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  1. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

  2. General Chat / Random Musings

    Your hair falling out started it.
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    (Nine Inch Nails - Closer)
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    (Nine Inch Nails - Closer)
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    Me: "This is a nice Kiwi song they probably don't know." Evan: "You're like Hitler!" MeinKampfForum.com indeed
  6. Post pictures of random stuff you've bought recently

    "Many" lol. Like who? Say the names. Because the few posters I can recall insulting/calling names are absolute scumbags and you're not privy to the facts and reasons so stay out of it(if you're thinking of who I'm thinking of). It's pretty fucked up and fake of you to apparently harbor negative feelings toward me all the while pretending to be friendly - until now that is, after I criticise your precious golliwog tradition lmfao. You turned this discussion into a weird personal thing and said I'm so black and white I lack nuance, which is obviously very insulting(and bullshit, imo ), so I told you to shove it - with no nuance, because that's what you apparently want and expect, considering you have spent literally years reading my posts lapping it up instead of having me on ignore. For the record if you'd spoken to me genuinely I would've listened. I'm sorry you're upset, even though you're being very cranky. Have a nice holiday, peace.
  7. Post pictures of random stuff you've bought recently

    Of course not all Belgiums and Dutch are racist(just you, Evan). But this specific traditional thing absolutely is, so it's kind of shocking and unacceptable. Have a happy holiday and try not to lynch anyone
  8. Post pictures of random stuff you've bought recently

    People wanting to abolish something like the naughty list is a clear example of over the top political correctness. People wanting to abolish a retarded tradition of overt undeniable racism is not over the top political correctness. Traditions are at best a scheduled comfort and at worst destructive and blinding. I know exactly where something like this comes from; the meager minds of bigoted fools - choosing to carry it on for amusement and shrug off the reality of the meaning is disappointing to say the least. I hate political correctness as much as the next person but I wouldn't mindlessly commit myself to that stance. Stranger on the internet who doesn't know me baselessly decides I'm so black and white I lack nuance? Whatever, shove it lol.
  9. Post pictures of random stuff you've bought recently

    Are you taking the piss or do you genuinely not see the difference between something ridiculously PC like getting rid of the Christmas naughty list - and dressing up as a bunch of golliwog n!gger slaves for the sake of coonery buffoonery? Mindblowing.
  10. Post pictures of random stuff you've bought recently

    Are you for real? Wow lol. "Aww come on! Our ignorant children who don't understand fuck-all about anything like this enjoy it." Ideally it wouldn't need to be about censorship but rather having some self-awareness and a little brainpower in the first place. These are the people that started apartheid ffs.
  11. Post pictures of random stuff you've bought recently

    It's incredibly retarded to have a debate lol. It's undeniably overtly racist so either get rid of it or shrug and the Dutch just continue being pricks.
  12. General Chat / Random Musings

    *has existential crisis and vomits blood because Evan thinks I'm ordinary*
  13. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    What makes it even more surprising is that Duff is such a good guy - always has been - and could never be anything less and would never even say the word cunt or know anyone who would.