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  1. Brilliant show, Classic Friday night stuff. I recently seen the episode where Eddie counterfeit’s money 😂 Have a 15 quid note: - the Queen doesn't have jugs. She's royalty. And - if she did, she wouldn't get them out on a fiver. She'd save 'em up for the fifty. If you care to have a look at my fifty, I think you'll find it a mite more risqué. God! - That's disgusting! - I know. Eddie, that's tantamount to treason! How will you pass off these pornographic doodles as real money? Especially when you see what the Duke of Edinburgh's up to. - Who's that with him? - Meryl Streep. Hang on. She's got three knockers. No, that's Bobby Charlton in the middle.
  2. Pikey knacker gypo mink traveller tinker (I went to high school with a fuckload of the above and those were the words used over the years. Pavey I believe is the term preferred at this point by the Traveler community.
  3. 2 Duff Boston MA for sale

    2 Muff Boston DAs for sale.
  4. Glad to have been wrong!! Dates announced this morning
  5. Humility is a virtue. This type of man is less and less in today’s world. Sir I applaud you.
  6. I’m thinking it’ll be postponed..... hope I’m wrong.
  7. Stones tour may not be happening at all this year....
  8. Mailing lists for bands are the way to go, presale codes and links to cheaper tickets. Neil Young is selling tickets through his site for a few weeks and what’s left go to ticketmaster. That’s seems a good way to do it.
  9. The Stones do lucky dip tickets through their site, 2 tickets for $50. You could be in a front row seat or back of the stadium. Having done it maybe 10-12 times now I’ve gotten a lot more good tickets than bad.
  10. Yeah I hear you re Football season and weather, but thems the dates I’ve seen rumoured. The Guns tour was obviously massively successful and at times the shows I seen were great but Axl didn’t sound great, the band has a different vibe with Frank and I could really do without the covers, they total almost an hour I guess along with the guitar solo...
  11. Sept/Oct are the months heavily rumoured for the rescheduled shows. Guns opening for the stones would be a disaster. Having seen the stones and guns a few times each in the last 3 years, guns would be shown as a bloated circus. The Stones are still a band and playing as a group off one and other... I saw them 5 times on the last round of gigs and each show was better than the previous one. Keith and Ronnie are playing great, Mick still has the pipes and this harp playing is fucking excellent. Songs like midnight rambler are sounding as good as they ever have. Having seen 3 of the NITL gigs, I was bored during each of them at points, rambling instrumentals, boring covers, bad singing, the songs have lost their groove and slash is wanking more than playing at times. There were the odd few moments of brilliance but not enough to go see them again (Izzy would change my mind) When I was in my teens, Guns were the new Stones, the stones were a Vegas act with zero danger and jokes being made about the steel wheelchairs tour etc... Now the Stones are old bluesmen, sounding great together, keef is STILL fucking dangerous & Guns are the Vegas act...
  12. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I’m sure a deal could be worked out on the proceeds of a new album and tour by Izzy & the others. He writes a few tunes, loot is split equally for the album, tour and merch sales. Richard likely remains if Izzy comes back....