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  1. what's the best flac player I can get for free online to sit down and listen to the album?
  2. I believe that is 70+ counting the vinyls in the big box
  3. alternative afd playlist only using the Sound City demos
  4. Shadow Of Your Love would've worked so much better replacing Anything Goes
  5. Illusions: cd 1: UYI I remastered cd 2: UYI II remastered cd 3: unreleased songs remastered cd 4: outtakes from the UYI sessions cd 5: 1991 gig cd 6: 1992 gig cd 7: 1993 gig all this in a book with a lot of pics and shit like that and for some more money you get the dvds of the live gigs
  6. if they did it right, for the fans and not for money... would be the best thing ever...
  7. I cant understand why they didnt release a live show... just cant
  8. if the price of the AFD is huge... imagine UYI that is 2 albums
  9. Listening and thinking how this entire box set would've been more interesting if they didnt thing about on putting a lot of things on the mega deluxe package and just putting music in it... Like, 1 cd with AFD, 2 with Lies, cd 3 and 4 the Sound City sessions, cd 5 something live from 86-87 cd 6 live from 88-89 (dont even think about Ritz) and I dont know... stuff like this... would be more cool to have it
  10. nope... I think thats just in some parts of Europe and Australia
  11. I like it... to me the two are very related... what they could've done was to "deluxe" Lies too... put the AFD stuff in a disc, the Lies stuff in another... would be better than tattoos and rings and bandanas
  12. the only thing that bothers me is that we dont have these demos of ISE, SCOM and Brownstone... would be nice to have this like an alternative AFD... I'm gonna listen to it like this but putting the other tracks in it (Reckless Life, Shadow...)
  13. Im happy with not spending money with this....