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  1. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    When duff & Axl finally met it was Probably one of the McBob’s who let duff know what hotel and room Axl was in
  2. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    He was his tech for VR and used to introduce them the same as he does for guns. Then VR disbanded and he became Bumbles tech. His brother is Axl’s tech. bet they were somewhat of a bridge between Axl and old guns during their estranged years
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Yup got it shipped frozen and Beta threw it in the oven. I’ve seen people get their favorite dishes from their hometown shipped to their current home. Arni’s must be really good to put in all that effort. Some of the best is very regional. When you move to a small town with only a Dominos you miss it lol
  4. I wonder if Brain if would be ok with playing 3hr+ shows with Slash and Duff there now?
  5. Eh Axl always has a similar excuse. I don't blame him at times. He has to play a role of publicist. GN'R is a huge brand to protect. i gotta go with Brain here
  6. Yup another highlight I forgot to mention. It just seals the deal on the magic of Steven Adler and the afd 5 when you hear another world class drummer like Brain breakdown the key intricacies that make Appetite so special. That was another moment where I wanted to jump in and say that Adlers parts are so exciting because he plays from the heart not by the book. All 5 of them in general. And like you guys hit on its even sloppy at times but it is unique and truly magical.
  7. Also Brain inadvertently confirmed that Pittman was fired. Though it was pretty obvious to us when he was talking about how Melissa came into the picture. He said he didn't have all the details of what went down but "after they kicked Pittman out" they brought her in after Caram made the suggestion. Seems like he was pretty close friends with Pittman and eventually even Tommy. Richard/Robin I'm not so sure
  8. Yea that part was very confusing. Just goes to show that the recording process was so infuriating to those guys that they virtually mentally blocked it out of their memory. Even those timeless songs we all love so much. Talking about it must be like reflecting on your relationship with an ex-girlfriend of many years.
  9. That would certainly be a great get lol
  10. Yup GNR 2001 hit on everything i was was going to write about. The mother goose punk song was clearly Silkworms. Which Pittman put together with Izzy. As a matter of fact I think Axl introduces it as this is a song put together by Chris Pittman and Dizzy Reed. So anyway I was practically screaming at phone to Brain it's Silkworms!!!! But Brain had no idea then you I thought you were going to save them day when you corrected him but you asked if he was talking about the Blues! The most Illusions style ballad on the album. That was even more infuriating to me! Silkworms is probably one of the weirdest songs, not anvante garde we've ever heard. But hey can't really fault anyone for messing that one up. Not everyone is crazy enough like use to have followed every single detail about this band over the years especially the dormant years of Chinese Democracy. I do think you were right on the 2nd one he couldn't remember the name of when he said the song with the crazy drums at the end. It has to be Prostitute. Although it is a slower song the drums on it are pretty prominent and a very intrique part of the song. And very powerful. Then Brain thought it was There was a time. Although as I'm posting it might've been twat. The drums at the end are very powerful. Very Zeppelin/Bonham like. It's overlooked because Bucket's solo is so phenomenal. Even though those parts drove me crazy Brain was frickin hilarious. It had me laughing so hard. Brain is such a fascinating guy and came across so well in this interview. He is very humble and into music for all the right reasons not just money. I'll always have the upmost respect and a soft spot for guys like he, Bucket and Izzy. You said to me, wait until I hear Brain's answer and it would shock me when I asked if he was still involved with GNR in anyway and would he ever consider rejoining if frank stepped down and they needed a someone to step. His answers were so good. He was so candid and human like you guys mentioned. I would kill to see him up there with Slash, Axl & duff! I also forgot that I read in print interviews that Brain passion in music since day one is Rn'R and Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Rush etc. but you forget that with his uncanny versatility and his work alongside so many avante harde musicians. Gnr 2001 I don't think Brain is the write guy to ask about songs that didn't make it on the record when he can't even name songs that we on the outside know the history of lol Keep up the Amzing work guys. So entertaining. I actually look forward to these episodes now. We haven't had much to look forward to regarding GNR since the initial reunion shows or as far back as the release of cd or the period between 99-2006 when the GNR online community was like no other and we were like a kid in a candy store with every little rare tidbit of new. Now I can't wait to hear Rod Jackson and Drew-duff from Mr. Brownstone. We share a common love for Faith No More. I never missed a show in They were the most entertaining and energetic GNR tribute for sure. I became friends with all the guys. Gerard, Matt, Tommy(Earl lol) Good times! Hard to believe I was 18 when I first saw them at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. Sold out show. The place was packed, GNR fans going wild. Gotta remember people were starved for gnr live music in the early 2000s so those shows were a big deal. Not your run of the mill tribute band shows. They proved that gnr was still really relevant outside of the mainstream.
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    That pic of Izzy with Aerosmith is from a few years ago when Izzy joined them onstage. edit: I see you guys were discussing the April 2017 with Cheap Trick. He does look a lot younger with a full smile
  12. Crazy to think Sixx is about to turn 60! Probably gets work done on his face. I never seen someone age so well although u can finally see some wrinkles on his face. Izzy started showing wrinkles in the mid 2000s. He aged quite a bit in this pic. At least he doesn't have a new plastic faces and dress like he's in his 20's. Always better to age gracefully. To be fair Izzy isn't really smiling like in the April 2017 pic backstage with Cheap Trick
  13. And in Palm Springs, CA Hardly "in town" lol Music is made near Hollywood. Matt lives there now. Probably wanted to get away from the big city
  14. Can't wait to find out if Brain is still a part of GNR in any way. Like is he still remixing CD with Melissa or he's completely out? Also I know he won't campaign to play drums for GNR again with Frank there but if the position became available would he rejoin if asked?
  15. Sail Away Sweet Sister

    One of my favorite Axl moments. Insane rasp!