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  1. Is It's So Easy really a better opener than Jungle?

    Nightrain all the way!! Just for the Train whistle and the intro lick 👌 Oh , and the cowbell !!
  2. Fly GNAIR

    And wipe your a@@ using the Pitman towel
  3. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    What’s next ? A 2002 show ?
  4. In other news , Dizzy fkn Reed said that the release of a new Guns N Roses album is like his big toe in his right foot: It’s not in his hand
  5. AFD original vinyl

    Thnx 😁
  6. AFD original vinyl

    I got this marked one. So what does that mean?
  7. AFD original vinyl

    I have what I think to be an original AFD vinyl with the robot artwork, but recently I am not so sure it is. Is there any way to confirm that ? if it’s fake i’ll smash that record store If it helps the cover has the code gef 24148 while the inner sleeve 24118-8 and last but not least I don’t know much about vinyls
  8. NEW 1993 PRO-SHOT: Saskatoon (Videos Now In OP)

    If only this band ever released a vid from all those UYI concerts....
  9. The drama never ends.... I am about to smash my computer screen with all the waiting
  10. Darth Vader conquering the galaxy seems like a more realistic scenario #GnfnR
  11. Like Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons do with the Kiss make up.
  12. Generally speaking, life’s not fair. That applies to GnR and everything else. So as much as I love Steven and Izzy , I can understand how NITL came to be the way it is. P.S. : If Izzy dropped a classic rock n roll album out of the sky I’d be pretty satisfied