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  1. Yup I’m one of the extremely unfortunate to hs never seen Izzy play
  2. I’d rather sign a petition for Izzy to play 1, just 1 solo show. I’ve lost the desire to see Izzy with”guns” at this point
  3. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    So sad and disheartening
  4. Next album should be called ‘All Things Considered”
  5. An album doesn’t need so many left turns and overproduction to be deemed a classic. All it takes is some good melodic catchy melodies & riffs/hooks. Often accomplished with 3 chords and < 3:00 mins.
  6. Agree 100% all 4, can’t forget Anastasia, are far superior than anything on WOF You’re a Lie is a classic. Took me a while to realize it. The live crowd eats it up
  7. Boring like World on fire. I just hope there’s 1 good song in the bunch this time around. Pretty much what I expect from Slash these days. Boring and uninspired
  8. This should answer the questionhttps://youtu.be/mEBibckfqWc
  9. Hey do u happen to have the HOB 01 show? I’m late to the party. Can’t find it anywhere!!

  10. NO FUCKS GIVEN$$$$$$$ -duff (2014-2018) They don't give a fuck what fans think of their performance. They only want your money, loot etc
  11. Time went by and they became a joke...
  12. He will sound like crap on Fall to Pieces. He can't even sing his own songs SCOM & Nov Rain. 91-93 Axl would've killed it
  13. Rob Gardner is a great drummer
  14. AA-1 vintage Adler drumming https://youtu.be/hdfeZxQXDHw
  15. This singer is good. REALLY GOOD. You guys are not being good and fair judges of talent and professionalism/musicianship. He is clearly doing his own thing instead of trying to mimic Axl. Problem is you want Axl. This guy is a professional singer and stage performer. The other Adler Appetire singer was a joke. Another Axl wannabe. Best AA record by far was the first one with Jizzy Pearl singing and Keri Kelli on guitar. That album was raw and full of energy. Check out ‘99 cent tour’- -comparable to Nightrain. ‘Suicide” & even the ballad ‘Empty’ was good. And the best Thin Lizzy ‘Hollywood’ cover you will ever hear. Jacob Bunton lineup was good but they probably wanted nothing to do with Steven after they were screwed over and forced to cancel their tour when Steven had to go back to rehab