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  1. Yeah GNR isn't going to be streamed, they are not on the list of upcoming streams.
  2. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    and yet it sounds better than what we are getting now.
  3. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    I swear some people are so quick to defend the current lineup, let us enjoy this show.
  4. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    I can't believe I'm watching this show right now....so awesome!
  5. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    Just found it on YouTube again.
  6. "Punk as Fuck" Just no.....
  7. They played Slither ?? That's fucking awesome.
  8. Thats unreal!! The quality looked fucking amazing.
  9. So whats happening with this Sask show? did people buy it ?
  10. Which one ? I hated World on Fire...Apocalyptic Love was pretty decent.
  11. Not that excited for this album to be honest, I'm not a fan of Myles. Last two albums were meh.
  12. Whats next for GNR 2018

    Finish NITL tour and thats it.