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  1. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Since uncle Axl ( and Co. ) hasn't done us the favor to release something, we are left discussing about Jonhnny Depp being a rockstar or not. How fascinating!
  2. Has Izzy retired?

    Maybe they could, if they had some Tegridy. Izzy Stardlin’s Tegridy Farm Avocados. Made with Tegridy
  3. GnR the ms paint comic

  4. It’s time to call for a crusade. To revive the mspaint thread to its former glory
  5. Just to clarify:Does Brian May play guitar on this ?
  6. The thing with Guns N' Roses for me right now is the fact that we don't know anything. From their side, they could be preparing something awsome, which I don't believe, but from a fan's perspective this is all getting boring and frustrating. I mean, I coud totally get it if they told or showed us a snippet that they are doing something else other than booking concert dates, but the are doing nothing. All we have right now are those hoarders that try to lure people into paying exorbitant amounts for those ''leaks'' and that is all there is unless I'm missing something. So, what now ? I've grown out of patience waiting, without anything visible on the horrizon.