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  1. Every GNR song in your favorite order.

    I have the intro of Bad apples as my ringtone and I like the funky side of the song. Each to their own.
  2. Is It's So Easy really a better opener than Jungle?

    Nightrain all the way!! Just for the Train whistle and the intro lick 👌 Oh , and the cowbell !!
  3. Fly GNAIR

    And wipe your a@@ using the Pitman towel
  4. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    What’s next ? A 2002 show ?
  5. In other news , Dizzy fkn Reed said that the release of a new Guns N Roses album is like his big toe in his right foot: It’s not in his hand
  6. AFD original vinyl

    Thnx 😁
  7. AFD original vinyl

    I got this marked one. So what does that mean?
  8. AFD original vinyl

    I have what I think to be an original AFD vinyl with the robot artwork, but recently I am not so sure it is. Is there any way to confirm that ? if it’s fake i’ll smash that record store If it helps the cover has the code gef 24148 while the inner sleeve 24118-8 and last but not least I don’t know much about vinyls
  9. NEW 1993 PRO-SHOT: Saskatoon (Videos Now In OP)

    If only this band ever released a vid from all those UYI concerts....
  10. The drama never ends.... I am about to smash my computer screen with all the waiting
  11. Darth Vader conquering the galaxy seems like a more realistic scenario #GnfnR
  12. Like Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons do with the Kiss make up.