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  1. I never found the “new age section” in any record store.... where the fuck was the fucking new age section.
  2. Please try not using this type of fucking language.
  3. New Nightrain Membership Items

    Axl has convinced Slash and Duff to join him in his dictatorial mission. A National Airline.... Passports for their own Country...... GNRJIHAD Starts Now...
  4. Rank The Songs on LIES

    Reckless Life Nice Boys Mama Kin Patience One in a Million Used to love her You're Crazy Move to the city (I far prefer the acoustic version on the recent appetite re-release) I always thought of it as an album, I played it as much as appetite before the illusions were released.
  5. For anyone who wants to know why: Richards and Taylor’s solos are fucking brilliant. Superior to the studio version for me by a long long shot. Slash said Ya-Yas was a live album he listened to along with Aerosmith’s. He also has mentioned Mick Taylor as an influence on him. I’m sure he played it differently for a reason, a reverence for what can’t be improved on. As much as I love Guns, and saw them at their peak, but maybe not their best in 92 (still have the bootleg shirt I bought outside the venue) the Stones win every time for me.... Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers & Exile on Main Street is a great run of brilliant albums, they were also killer live from 69-73.

    Commiserations to the English Forum members, I think this team is the first group of English players & Manager who have deserved a World Cup since probably 1990. There’s a spirit and unity in the squad, they are a young team and a young manager. Southgate is a class act, much as I like Big Sam, he wouldn’t have got them as far as Southgate has. Be proud, get over it, have a few pints.... You’ll be celebrating winning the Euro’s at home in London in 2 years time. (I can daydream about Ireland beating England, in London, but y’know...... 😂)

    Good luck to you my English neighbors.

    I’m Irish, but I hope England win this World Cup. (That’s my goodwill for the year used up)
  9. Lot of space behind the crowd, looks well undersold.

    can you post the link to the german store? Cant seem to find it.
  11. Am I the only one who hears fuck all difference (at least with the vinyl so far) I’ll give the CD a spin later and stick the headphones in also at some point this week that might make it clearer. But for now I hear piss all difference. I also thought the vinyl played back a little slower than the original. Roll on the illusions box sets 😄
  12. You’re deluded, I collect a lot of music stuff and box sets. This is most expensive box set I’ve seen for ONE album! You might pay a few hundred for a box set of EVERY album a band releases but a thousand bones for ONE.... If you for a second think the band had no say in the pricing you’re sadly wrong. This is EXACTLY the shit the shit they talked about! Look at the gnr merch site before and after the reunion. be payin' their hard “Ripping off the kids while they be paying their hard earned money” You are their target market. Dont tell the rest of us we have no right to complain. Some take it in the ass and some don’t. You buy it and I’ll steal it from you. Thanks.
  13. This is just fucked up. Instead of buying this overpriced half full of junk Locked N Loaded box, I’m spending half that money to fly to LA and kick Axl in the sack. I’ll surely catch Slash and Duff in the same swing, as they’re halfway up his ass and dangling in the direction of his balls... Man I needed just some more time to payI must have lost my mind Buying Appetite that day.Now I'm paying high interest ratesMaybe bank robbing is my only way I'm owing a millionOn my credit cardsI'm owing a million, I’ve Maxed out my cardsMaybe someday I'll pay themBefore the day I dieYeah I should have known betterThe interest rate's too highMuch too high, much too high,Much too high, yes, ow! How much would it have cost if they left out all the Junk. The people who can afford this are not wearing 5 skull rings, 5 pins, a bandanna, temporary tattoos and iron on patches on their jacket to work and they don’t have the lithos/posters hanging on the wall of their office. I want all the fucking vinyls minus the garbage. It’s the music that made the album. It’s all I’m interested in. This could have been like the recent Metallica re-issues. $250 for super deluxe which is still a good few bones, but if you like Metallica it’s worth it. Hey Duff: “Punk As Fuck”.... nope.... it’s “Rich As Fuck”
  14. Should Roses sizeable arse ever prolapse it will be like the birth of a new band galaxy .
  15. Why can Axl sing fine with AC/DC but sounds crap with Guns. There’s flashes of the old Axl, but not for an entire song. I saw Guns 3 times on the NITL tour and while some parts were brilliant, mostly I was just bored out of my tits. Whereas I saw The Stones 5 times on their current tour and they blew me away each time. There was fuck ups, dud notes, missed que’s. But it was live and real, and they got better every show, the songs were changed around to accommodate age but they played the songs live and differently each night. I also got £90 & £400 tickets for £35 with the Lucky Dip tickets. The Stones felt honest. They’re not the same band they were in 72, but I don’t expect them to be. Its 2018. I expect them to still be a band though and they are. Slash and Du$$ coming back has been an anti climax. The Chinese songs were toured for almost 10 years. Pull your ginger head out of your arse Axl and cut out the shite. I don’t want a 3 hour show. I want 2 hours of YOUR music! Not an hours worth of fucking cover songs. The whole thing smacks of money. The stage show is to distract you from the car crash you’re hearing. Keith is the soul of the Stones, he keeps them a band. Izzy was the soul of Guns, he wanted to keep them a band. It would have made more sense for them to have toured 10,000 seater venues each year from 1991 until right now than have all the members leave and the band gone awol for years. The original 4 minus the ginge would be great.