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  1. In a way yes, but at that level of rivalry I have to say no.
  2. I don't know, if these are the right terms. He made the right decisions thoughout the last years. He got that all working and talking to Slash after all that shit and all these years. That's not easy!! Remember ACDC in which he had not been the boss. He delivered very well. I have to say, he delivered more, than I thought he was capable of. So, that alone is a legacy to be proud of.
  3. Vocal Coach Reacts to GN'R

    The Michael Jordan of Metal ... and at that point he really is!!! - Not to take anything away from him recently, but that performance was outta space.
  4. Despite other people commenting, he looks more like his younger self than f.e. five years ago.
  5. No, I think i haven't.

  6. i don't know, but Atlas isn't really bad. It's just like Jacky is another song and I hate to admit it, but Tools Fear Inocolum is by far superior. It's another league. That's my opinion. Do I think, GNR couldn't get it better? No I don't, but right now it is as it is.