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  1. Hey do u happen to have the HOB 01 show? I’m late to the party. Can’t find it anywhere!!

  2. NO FUCKS GIVEN$$$$$$$ -duff (2014-2018) They don't give a fuck what fans think of their performance. They only want your money, loot etc
  3. Time went by and they became a joke...
  4. He will sound like crap on Fall to Pieces. He can't even sing his own songs SCOM & Nov Rain. 91-93 Axl would've killed it
  5. Rob Gardner is a great drummer
  6. AA-1 vintage Adler drumming https://youtu.be/hdfeZxQXDHw
  7. This singer is good. REALLY GOOD. You guys are not being good and fair judges of talent and professionalism/musicianship. He is clearly doing his own thing instead of trying to mimic Axl. Problem is you want Axl. This guy is a professional singer and stage performer. The other Adler Appetire singer was a joke. Another Axl wannabe. Best AA record by far was the first one with Jizzy Pearl singing and Keri Kelli on guitar. That album was raw and full of energy. Check out ‘99 cent tour’- -comparable to Nightrain. ‘Suicide” & even the ballad ‘Empty’ was good. And the best Thin Lizzy ‘Hollywood’ cover you will ever hear. Jacob Bunton lineup was good but they probably wanted nothing to do with Steven after they were screwed over and forced to cancel their tour when Steven had to go back to rehab
  8. Yea the producer lives in Florida
  9. Had the Body Count record before I even got into GN’R. Been a fan since day 1. Good stuff!
  10. Sure not all of it is true. Of course there is some level of compassion even from Axl. Those words are nothing compared to the mudslinging from Axl & Sorum primarily. Even Adlers anti CD comments aren’t that bad. Not me but A lot of fans share the same opinions. They are pretty innocent. Not mean spirited at all. Anyway that’s just my opinion. I don’t play favorites with any of the members. Even Izzy’s. I stand by his comments while at the same time acknowledging that the last time he was fully committed to GNR was 89-89 before the recording of the UYI’s began. Duff has always given off a vibe that he is a punk rocker/member & pioneer of Seattle grunge movement while having his cake $$$ and eating it too. IMO money always came 2nd for Slash to 1st being a musician, playing guitar, making music and touring. The divorce might’ve changed that for this semi reunion.
  11. Finally got a chance to read Jamie’s post. Im very straight forward, honestly I don’t think Jamie is out of line at all and he’s right for the most part. I was expecting a lot worse hiding from the comments here. I’ve seen family members express worse. See Fernando, Beta, Natasha Ashba etc
  12. I agree IMO it is only a matter of time before Brandon becomes the go to guy for the Big Guns when they are ready to talk. I am absolutely amazed at his ability to pull off these interviews without sounding cliche-ish or as an overventhused fan boy. I like Eddie Trunk but anyone who knows what went down in 2006 knows Eddie has been milking that Axl interview since. He was never that big a guns fan as you’d think. Now he’s suddenly everyone in Guns and their side projects associates(Myles, Todd, bumblefoot etc) best friend. Hey good for him everything fell into place for him. He happened to be at the right place at the right time in 06 on air hanging with Baz and Axl being in town
  13. Yup they are class acts! gilby and or Teddy would also be great guests
  14. Im pretty sure the band minus Axl wasn’t 100% on board with the girls or expanding the band in general. Like when Axl brought in Dizzy and piano much to the bands dismay. Or Matt’s infamous “I thought I was joining a rock n roll band, what’s with the piano” quote. They always viewed themselves as a punk, bad ass in your face rock n roll band. I don’t think cockblocking has much to do with the girls not feeling welcomed at times
  15. Yea I specifically remember the pie instead of cake. Unless Frank really loves pies