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  1. Do you think you ever out grow GNR?

    GNR are being rather boring lately so I stopped listening to them for a while and now I've started again. I'll probably be listening to them even when I'm 1000years old.
  2. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    Any of you seen World on a Wire ? I haven't yet but it looks cool.
  3. What is Axl up to these days?

    What's up with you @Dexter?
  4. Trump is president of America fucking the world up in a real way. One in a Million is just a song. In my mind anyone offended by the Trump pinata is being a silly pussy and anyone who hates OIAM and wants to discuss/criticize it has every right to - but shouldn't go as far as being upset or offended by it because they've actually misunderstood the song. I'm one of those cunts, aren't I?
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    This is the true reason behind your unnatural love for cricket isn't it, @DieselDaisy? Geordie gossip/drama!
  6. MyGNR Gamers Club

    I'll add you later bro. @Dazey or anyone else on steam want to game with me just let me know.
  7. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    I was thinking about it since it has nice graphics but have decided against it since it's a bit of a time-sink. Looks sweet though.
  8. What Are You Listening To 2018

  9. The whining thread

    Does anyone remember ghetto-bitch? The ugly pig who lives in one of the downstairs apartments? She's going fucking apeshit today like she tends to do. Swearing and screaming at my nice neighbours, yelling racial slurs and threatening violence to the point of panting. Even threatened me lol. She's being evicted in 3 weeks but honestly after putting up with the cunt for so long my inner psycho wants to smother her with a pillow. "Yesss. Yesss. You leave now, permanently. Foul beast." Seriously she's such a vile piece of shit and I hate her so much.
  10. Any interest in a new "Mafia" forum game?

    I'm in too.
  11. Help me ask for a pay rise

    Just read this. Yeah, fuck that shit. Those penny pinching weasels. You're very jovial and they're trying to take advantage imo.
  12. Help me ask for a pay rise

    Have edited it for you slightly. I was going to mention that you're a new mum etc but decided that is unnecessary information which is too personal/emotional which in a way clutters the message which should be solely focused on clarity and a professional tone. I feel if you were to mention that, it could only work in your favour in an emotional/guilt tripping sort of way, making the tone less assertive and combine that with their surprise from your rates going up it might give them too much to think about/process and shift the conversation from formal to personal, allowing them wiggle room in their response. Basically, you don't need to justify why the rates are going up anymore than you have. Good luck!