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  1. 30 Day Song Challenge #4

    Day 16
  2. what do you think about this

    I think it's quite obvious what's going on here. This is @Gracii Guns's alt account.
  3. The MyGNR Book Club

    I doubt there's enough interest to restart book club? Maybe one day. For now I'm going to finally read Gilgamesh
  4. The MyGNR Book Club

    (If you want to join the fun just say so and you'll be added to the member list in alphabetical order.) Book Club Members: Alja Andy14 Blackstar cineater Fang Gabrielaerojas Gibson_Guy87 GuitarFanfromNYC Kasanova King Kittiara Lio Oldest Goat Padme purplestargirl Rosalie Tori72 Club Rules: 1. Forum rules obviously still apply. 2. Process of selection: -Each month members take turns at being the four people who each nominate one book. -Everyone has one vote. The book that receives the most votes is the book of the month and the person who nominated that book will receive one point next to their name. -If your nominated book is not chosen and you wish to nominate that same book again the next time you are a nominator, then all votes it receives will be doubled each time you do this. 3. To keep the book selection diverse and fair, ideally we should all participate and read whatever the book is even if it's not in our comfort zone/typical genre. But of course if you're busy or simply want to opt out now and then, you won't be punished 4. Discussion and analysis of the book of the month is during the last few days before the next vote as well as throughout the month but please provide spoiler warnings at all times. You can say as much or as little about each book as you desire, whether that's praise or criticism. 5. All books are allowed. Fiction or non-fiction. When nominating you can choose whatever you want, it doesn't have to be a famous classic but keep it within reason, i.e. not something expensive or unreasonably long. 6. No fanfiction or junk like 'groupie books' talking about how many rockstars they've sucked off.
  5. 30 Day Song Challenge #4

    Day 15
  6. Scouser Smashes up a Travelodge!

    *has an existential crisis*
  7. Scouser Smashes up a Travelodge!

    You'll be the death of us all. ...JAAN! JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! @janrichmond
  8. Scouser Smashes up a Travelodge!

    So, it finally happened. You've gone insane.
  9. Scouser Smashes up a Travelodge!

    You're out of control so probably exclusively use Comic Sans, don't you?!
  10. British Politics

    I'm sure @Len Cnut would be keen for D
  11. British Politics

    Plan C will be rejected
  12. 30 Day Song Challenge #4

    Day 14
  13. Scouser Smashes up a Travelodge!

    I wonder if he's related to the British family of tourists who were here recently on a crime rampage?
  14. British Politics

    Just googled Robespierre and judging by the first quotes that showed up, thank you. Continued reading. Just for the record I don't approve of the death penalty.
  15. British Politics

    Is he? Somehow I doubt that. And even if he were, that doesn't give him carte blanche.
  16. General Chat / Random Musings

    Fine! I won't dump your friend.
  17. British Politics

    Hmm, indeed. It really does baffle me the royals are still around. Vapid inbred parasites.
  18. General Chat / Random Musings

    If I was that guy I'd have dumped her for that depending on the messages. The world is full of disingenuous narcissists.
  19. British Politics

    Prince Philip is a ghastly piece of shit.
  20. 30 Day Song Challenge #4

    Day 13
  21. Step 5: don't be a cuck, like Leonard apparently is.
  22. Ghostbusters Sequel

    My interest just dropped.
  23. step 2: don't have a lisp.
  24. Song text posters

    You have no legs?
  25. 30 Day Song Challenge #4

    Day 12