is "pop rock" or something.