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  1. Catcher!! Wow that's a surprise!
  2. Last night was amazing! I thought axl sounded pretty strong last night. A few voice cracks here and there but his voice was strong last night! Axl and his mic stand absolutely crack me up if you watch him during the show. Durin YCMB, he was swinging the thing like a gigantic sword and just doing all sorts of funny things with it. Axl was in a great mood all night and so was the entire band. These guys are clearly having a blast on stage together and enjoy putting on a 3 hour 30 minute show! There were some more funny moments like when frank fucked up the beginning to YCBM and Axl made fun of him. Someone already mentioned the train horn not working which was funny as well. During KOHD, during Richards solo, Axl was swinging his mic like a baseball bat, a golf club, and doing all sorts of funny shit when Richard would hit this one note in his solo. If anyone saw this, you’ll know what I mean. The show was great and I was pleased to here TWAT in person.. Axl sounded good and I thought did a nice job on the outro. He was very strong on a lot of songs and really impressed me. Slash was his usual crowd-stunning self. He was on fire (as usual). Not much more to say, he always shows up to play. Some highlight songs for me were: Jungle, YCMB, TWAT, New Rose, Coma, Black Hole Sun (Axl sounded amazing on this song), Nightrain, and Madagascar (Axl was strong as f*** on this). Now every song was great, I just feel these were the best sounding ones last night. One other quick thing, people who say Axl is overweight and out of shape, can’t sing with any power. Just stop. I bet there are only a handful of people in the world who can RUN around on stage singing incredibly difficult songs for 3 and a half hours. I give him so much credit for that, as with the rest of the band. They bring so much energy each show. This show was such a great experience, as I got 8 more songs than I did last year at Soldier Field, plus My Michelle over OTGM. Only complain was I didn’t get to hear Prostitute but hey, I like Sorry so I can’t complain! Really enjoyed myself and hope everyone else did! Cheers!
  3. Just got my ticket so I'll be there!
  4. Gotta be honest, that’s the best I’ve heard axl sound on nightrain all of 2017! Raspy and powerful and not clean and weak.
  5. Wow! Madagascar and TWAT in the same set
  6. I think slash was having in-ear monitor problems.. the end of jungle sounded weird almost like slash went out of the mix and they were trying to fix it (hence DTJ being kind of an extended mess)
  7. 09/03/17 - George, WA - The Gorge

    Setlist.fm says they played Madagascar?
  8. Hey all, I have a quick question concerning the snakepit, VR, slash, etc stuff. I've read some posts saying that some songs were originally from the GNR days, in addition to Axl rejecting some of Slash's material before Slash left the band. Just wondering if someone could give me a list of all the non-GNR songs that were potentially going to be on a guns record? I know some but I'm curious to find out all that are known. Thanks!
  9. People need to stop acting like this band owes them something (i.e. A better set list). GNR can and will do whatever they want and remember they are playing this show for mostly casual fans who aren't all in on the deep cuts. They don't owe it to the FB live viewer so and periscopers to change the setlists drastically every night. 99% of people at the show haven't see Guns on this tour yet. They already have a pretty good set list as it is. This is still the same tour as 2016 and everything seems to point at an album after this tour concludes. So have a little patience and just enjoy that Axl, Slash, and Duff are playing together and are still alive.. we've lost a lot of great musicians lately and we all should be grateful that we have all the GNR members still alive and well. Stop being so negative. They don't owe you anything. Enjoy this or at least try not to bring the morale of this forum down every show.