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  1. 1991 UK Documentary

    it had to be September or after as I was in secondary school, and living in Ireland our gaff didn't have the English channels at this point so I had 2 friends record it for me in case one of them fucked up I watched that video over and over.... No Aerosmith, but yes to Lenny. It was DEFINITELY broadcast on a Friday night, i remember that for certain as I had to wait till Monday to get the VHS off my buddies.... The other thing i can remember about that broadcast was some tyre manufacturer was using "Venus in Furs" by the velvet underground as the soundtrack to their ad. It was the first time I had heard the velvet underground. Man things were different then! I remember going to my uncle and asking him who the fuck sang this song "I could sleep a thousand years" (He knew) Now hold your phone to the screen and it will retrieve everything you need to know about band or artist.......
  2. This broke my head. 1) Its a "good idea" 2) its a "pathetic idea" 3) but if they do the "pathetic idea" 4) its still a "better than anything by those aliens" idea How could the band ever release new music with this as it's market..... It's a loose - loose, better than loosing to aliens situation for them. 🙂
  3. I always assumed it was about some chick he was seeing who was into bondage and he's describing their sex life. Panties round your knees with your ass in debris (sex in the bum bum) Doin that grind with a push and squeeze (again, bum bum related) tied up, tied down, up against the wall (bondage) Be my rubber maid baby and we can do it all. (I think this line is actually be my RUBBER MADE baby and we can do it all, I think the chick likes her rubber for these "sessions") Maybe I've dated the same chicks as Axl 😳 (I thought bum bum was more polite than anal) 😂
  4. Thoughts on Double Talkin Jive

    The first video is the one I listen to most.... There's a couple of great DTJ from Germany that are excellent quality and beasts... Each time I listen to these I think Duff was / is a great bass player. He was on the beat, never fucked up the changes in riffs, and kept up with Slash. While having ingested various substances.... I've played bars drunk and it's fucking hard to get it at the right level 😂 Duff my hat is off to you..... PS: Glad you are sober, I certainly am.
  5. Thoughts on Double Talkin Jive

    Loved the live versions from 93. Some brilliant guitar work from Slash and Gilby, check out Argentina 93....
  6. Axl: "Slash you're a fat fuck" Slash: "You're the fat fuck, Axl" Duff: "You're both fat fucks"
  7. Paradise City Live Lyrics Question

    It sounds terrible, it's trying to make something fit that doesn't. The timing is way off as is the whistle blowing at the start of the verse riff. I do however love the crazy laugh he does at the start of the outro solo. 🙂
  8. Definition of rock journalism: People who can't write, doing interviews with people who can't think, in order to prepare articles for people who can't read. Sounds like Mick thought he was in the band early in.... His books are TERRIBLE and inaccurate, his grasp of language is terrible, he gets fixated on crap (for example in the book about the doors he mentions 3-5 times that Jim Morrison liked anal sex and this made him a homo) just terrible sloppy journalism. Inaccurate & poorly researched. His books are like a copy and paste of Wikipedia and forums like this. But I do think he's telling the truth of how it went down with the interview and Axls "guns or knives" bullshit. Look at what Axl himself said about it on Shotgun Blues. Axl's all mouth and no bollocks, and his mouth is pure cringe..... You'd almost feel sorry for him while kicking his ass.....

    Going by ordering previous memberships and various merch it will be mid to late Jan I guess....
  10. No it's from the Neil Young song, I wonder if that's where that band you mentioned for the name from?