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  1. The Gimp better not have that ticket!!
  2. Gimp is still looking for $1100 for it. 😂
  3. Wacky World of The Ominous Avocado Man Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    Happy New Year Izzy wherever you are. Happy New Year to all those who post in this, the best of all fucking threads on mygnr...
  4. Your concerts in 2018

    I was really tempted to go to that show in Detroit, would have been very cool. I did the meet and greet thing with Brother Wayne and that was one of the questions I asked him, given that the band sounded so great would there be new material and he said it was a real possibility and everyone currently in the band was up for it. It was really cool to be so close to the Stars and Stripes strat!
  5. Your concerts in 2018

    There’s a possibility of new material from them!
  6. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    On first listen sounds more Axl/DC than Guns. But. It’s Christmas Day and I’ve overindulged in various stuff. I’m gonna go to bed. And if tomorrow morning,Axl has released new music, through a Looney Tunes cartoon,and this is not some cuckoo land shit I’ll pay attention.
  7. Wacky World of The Ominous Avocado Man Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    Happy Holidays Izzy, how about a cover tune for Christmas? 😊
  8. Concerts in 2019

    Weezer & The Pixies Apr 7 Buddy Guy Apr 22 Stones Apr 28 Stones May 22 Stones May 26 Ozzy & Megadeth July 11 Iron Maiden Sept 3 Update: Spiritualized April 2 Queen & Lambert July 10 The Who Oct 21
  9. Your concerts in 2018

    Stones Dublin, Stones London X 2, Stones Southampton, Stones Coventry, Stiff Little Fingers, The Specials, Liam Gallagher, Mudhoney, MC50 Vancouver, MC50 Seattle.
  10. She reminds me of those things you fuck into the cistern of the jacks, you get a nice blue flush for a few weeks. With respect to her role in Guns, she has a good voice and harmonizes well with Axl on stuff like Paradise City, fuktifino what the stuff she has around her does for the sound of Guns N Roses. I’m 38 so not an old dick but certainly a dick that has miles on it. It think Melissa is there for an audience younger than me. I imagine her input to be something similar to that effect in “This is America” some sub bass fuckology. It is what it is and if the band want it there it’s up to them. The new intro to better has some of that stuff happening under the guitars and bass and it sounds cool. I’m a guitars, Bass, Drums, MC5 kinda guy when it comes to my Rock n roll and it’s never going to be 1987 for GnR again. I’d like to see what Melissa would bring to a record. I might be horrrifed at the results or surprised. The biggest letdown about Chinese for me was I had expected a record in the vein of Oh my God, which was a departure in sound and I’d liked to have seen where the band could have gone with that type of Material. Chinese was a bit “normal” compared to what I had expected to hear. So who knows, she may add something in the studio. I reserve judgement. #MyWorld2019 #OhMyDistortedHair
  11. The Rolling Stones will be touring a new album before Guns will.
  12. If I could rewind to a point in my life summer 95 would be it. I saw The Roses, Primal Scream, The prodigy, Black grape, ash, pop will eat itself, Blur, underworld, Paul weller, elastica, the chemical brothers, the wild hearts and a few others over 3 days at a festival. Primal scream stole the weekend though. They were all in the same state as the audience. They Probably watched rainbow while they were growing up like we did... Bobby Gillespie was green. And wearing a red shirt. And brilliant. The Roses were minus John Squire at that point and I think they broke up the following weekend or something like that.
  13. I have to pull you with the Rainbow theme tune... Zippy didn’t end up with a coke problem for no reason. Bungle was a complete man whore and a total dipso. The Theme Tune from Rainbow made them do it.