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  1. Hellfest 2018

    Looks fake. https://www.hellfest.fr/
  2. Honestly, probably not unless they release a new single.
  3. Anyone else feel kinda starved?

    When they first got back together I was all excited about the possibility of new music or a new album....I don't think it will happen. After they finish this tour, they will probably do one more run as a "Farewell" a couple years down the road.
  4. Every single time I hear Steven talk I dislike him a little more lol
  5. Are the shows to long ?

    Nah I don't think so, its pretty awesome they are playing for 3 hours every night. I just wish they would change the setlist up.
  6. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    Can Slash just go back to the Conspirators so we can get some new music??
  7. Buckethead with Brain & Brewer Late 2017 Tour

    Man he needs to come to Toronto ASAP.
  8. Man the hype for these shows were awesome, 61 pages!
  9. Use Your Illusion Revisited

    I honestly enjoy the Illusion albums more than Appetite in the past couple years.
  10. How have the tickets not dropped in price yet ??
  11. GNR in New Jersey today

    It's called rehearsals. Bands do this all the time.
  12. 4 pages, this is fucking hilarious.
  13. These threads are so dead now lol