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  1. Nintendo Switch

    Dogging me? Fucking hell, you wish lol. I will smite you mate.
  2. AC/DC isn't an innovative and artistically evolving band but there's a lot to be said about simplicity. The simple pleasures. They do their thing and Back in Black and a number of their other songs are indeed classics.
  3. You seem to have a problem with twisting my words and then getting holior than thou based on that incorrect interpretation lol. I didn't say "some are silly and self-indulgent for having different views" I explained my reasoning and that wasn't it.
  4. You don't see a lot of things apparently. Do the full quote and my post makes sense. What a passive aggressive little twerp lol.
  5. 2+2=4 "I don't agree with your simplistic summation." Yeah okay lol.
  6. Yes it does. I literally just explained exactly why too. For fucks sake lol.
  7. ikr? I don't understand the people who are so happy and content that they feel the need to come here and harang us lol. Happy people don't do that. When I'm enjoying myself I don't think "You know what would make this perfect? If I stop and hound some folks." lmfao. It's because they would rather be petty and lecture us and give us a hard time rather than risk facing reality and having their own bubble burst. It's very self-indulgent and silly. Ironically, they should lighten up not the people complaining(quite reasonably I might add) about the band. P.S. Russ? You cray.
  8. So we're never allowed to disagree with things or be disappointed, never allowed to expect or even just hope for things to be better, which they could be...why do you and those who share your opinion feel you're owed that? Nobody is actually crying and going apeshit over this. You're acting like people are banging on their keyboards throwing themselves around the room in a fit of rage. People are simply venting a bit about how inept their favourite band is.
  9. Anyway, back to the topic at hand: *sits completely still facing a blank wall making no noise whatsoever.* #MyBoringForum #NowOldestGoatIsTrulyDeadOnTheInside #StayOnTopicAtAllCosts
  10. How I literally envision the people who exaggerate every complaint about the band and tell us to either be happy with all things all the time despite everything - or even to just stop caring completely(they are the robot).
  11. Noooo! *the mere thought of this begins the internal petrification curse that @DieselDaisy previously went through, turning his insides into petrified wood and ashes.*
  12. Not to mention the fact Mick Jagger practically talk-sings. I seriously doubt Axl can sing in his style at 60+ years old. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. Not with a new album but with MYLES KENNEDY!
  13. *frantically swats at you* I hate you I hate you!