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  1. No dude, it was a negative 10, My World is the biggest piece of shit EVER!
  2. DJ's nice. Just wish he would say "sound so much better without Bumblefoot"
  3. The voice Axl is using to sing Better's chorus is beyond horrible, makes my ears bleed!
  4. I think it's already 2019 in Australia
  5. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    I like Slash better in my favorite Robin thing (emotional solos), November Rain alone puts him on top of my list. That said, I think Robin did a hell of a job on CD (see a lot of praising for his solos on This I Love and Better but my personal favorite is Street Of Dreams by far) and I'd put him almost at the same level. In the rockin' songs department is where Slash makes a bigger difference for me, those solos get overlooked IMO (compared to NR, Don't Cry, 1st two in SCOM, Estranged...) but what he did on songs like Don't Damn Me, Locomotive or Nightrain (among many others) put him on a league of his own in my book. The fact that he can rock the shit out of you and also make you cry is probably what I love the most about him. Gotta say, though, that Robin had to share the leads on CD with 20 other guitarists but personally I can't think of a memorable "heavier" solo from Robin that's on par with his soft, beautiful ones. Well, I don't believe he's earned a place that high as a songwriter, but as a player I think he's really special. I love Gilby and he's written some killer songs but if I had to ask one of the two to play a solo on a song I had, I would definitely go for Robin.
  6. In my opinion UYI I is clearly better overall, it's a pretty solid album. UYI II might still be my favorite because it has the song that made me a fan (YCBM) and another one of my favorite songs ever (Estranged) but I objectively find UYI I better. Right Next Door To Hell 8.5 Civil War 8.5Dust N' Bones 8 14 years 8Live and Let Die 3 Yesterdays 8Don't Cry 8 KOHD 3Perfect Crime 7.5 Get in the Ring 4You Ain't The First 5 Shotgun Blues 3.5Bad Obsession 8 Breakdown 7Back Off Bitch 6 Pretty Tied Up 8.5Double Talkin Jive 8 Locomotive 9November Rain 7 So Fine 7The Garden 8.5 Estranged 10Garden Of Eden 7 You Could Be Mine 10Don't Damn Me 10 Don't Cry (alt) 9 (favorite version of the two)Bad Apples 9 My World -10Dead Horse 8.5Coma 9 Overall UYI I: 7.56 UYI II: 6.10 (6.82 excluding My World)
  7. Happy birthday 4tus

    After Slash, Duff and maybe Axl Happy birthday anyway, Richard. Have a good one and for the love of God, please stop overplaying. Cheers
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Here's the Better official video with Lars on it. And Out Ta Get Me with Lars on drums from 2006. Actually, I'd love to see a duet not with Myles but with Todd!
  9. I've seen many fans complaining about GNR playing too few songs off the UYI records, never too many so no idea what you're talking about
  10. 11/14/17 - Tulsa, OK - BOK Center

    I think Duff was more excited than Dave
  11. 11/14/17 - Tulsa, OK - BOK Center

    Yeah, that would be killer! I'm watching the video now, it looks like he had the time of his life
  12. 11/14/17 - Tulsa, OK - BOK Center

    If he's singing/playing guitar, meh, if he's playing drums, one of the best moments of the tour.
  13. The first half of 2018

    I think the "problem" was he decided to put together Blues Ball and spend some time playing covers instead of making a serious band and writing songs in the late 90's. Still, he could have released one more album as much back then, what's happening now is worse. We could be close to getting SMKC 4 if it weren't for the reunion, now we're still waiting for SMKC 3.
  14. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Albums released by the 5 GNR members outside GNR Slash: 7 (It's 5 o'clock Somewhere, Ain't Life Grand, Contraband, Libertad, Slash, Apocalyptic Love, World On Fire) Duff: 10 (Believe In Me, 10 Minute Warning, Neurotic Outsiders, Beautiful Disease, Dark Days, Contraband, Libertad, Sick, The Taking, Walking Papers) Izzy: 11 (Ju Ju Hounds, 117°, Ride On, River, On Down The Road, Like a Dog, Miami, Fire, Concrete, Smoke, Wave Of Heat) Steven: 1 (Back From The Dead) + 1 EP (Adler's Appetite) Axl: 1 (Chinese Democracy). Personally, I see no reason to doubt Slash and Duff/s ability and intention to release new music. With Axl is exactly the other way around, I have no reasons to believe he wants/cares about releasing new material at all. For me, it'd be surprising to see Slash and Duff not wanting to do it and it'd be surprising to see Axl giving a shit.
  15. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    There's only one purpose I can see behind mentioning Erin is not perfect (or "no angel") and it makes me sick...