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  1. I desperately need 2 standing tickets for the Gdansk show! Can anybody help me?
  2. When i met Guns n' Roses

    After reading what he said about him earlier, i didn't se the point of asking about it. I was so scared to say something wrong, so i played it safe. If i remember right, he had bitten a swedish securetyguard in the leg a couple of nights before also
  3. When i met Guns n' Roses

    Yeah, you could feel that he was inn the room. I think i had goosebumps even.. It could be only me, or the alcohol.. but the whole experience when he came in was really special. But om the other hand, he was really nice talking to, a bit quiet and reticent(?), polite, and funny. Just like an ordinary guy, except he's not
  4. When i met Guns n' Roses

    I understand your skepticism. But i can assure you I've had relay nice weekend with a hike in the woods, watching football and playing gta. i just like to get up a little early so i can get my morning coffee before i go to work With my English, this wasn't written over the morning coffee either, it took some time i understand that it may be hard to believe without pictures, but you guys can just choose for yourselves. whats in it for me to make something like this up? Now i have a camera phone, so here is a picture of the pants at least..
  5. Hello everyone! been reading this forum for as long as i can remember, but this is my first post- so please be kind! and as i am a Norwegian, my English may not be the best. I hope some of you will enjoy my story from when i met Axl, Ron, Richard, Tommy and DJ Ashba after their show in Oslo, Norway june 2010. ----------------------------- Me and my friend was walking down Oslo's main street (Karl Johan) going pub to pub after the show, when we suddenly saw Richard and Tommy coming out of a bar. we said hello and asked for autographs. But we didn't have anything to sign on, so i said they could sign my pants. Richard refused, he didn't want to sign anybody's cock he said Anyway, i got the autographs and they asked if we wanted to grab a couple of beers with them. We went to a small back ally, and there was this empty pub with Ron and DJ sitting in the corner. Richard introduced us- saying that we where one of the ''cool fans'' Then we just hung around buying each other rounds from the bar and talking shit like they where whoever. fortunately for me, this was before i had a camera phone and i was drunk enough to not be a fanboy(?), my friend is not that big of a fan, so he was more in the background. after an hour or so, suddenly Axl waked in.. The whole atmosphere suddenly got a little more tense. everybody got a little more quiet. i went over and thanked him for a great show, asked him how he was doing and invited him to sit at my ''new friends'' table, he bursted out laughing and said that he didn't believe those guys could make new friends To my surprise he didn't want to sit at our table, so we stood out on the floor talking shit for a while.. And i have to ask the big question; will there be new music soon? he laught and said that they had a lot of stuff going on, but that it was complicated. and that they had plans to put something out in the foreseeable future. By now, some girls had come into the pub. so Richard and DJ Ashba where busy chasing them around.. Tommy was passed out and Axl went outside for a bit, so i had a few words just with Ron. And i must say, he is probably the nicest guy i've met, and i asked him about how the band works and if there was any new music on the horizon. He said that members of the band usually comes with a riff or an idea for a song, and if they all like it they take it further and make a demo or something out of it. About new music he wasn't really sure, he said that they had probably 3-4 albums worth of music just sitting there, some of it 12-15 years old. But he didn't want to bring that back on the table, he wanted to make something new and fresh. Suddenly the barowner said that Tommy had to go, he had now fallen to the floor. Me and Richard carried him out between us, looking at Axl Shaking his head as we came out on the street. We waited outside for Tommy to get his taxi back to the hotel, and the other guys decided to go home aswell, Richard and DJ making a last atempt to get some girls with them- with no luck. The taxi came, and the guys thanked me for a good night and said that they where really happy hanging with a fans that was so ''cool'' and laidback. (imagine how proud i was) As we walked towards the train station, we noticed a strange taxi- almost looking like the pope car with black tinted windows. The car stopped right next to us, and the window rolled down- there was Axl! He gave us hugs, thanked us for a good night and said that he hoped to be back soon... Imagine this for a 20 year old, beeing a die hard fan half his life. I couldn't be more happy! all the guys where really nice and i had the time of my life. Thats the short version, hope some of it where interesting and not too hard to read.
  6. Ask Staff Anything!

    hi, i want to tell the story from when i met the band back in 2010, but where shuld i post it?