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  1. yup, I'm all in for both, amazing drummers... I really wanted Matt back, I know its a long shot but would be perfection
  2. to me the only thing they have to get rid of is Frank.... I'm okay with Dizzy and Melissa
  3. Wishlist (Not Setlist!)

    new album with 10 new songs with Slash and Duff + Chinese 2 as bonus disc more intimate shows or just an acoustic set like they did in 93 backstage footage, they sitting around cracking jokes and drinking water, that would make so happy
  4. The main reason is Slash, I'm not even counting Duff but Slash... I believe he loved the guy to death even in the dark years but couldn't do anything about it, now everything's okay, they are back on stage, selling stadiums around the world, having fun... Another reason, meds.. I believe he is in the right meds now that why he is so calm and happy and at last, he is older... Don't have the media on his neck and stuff, he dont really need to rant or break shit like he used to.. I have to say that I do miss rant and stuff like this sometimes hahaha, or just talking... He doesnt rly talk to the crowd, that bothers me
  5. now I understand when people talk shit about Frank... Taylor did a great job, sounded like, I don't know, full... Real... Frank cant make it sound like that
  6. The GNR anything thread

    bringing this back from the grave... On the last couple days with all these leaks and especially HOB 01 I started to think.... What if GNR didn't break up in the mid 90s? what would've happen? and what if they did breakup and stuff went the way it did but Chinese Democracy was released in 2001 like it was supposed to? what would've happen?
  7. What's happend to gn'r bootlegs site?

    what site is this one you are talking about?
  8. at least on video even Ireland sounds awesome
  9. this is the first 2010 full pro shot or soundboard we have?
  10. right? people here are crazy
  11. I like Ashba... He's no Ron or Robin but I think is a pretty cool guitar player