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  1. Wacky World of The Ominous Avocado Man Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    Not drunk, a tad stoned yes. 😂 I made a joking statement that I was sure some tit on this board would take seriously so I decided to skip down a few lines and explain myself to the tit before the tit took it seriously. so your classic overthinking stoner stuff I guess. 😂
  2. Wacky World of The Ominous Avocado Man Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    The Beatles or The Stones or Izzy. Thats the new question. Of course im being facetious, - you whatever random fucker you are, that’s about to drone on about “you can’t put Izzy against the Beatles” well I am. Izzy would be the last man standing. 😂 In the case of The Stones, I believe Izzy would defer to Keef, out of respect. As one should..... It’s only fucking etiquette but I like it, like it, yes I do.
  3. Duff To Play Charity Event

    Coldplay are rock music for people who like "all kinds of music" IE : Wankers
  4. I don’t think it was high, just a little fucked up. Nice buzz going.
  5. This sounds like a tenth circle to Dante’s inferno. Stuck in an ice cave with Adler and his Mom.... Canto XXXV. The drug addled virtuous fuckups.
  6. They’ve done the same with Kill Em All, Lightening, and puppets. I’m not a big Metallica fan but I was tempted with the puppets one and it was definitely worth it, the remaster also sounds great. Translated from Guns N Roses speak : Locked N Loaded = turn around bitch I got a use for you. Duffs the money guy now, no question. While Axl had control of the brand we had fuck all. Merch, gigs, re-releases at $1000. Duff basically bought him and Slash back in with the dough they are producing as a brand now. The band has no integrity, they left that out on highway 65.
  7. This. I don’t even know how this music would sound to me if I didn’t have it in the context of that time. The period from Appetite through grunge up to 1996 and the end of Britpop was brilliant. Great music, great drugs and great great bands. An earlier poster mentioned his Aunt was a nun who bought him the albums.... I went to a Catholic school and the teacher would rattle on 2-3 times a week about bands being Satanic and all this bollocks. Madonna with her black jesus and all that stuff. Guns were a prime target of this monkeys ire. Droning on about playing their music backwards and getting messages.... being into Guns in the area I grew up in was for people who were “trouble” ...drinkers, bikers, stoners, coke heads, fighters. It was a lifestyle for sure. And it was fucking great 😂 Nirvana are also a band that make no sense now. They stopped making sense to me the day he was found dead. That period was a great great time to be alive and into music. Nirvana and bands of that ilk were brilliant live, you knew the people at the gigs were cool, and it was pure joy when they played. It felt like music and society were changing at that time, it did feel somewhat revolutionary, tv shows like the word on channel 4 were chaotic, print media was changing, indie record labels were churning out hit after hit, the underground was coming overground there was a change happening. That ended the minute he was found dead for me. Nirvana have never sounded the same to me since. Oasis filled that gap. Seeing them live on the tours for the first two albums were brilliant gigs. But it ended in 96 I think, bullshit record company stuff got hold of music again around that time. Guns N Roses releasing UYI 1&2 on the same day and the tour that followed made perfect sense in the 90s. They were the last great rock band in the mould of Stones, Zeppelin, etc.... But no one knew it then. The 90s pissed all over the 60s. There, I said it. 😂
  8. And nothing can ever be Exiled up enough. More Exile This Exile goes up to 11
  9. Izzy was the soul of Guns. His songs from the illusions albums have stood the test of time better than some of the others. A great songwriter. (I’ll take a songwriting guitar player over a shredder any day)
  10. There’s always one of you somewhere.
  11. This, or it's from his time dealing. Double talkin jive is like lying\two faced bullshit.
  12. If Axl Rose could turn quick enough he'd nail himself. That's how much he likes himself.
  13. Axl and her Talking shit... I'd have no problem believing it..... How the fuck could you be in a band with her. #iwatchedtoomuchavatar #wheredidthedangergo #where'sIzzy #ihatefuckingtwitter&hashtags #yourenotthatintereating Frank the wank had to thank a fuck load of people in his post to keep getting his free shit. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pJSo9YmHin0
  14. I wonder if Izzy leaving had anything to do with fuck all material being wrote after 91