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  1. F I could probably post about 10 of these guys' songs, I love them all.
  2. lol! Hey we gotta do what we gotta do
  3. Well yes, if we go creeping into someone's profile we can see it I'm just referring to the little x's that are there now on the main face of it.
  4. Oh shit, those are some good ones Dog.
  5. Geez, that people on the moon and three days straight are so depressing
  6. I don't care how f*cking angelic she looks, i don't wanna see her
  7. Well that's what's important right now, apparently Fitha's not all the way there yet anyway I think i like Hood best in the Truckers, but i really like the Jason Isbell songs i've heard on Outlaw Country. I don't have a sad song to post right now. Will sad face do?
  8. oh oh, fitha's into his cups, here come the sad songs.. (and we like it )
  9. Oh i can't wait for this
  10. That guy does not look like he should have that deep voice
  11. Well we are now apparently all genderless, in keeping with the new rules of society!
  12. Thank you Sensei. Or should I say Dog Star. lol.
  13. So Jason Isbell is the former lead singer of the Drive-by Truckers? Who sings this one?
  14. You be quiet, you.