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  1. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    Never planned on going personally but Happy they are offering Refunds in the U.S. better than $0.25 cents person person in 5yrs after a multi million dollar class action suit
  2. First 3 cds you ever bought?

    It was 1993 I was 10. Here’s the 4 songs that had a huge impact up to that point. So I got these 4 cds: GNR Lies 1989 - Patience >>> Only song I knew and liked. Became an instant hardcore Gnr fan 5yrs later at 15 when I heard the other songs and saw Slash walk out of the church. Low hung Cigarette and guitar, playing that magical solo. Phil Collins Serious Hits... Live! 1990 - Groovy Kind of Love Richard Marx Richard Marx(Self-Titled)1987 - Endless Summer Nights Steve Winwood Roll With it 1988 - Don't You Know What the Night Can Do?
  3. NITL live videos on youtube

    Yup, same can be said for KISS
  4. You think that’s why he moved out there? It wasn’t the weather, new girlfriend etc? Guess it possible
  5. Yea because he spoke about it hypothetically. Like how he’s imagine they would sound playing & writing new songs in the studio. His description is basically how VR were described. So either it’s only the big 3 working on new material with some input from Dizzy & Richard possibly. or they are writing and recording with a More renowned studio drummer with no interest in touring, like a Josh Freese type
  6. That’s a question that I hope isn’t off limits. What were the initial plans. Was Steven going to be the drummer. Steven said he learned everting, even CD material. Or were both of them going to be involved. Steven plays Afd, Frank CD and they split UYI songs & covers
  7. Gonna guess his favorite songs to play are YCBM Brownstone & Locomotive. Maybe Estranged
  8. Yea I think it’s hilarious how everyone wants the same recording questions asked and answered. Doesn’t matter who it is. Like some wanted Brandon to ask Matt about Hard School/Checkmate from 20+ years ago. It’s pointless unless you are asking Axl himself. As even Slash & duff don’t have the authority to give us an honest answer. Every time Brandon has anyone remotely associated with the inner workings of this current Incarnation gnr this happens
  9. Good safe question. I was trying to find a Brian Question to throw into the mix. That’s a good one. Despite his short comings Frank is a good guy. We chatted and he bought me a beer on my bday at a Small NJ rock club. He’s been working hard on perfecting the old songs. you can also ask how the drum lessons are going. his improvement was definitely noticeable last go around. Especially Locomotive. Don’t know if he’ll ever find the right groove on Nightrain & YCBM
  10. Yea none of them were aware. They were busy rehearsing and dealing with the business side of gnr I’m sure
  11. That’s the craziest part!
  12. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Thanks for clearing that up Luns. Matt might be at least somewhat write about Slash being the most maliciously cunning and two faced or at least equally as bad as the others. Falls right in line with him not wanting Izzy in the band to begin with. Because of money and artistic control
  13. Yea I remember this record being made with Cherie Currie. It was in between VR AUDITIONS post Scott and Slash’s self titled 1st solo record. I see there’s some confusion. Some wondering why they were all just in a studio recording together when they hate each other. So yea this took place in 2010 when they didn’t hate each other as much
  14. Yea I remember that. LOL Such an Izzy thing to do lol
  15. Yes exactly. Gnr camp were clearly not up to speed on current events. Maybe they were all too caught up in rehearsals and dealing with the business & logistical aspects of the tour to fully grasp what was happening. I think they are just getting around to understanding it. Still Susan compared gnr getting thru this Pandemic and resuming the tour to gnr courageously touring in the midst of the gulf war and Ebola/zika. I think we all underestimated Covid-19 in the beginning but make no mistake. We were all home in lockdown when gnr boarded that plane to play in front of A sea of 60k enthusiastic singing screaming Mexican fans standing shoulder to shoulder. Hopefully the virus had not really reached Mexico City yet