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  1. If you could interview...

    You never play what I think are great songs like Locomotive, Breakdown, Dead Horse, The Garden, Pretty Tied Up and Don't Damn Me...can you tell me why and what do you think of each on an artistic/creative level? Does it help/encourage that we think you're capable and care about new music or is it a hindrance and would it help more if we didn't give a shit?
  2. Did it sound like Hard School had been reworked and changed from the leaked demo?
  3. And they were late by 1hr 35mins...is it confirmed they've stopped playing? I was hoping they were rushing though to play a slew of the alternates at the end.
  4. *sobs to the beat of Eye On You*
  5. He can't help it, okay?! He's an Australian.
  6. Oh it says you're Canadian and I thought it was NZ vs Canada, in that case good luck
  7. https://www.periscope.tv/w/1OyKAezyWEqKb?q=guns
  8. Fuck yeah listen to that they're on-point.
  9. I love Wichita. Makes me think of you guys.
  10. Damn. I could eat that blues jam on toast.
  11. https://www.periscope.tv/w/1OyKAezyWEqKb?q=guns