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  1. So it turns out everyone who's saying this is the best version of the song in years are lying and don't really think so. Everyone claiming they loved the way Taylor played the song are saying it because they have an agenda against Frank Ferrer but they actually thought it sounded like shit. Makes a lot of sense...
  2. Ahhhh, finally!! Slash, Axl and the businessman playing with proper musicians! This is what I expected GNR to sound like when the reunion was announced. No shitty drummer, no rhythm guitarist who doesn't understand the concept of rhythm guitarist, just a bunch of first class musicians doing justice to a legendary song. Hats off to Taylor Hawkins, he did a wonderful job!
  3. Born a Rocker? Punk as Fuck? I feel so embarrassed, he's become a parody of himself... Maybe the real Duff actually died in the 90's and got replaced like it happened with Paul McCartney (?) He got older and developed a passion for beating girls
  4. So they played Slither, "only" 3 CD songs and got rid of The Seeker and Black Hole Sun? This must be one of the best setlists of the whole tour even without YCBM, Coma, Out Ta Get Me and My Michelle. Please, keep it this way! He's the worst part of every second of the show, what were you expecting?
  5. I think Axl needs to figure out how to sing it (singing it high at parts sounds awful) but I'm so glad they played it!! That solo
  6. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    What about Dave Kushner? Alternative Nation claimed he was gonna be part of the band
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Before the tour started I was against the idea of them playing VR too but since they're playing Axl's solo song (and so fn' many of them!) then I totally want to play at least Slither. It's a fair thing to and it's long overdue. It's not a GNR song but it's a Slash/Ned song unlike fn' Black Hole Sun or The Seeker, it's Slash getting to play his own material. Aaaaaaand the solo fn' rips!! Ps: Also, I'm against the idea of GNR making new music until they get a competent drummer. #SorryNotSorry
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    WTF?! Slither?! You gotta be kidding me, this must be the first time I feel excited about something related to this band in over a year. Up until an hour ago I didn't even know when was the tour starting, now I know I'll be stuck in periscope the whole show tomorrow. Can't help myself Anyway, how you doing, ladies? Life's a bit crazy lately, didn't have much time to stop by. Happy anniversary to the best thread in the forum, keep rocking y'all!
  9. Great videos, thanks for sharing! Band's sounding pretty tight, loved Anything Goes! I'm looking forward to seeing them live. I just hope the singer will keep his mouth shut from now on. Ps: The drumming!!
  10. Adler says Fernando is key to Reunion

    Thank you so much, this is like the perfect example of what I was saying. One is "an idiot" and the other one is "less than perfect"
  11. Adler says Fernando is key to Reunion

    So we have a guy who's been talking shit about Steven endlessly for weeks mentioning how Steven "can't contain himself" and a guy who dedicated 90% of his post on the forum to bash Steven saying Steven is "not worth half of the time we spend talking about him". And then of course, some Axl fan who talks about Steven playing the victim, carrying the "poor me" attitude. Remember "he's a cancer"? "He should have never been in the band or should have left after Lies"? "He may sound like De la Hoya but he's fn' Vargas"? Suing Activision for associating GNR's guitarist Slash to GNR ()? "[Stephanie Seymour, Slash and Duff] did more damage to my ability as a writer. To those three, it was all crap. It beat me down so much. At the time of the (Use Your Illusion) tours, Slash and Duff said, 'You're an idiot, you're a loser.' I didn't write for years. I felt I was hindered for a very long time"? That's not playing the victim, just the truth, and that's why Slash will never be back in... oh, wait. Comedy gold! Of course there will be someone crying because I'm "attacking Axl" but truth is I'm not attacking Axl at all. Yes, he said many stupid things through the years (maybe too many for how little he speaks) but who cares? We all say and do stupid things (this thread is quite a brilliant example actually). What's really amazing and amusing is how some people embarrass themselves with their stupid double standards, their insane obsession over Steven and the need to constantly trash him.
  12. Just got to listen to the whole thing. It was awesome once again, thanks @Gambit83! Loved the way he described Myles and how he saw how good of a match he would be for Slash to be in a band with. I hope one day you'll get to interview Elvis Baskette as well. Would love to hear from him about World On Fire, SMKC 3 and maybe about all the stuff he's done with Myles through the last two decades.
  13. Actually, Eric Valentine was the producer on Apocalyptic Love.
  14. Wow, I didn't get that far to hear all these brilliant ideas I really hope he'll fire this idiot before coming to South America. Personally I think it's impossible to suck more than Frank Ferrer does at playing GNR songs. A terrible singer is more noticeable, though, I'll give you that
  15. Oh god, this dude's fn' embarrasing. Steven should fire him right away and replace him with the previous Adler's Appetite singer or with Adler's singer or with... anyone. This idiot wants press at Steven's expense and he's not worth it at all. It's kinda funny how Steven managed to find someone who sucks as bad as Frank Ferrer, though Instead of playing the songs "the right way" this is more like "so you assholes are butchering the drum parts on our songs? I'm gonna do the same with the vocals then!"