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  1. Oh come on, there is this Slash ... and there is this Duff ... and there s this Guns n' Roses .... ... and there is this Axl, that needs to take care of al of this ... So, what we' re gonna do now?
  2. Ah, come on, FERNANADO, let's take off ... Axl 'll Yes indeed. :-) That's great of him.
  3. The truth, and the end.

    You need to, cause that's what's needed somehow, ya know?!!
  4. What more of an employee you could wish for?
  5. Yeah guys, happy birthday. Don't take it too serious, but that girl can really sing ;-) Have a nice one!!!
  6. Say Live n' let die ... ... and I'd like to accept a transfer via gnrfly :-)
  7. So Axl is sick today. Da pulpo must have been bad. What did I recently say? Get well soon.
  8. Crazy 4 Chicken so to say, or maybe crazy chicken 2; I like Slash's Sense of humor. 😂 That's that. I like chicken both ways, but I never got the like 4 octupus with or without wine. It's kind of like, "No no no, do as you please, but NO pulpo!" By the way, did anyone say chicken? A Bucket of Chicken? Keeping the circle around
  9. Yes it has been, but I#m still sure, that he's a great guy ... look at him since 2005 ...
  10. No, I#m sure. Axl is a great guy, really