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  1. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    I'm flying home to see The Stones in Croke Park May 17 and London on the 22.....Maybe it's a hint that they will be supporting The Stones in Croker as a warm up show for their European Tour..... AC/DC supported The Stones maybe 10 years ago. ( clutching at straws to justify the F**kin $ I'm spending going to see a band in their 70s) 😂 Axl & Slash could come out and play sympathy for the devil with the stones. The healing process come full f**kin circle.... Peace on earth & good will to all men, bollocks like that. I wonder if Guns will still be touring in their 70s......
  2. Surely Slash could have rounded up a few handy fuckers to “escort” him away from the house, and ensure he wouldn’t be stalking for quite some time due to the nature of injury both legs received? 😂
  3. I too could watch this shit all day!
  4. Believe it, It’s not Axl, it’s obvious from the moment he starts to sing as someone has already mentioned.
  5. I agree, it’s not the “Gospel according to Alan Niven”, it’s more “here’s some of the truth” from Alan Niven. A guy who was there in the thick of it in he early days. And every guy in the band from the period 1986-1996 has “some of the truth” from their perspective. I take him on a case by case basis. Some I believe, some I think is second hand and partly wrong, some is wrong. I think say what you want about Niven, but he loved that band and their music. He was a fan as much as anything. The fucks that came after cared only about Axl. Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven all have their version of things and I also take that case by case. I think they even say in their books something like “here’s how I saw it” as a foreword. In lieu of any fucking info as was mentioned in the above post, forums like this take a bunch of witness statements and put them through the jury here in the forum. 😂 All sides have to be represented equally, and posting quotes tells you what the person being discussed said on the topic. They are as much fact, as these types of rumours or stories can have, all we got is speculation. Bullshit and Contemplation, Gossips their trade. If they knew half the real truth, What would they say.
  6. You’ve just described the people you vote for and your fellow voters! So you might not care, but it’s foolish not to listen. You either agree or you might not, but at least be aware. Just saying.
  7. Man that ‘Tache was the spawn of two inbred cousins mating and producing a mullet, who fucked Ron Jeremy and then it landed on Axl’s face. 30 years after it was first wrong to have that ‘stache. Thats how out of touch with reality he is. I think he let himself down with the hall of fame thing. Why didn’t they reach out to each other, agree to give the hall the finger like the Sex Pistols did and no one turned up. Except Steven 😂 Without knowing the full facts of the current setup, it’s hard to tell, but in the past it’s been a band of mercenaries. Every man for himself. In that situation it helps to be cracked. He will go further than any one because of who he is. OCD or something. He has more stamina than the others and would argue with you for days, You give in to little things bit by bit just to get him to shut the fuck up. Taking out a notebook while on the phone to Izzy and quoting what he had said years earlier and in between these types of conversations he was crying. He sounds like a shit girlfriend. Having said that, I think slash and Duff are mercenary also. I think there’s no going back for Guns. Nobody’s gonna go see Axl on his own after this tour. They want the real deal, and the sad thing is; much as I would kill (mercenary) to see the AFD5 together I don’t think if they were there it would sell much more than it is anyway. The plebs want Axl and Slash and the 7 songs they know through osmosis. The Guns split was so public and speculative over the years you couldn’t not know they were split.... This tour is the most successful tour since 93 for a reason. Because the plebs know Slash is back, Duff probably doesn’t count for the plebs. Any other version of Guns wont work after this, the plebs won’t have it. Egos, Drugs, Alcohol, Women, Success, Drugs, Money, Alcohol, Drugs..... Its hard for 5 people to survive that. (Lucky Bastards.......) 😂
  8. I literally made the mistake of assuming you meant what you said.
  9. So it can’t be “his” then can it. A group of people cannot belong to Axl. Axl was a member of the group same as Steven, Izzy, Slash & Duff. He was an egomaniac and thought HE WAS the group!
  10. Given that you think it’s Axls band and everything else is irrelevant because it’s his band, you must have an understanding of what a band is. I’m wondering if you could explain what you think a band is.
  11. Explain what a band is.
  12. So for the period of 97 onward, once Duff and Slash, Izzy and Steven were gone, up to the NITL tour, what did this businessman achieve? He ran the brand into the ground, spent millions, ended a Vegas act. The only good business decision he has made in 30 years was to bring back the guys you said fucked it up in the first place! Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have mad this type of money all along? I made an addition to your statement as I know hands down it would be easier deal with Slash, Izzy , Duff, and Steven drunk or high than it would dealing with Axl stone straight sober.
  13. I think Izzy wanted Guns to be a rock n roll band for sure, but he was also ok with Axl wanting it to be Queen. However when it got to be “Queen” Axl didn’t let Izzy do his rock n roll thing the way he had let Axl do his. He complained about Izzy just standing there on stage and not giving as much energy as him and Slash! I loved how Izzy just kinda wandered around in a circle in his own little world. His part in the bands image was being laid back and kinda Keith Richards like. He was cool. Axl was dangerous & volatile. Izzy probably didn’t piss and moan at Axl for running around in a diaper and Doc Martens every night. Changing diapers 2-3 times a show.... I agree he seems like the kind of guy who prefers to do things quietly. He got the same result as Axl after all, just in his own way.