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  1. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    People still actually think they are going to do this.....
  2. Not going to lie, I'm enjoying this album. Easy listen.
  3. Slash Will Be Doing a Reddit AMA on September 20th

    Completely ignored the Atlas part Classic.
  4. Fortus is awesome, always has been. Can't wait for all the crazy Izzy fans to come in and ruin this thread
  5. You see that Justice boxset Metallica is releasing ? Looks fucking awesome.
  6. Well literally everything Slash and Myles have released has been generic radio rock bullshit lol So people have a reason to be negative
  7. Can't wait for another boring radio rock album!!!!
  8. Millennials suck!!!! So ridiculous lol
  9. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    Had a blast, saw two great shows.
  10. Do people still like Rockers?

    Forefront? Not really. As a 21 year old the only band you listed that people talk about is Greta.
  11. Slipknot

    Totally agree, one of the heaviest albums I've ever listened to!
  12. Slipknot

    Love Slipknot, I've seen them live twice. Iowa is my favourite album.
  13. What is even going on in this thread ??
  14. Downland Festival has always done that, you shouldn't have expected anything else.