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  1. Love, Death & Robots

    Sounds interesting I'll check it out
  2. Even if he were wrong and it didn't happen I would then feel sorry for him for that(thinking it is real unnecessarily, of course lol), rather than feeling duped in some way.
  3. 49 People Killed in New Zealand Mass Shooting

    She's a good egg. My stepsister knows her and she's genuine. P.S. The country's raised millions for the survivors/their families so that's nice.
  4. 49 People Killed in New Zealand Mass Shooting

    While I'm not a fan of the royals as I thought @DieselDaisy meant it as a compliment, so cheers. I voted for her.
  5. 49 People Killed in New Zealand Mass Shooting

    What do you mean?
  6. I haven't read everything in this thread, I was referring to what Leonard was trying to say about mental health issues. As much as regression therapy sounds like bullshit yeah I'd be wary to say Axl's fabricating something like that for the simple fact that I'm just some guy on The Innernette and have no idea about Axl's personal life other than snippets that are in the public eye.
  7. @Len Cnut Tough guy eh? *puts you in a headlock* cook me some fuckin' eggs and don't forget the eggcups! Nah, I know what you're saying mate. But the way you're saying it I'm not surprised if some perceive it the way they are.
  8. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    Day 38 Day 39
  9. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    Day 35 Day 36 Day 37
  10. 49 People Killed in New Zealand Mass Shooting

    Supposedly kiwis have 1.2million guns which is fucking heaps considering the population is like 4million. I don't have a gun and probably never will, personally I'm not into them and think it's a slippery slope having the mentally of I need a fucking gun asap to defend from inevitable intruders and invaders. And if I went hunting and shot a mama pig or something I'd probably cry lol. I think gun licenses and guns should be really difficult to get with no loopholes. And as I said I don't think it's healthy to be paranoid or violent. However, it also concerns me if the notion of the possibility of defending yourself is completely stamped out and say in like 200years in the future the idea is completely alien and only the government, who is armed to the teeth, can defend you.
  11. 49 People Killed in New Zealand Mass Shooting

    Good on that young guy for egging that cunt. Way overreaction punching him and having the guys jump on him. Most Aussies are good people. I do share the sentiment they're family not just friends/allies. And everywhere including NZ has its racism and nasty side. But they do have a very ingrained prevalent disposition for racism and xenophobia over there in Aussie. Even Kiwis who are citizens there are treated like second class citizens.
  12. 49 People Killed in New Zealand Mass Shooting

    There's 2 people including a 5yrld kid in critical condition. Really hoping they don't die too.