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  1. I find it so ironic seeing Axl Quote tabloids which he despises such as The Post
  2. Estranged - Which one?

    Those are his songs so I have no issue with him mixing it up live. Just wish he would play Robin’s solos correctly
  3. Which songs should they add/drop?

    Drop every cover and jam except LALD & Godfather add: Locomotive, Don’t Damn Me & Perfect Crime duff - mix So Fine every once in a while Add OMG, Shacklers & The Blues
  4. So Brandon when will you be interviewing Izzy
  5. Listening now but reading the comments it appears he still avoids talking about auditioning for VR in 2004. I wonder why? Here’s the link: Todd Kerns VR Audition interview 2004
  6. Believe she’s his girlfriend but they might have gotten married
  7. Yea things seemed to be ok between Matt and duff but not Slash. Remember the Hall of Fame? The Hall inducted Matt. So if there was a major fallout and burned bridges wouldn’t Slash have him excluded from the induction ceremony? I think they are still cool with one another. Slash did wish him a happy birthday a few months ago but Slash no longer wants him as a bandmate.
  8. Yea that is certainly true. I wonder if her 2nd book will include stories about Slash now that he’s divorced from Perla. She kept alluding not being able to talk about certain members. By process of Elimination I figured it to be Slash. No way it was Duff. Maybe Scott too
  9. Man I don’t mind the length of these at all. I can listen for hours even this Roxana one. My favorites so far are Brain, Dave Kushner, London/Nico, Rod Jackson & Chris Thorn. cant wait to hear from Snake. Bet he’s got a bunch of great guns/skid row stories to tell. Can’t wait to hear his perspective of guns. What made them great, his opinion on what went wrong etc. and Roberta! When i was in LA in 2002 We went to see Rocket Queens all girl gnr tribute at El Rey Theater and they brought her onstage for Don’t Cry. What a trip!
  10. I Agee. I don’t know what people are expecting. She’s not a gnr insider. Best she can do is tell you their dick sizes and what they like in bed. im all for her free love and I applaud her courage but imho a line is crossed when you become a home-wrecker for lack of a better word
  11. I think Axl hires Azoff with the idea of properly releasing CD then ending nuguns and reuniting with Slash later on down the line. However, Azoff and the label were only interested in the later. I still think what ultimately kept a reunion from happening until much later, 8-10yrs later in 2016, was Axl wanting Perla as a business partner. Slash files for divorce from Perla and they instantly reunite. It’s pretty obvious IMO
  12. What is the best GNR opening song?

    1) Nightrain 2)Jungle 3)Easy
  13. lol Perla probably wanted to strangle Scott for sharing that open letter
  14. PERLA stood in the way and Axl wanted nothing to do with her
  15. lol that was the very first VR or ‘The Project’ demo we heard. I Forget who the singer was but he got all excited and leaked it on his site. The guys quickly pounced on it and got him to take it down. I did like the Kelly Shaeffer from Neurotica demos though. Room 169 & Eye For an Eye