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  1. Concerts in 2019

    The stones X 3/4 fingers crossed. Tour dates hopefully announced this Monday. Kicks off in Miami in May and ends in Chicago mid to late June.
  2. Is this Fortus? 2001 Hilarious

    Wasn’t he in the New Originals and the Thamesmen also?
  3. Is this Fortus? 2001 Hilarious

    Just a bad singer
  4. Malibu orders evacuation due to fire

    Hope it all works out ok for you.
  5. OK, let's keep it simple. When shit is broke you firstly do not break it further. You take a look at the situation, and if we take climate change control as an example. Pulling out of such an accord is breaking shit further. This funnily enough is Trumps modus operandi. It's not about who broke what man up and fix the fucking situation. Or get out of the way and let someone who can. At least don't be so dumb you make it worse.
  6. Grab em by the pussy is abusive language. Would you want Trump to grab your cock and balls? It's normalizing the abnormal you fool.
  7. I caught 5 shows on the run this year and am aiming for another 3-5 on next years tour. Definitely worth the travel, and if as the rumor goes, they do multiple shows in each city, travelling is an easier option!
  8. A North American Stones tour is definitely happening next year. locations and tentative dates are being knocked around at the minute. Looks like Denver is a go and Foxboro. Edit: Jacksonville also a likely gig
  9. Wow that Nightrain is a car crash. Definitely no trip to Hawaii for me I'll save the cash for next years Stones shows. im not a big Jagger fan, but fucking hell the guys voice is at least mostly consistent and not the mickey Axl is throwing our way. How can there be such a difference between AXL/DC and this.
  10. Are you Trump? You certainly have his rhetoric down pat.... I wonder how your current comments will be received 2-3 years time. Just remember when it was time to stand with humanity, you stood next to an orange tv personality who thinks it’s ok to grab women by the pussy.
  11. I wonder if there’s a market for “excess coaches” guys like Keith could come in and give talks. Beats the sober coaches, therapists and sensei beni’s of the world screwing up bands by getting them off drugs.... I demand my rockstars be Keith Like goddammit...
  12. Definitive proof you are still rock is falling from a coconut tree and being pissed you can’t do coke anymore as a result.
  13. What about bands like the Stones who still have credibility? Keith has been Keith for 70+ years. Everyone in Guns is playing a role, it’s about money and fuck all else. RIP GNR 1986-1993
  14. Jungle sounded ok to these ears. I casually looked into going to the Hawaii gig and it’s doable for $750. I’ve moved from casual to “mildly interested” a deep cut or some change in the set is need to push me over the edge. Maybe just dropping the covers would be enough.....