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  1. So where's the after party? Qxt, redds or barcade
  2. Madagascar vocals were great which probably means it will suck next time. TWAT was awful. Worse they've played it to date. It's amazing how sloppy they've been lately. Even with the classics. Even brownstone which they've each played 700,000 times over their careers. Boredom or the lack of chemistry effecting their playing?
  3. GNR in New Jersey today

    Figures they are 10mins from my house and I'm not there
  4. Prudential center Newark, NJ
  5. Soundcheck looks like Prudential Center in Newark, NJ red seats where they play on 10/12
  6. Honestly we don't need a pro shot from this current incarnation of the band. It's going to sound flawed like the Vegas nu-guns DVD. Much better but still not Guns N' Roses. Hopefully one day there will be more of a legitimate GN'R reunion and DVD to boot and we can all live happily ever after. Maybe even some new music
  7. Might be the reason they've blocked live streams in the past. Can't mask the way they sound. So now the question is are we getting 100% authenticity at all the shows or are the flaws being masked and to what extent? i guess I wouldn't hold it against them if they were because Axl just isn't capable anymore but how do you explain his greatness in AC/DC? Didn't they participate in a live stream? Bottomline is Axl just isn't going to give guns his all. He did in the beginning because he had something to prove. Now he's either bored, lazy, trying to prolong his career or all of the above
  8. Son of a bitch. The Seeker hahahahaha
  9. ah dont cry. Cant fuck this one up!
  10. was gonna say the whistling in patience was the highlight of Axl's night but he pretty much botched that too
  11. paranormal time maybe to shake off mickey once and for all Axl needs to go back to starting shows late again. anywhere from 1-4am
  12. If I was sharing this footage with someone I would make sure to show them Nightrain. Best performance by far
  13. Lets see I got 4 shows next month in one week. I still haven't bought a single ticket. 1 show is a 10min walk from my door. The other 3 MSG guess I'll try to make it to 1 of them
  14. awe what the heck might as well breakout My World