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  1. The whining thread

    I can't afford dinner. I could probably afford a bottle of wine, but I'm studying and so I have to get up early in the morning so it's probably not the best idea.
  2. The whining thread

    Bf and I got into a fight for various reasons, and now I'm sad. We both have tomorrow off for some socialist holiday, so I thought we were gonna have a pleasant evening, but he's in the bedroom being angry (and possibly asleep) while I'm in the living room drinking beer and contemplating life altogether. Shit sucks, you know?
  3. The whining thread

    Positive thinking is complete and utter bullshit. I'm the epitome of pessimism, and I'm alive and doing well. I mean, aside from that I'm broke. And that I have bills to pay. And that I get paid too little because I'm in a real shitty field. I mean, I like my job tho - as in I like my colleagues and I think my bosses are alright. Also I have to put down the cat I've had since I was 7 in a very short amount of time. That saddens me a lot. Thinking about tattooing his paw print on my ankle or something. Or maybe not, because it's trashy. Oh, and I'm terrified of needles.
  4. Irrational fears

    Birds. Not so much because they could peck out my eyes, but because they shit uncontrollably and fly right over our heads. I used to have a shit ton of these weird fears when I was a kid, and they're pretty fun looking back at. For example, between the ages of like six and ten, I was terrified of public bathrooms. Not because of whatever reasons kids are usually afraid of them, like getting locked up, but because I was terrified there was gonna be some famous person in there and that I'd fart and they'd hear it. No idea why I thought there were gonna be famous people at my local mall, tho.
  5. The whining thread

    I just feel like snuggling up in bed all day watching Criminal Minds, drinking tea, and petting my cats. Can't tho, because I have to get my stupid ass to work. Really not feeling it today.
  6. The whining thread

    I'm drunk. I mean, that's nothing to whine about, really, because I like being drunk. It's liberating and it feels so fucking good. So, I've been working for the past month. Got a job in january, not sure if I mentioned that. It's at a callcenter and it fucking sucks, but hey, money's money no matter where it comes from, right? I fucking hate it. I'm good at it, but I fucking hate it. I fell asleep the other day and woke up because someone answered the phone. I called in sick yesterday because all I wanted to do was to get wasted, and so I did. I told the boss I've got a throat infection so I can barely speak. Maybe I shouldn't have, because now they're not expecting me on monday either, and I really need the money. Hell. I'm going to a friend's house later tonight, she just moved in. I should give her a gift but all I have is booze. Is that alright? It's unopened, and everybody loves booze. At least I do.
  7. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Let's just say I'm not married, even though my dear boyfriend brings that + having children up every time he gets drunk or high. It's funny, because when he's sober he always makes jokes about me being pregnant and how we can't have a child right now, every time he's not sober, he's deadbeat sure we should try right now lol I'm quite young tho so I'd love to wait a couple years. My mom was 21 and unemployed when she had me, and I don't want to repeat that pattern. Oh, yeah. We have one cat already, but she hates all alcoholic beverages. Fuck, she even hates it when we sneak her some food, you know? All she eats is her cat food. She did taste a chili sausage yesterday, though, but I'm pretty sure she regretted that quite immediately lol
  8. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Yo I'm drunk again, but it's a friday night and my friend is coming over in a little while, so there's nothing wrong with it, right? God I've gotten good at spelling while drunk. I wasn't before.
  9. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Sounds nice. I haven't been brewing in ages because bf and I went to Germany a while ago and on the way home we bought insane amounts of beer and wine for barely nothing, so now we're all set until probably after New Year's. Probably time to start brewing again pretty soon, but we don't really have room for it anymore since we're fixing up the spare room which we used to use for brewing and making it a guest room instead because right now when we have guests over they really don't have anywhere to sleep. ...fuck, does this mean I'm an adult now, fixing a guest room and all? Thinking about, I did impulse buy a kitten last night that we're picking up next week, so I'm most likely not. That's what happens when I stay sober: I do a lot of things on impulse.
  10. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Did you all quit drinking or what? I haven't had a drink all week, but I just got a phone call and now I probably have a job starting on monday so I feel like celebrating some. Should I drink beer or wine?
  11. Geniuses, Lennon needs your help!

    Thanks! Failed my exam today but I'm retaking it in march so now all I've got to do is study hard.
  12. Geniuses, Lennon needs your help!

    So for the past couple months I've been trying to obtain a grade in this math course that I need to get a grade in, right? Shit is, math and I don't really go well together. Even when I manage to understand the principles behind something, I'm pretty much a ball of confusion. I lose track of numbers, of letters, exponents, all that shit, you know? Pretty much everything. Tomorrow is my final exam. We get four hours to complete it. One single equation takes me two hours to complete because I have to start over over and over again due to mixing up numbers or forgetting what it is that I'm doing. I think my brain decides to fuck me over by basically imitate dementia every time I have to do math. Any advice, you geniuses out there?
  13. The whining thread

    Come here and whine about shit that bugs you or whatever. I feel sick as fuck.