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  1. what an awesome looking venue!
  2. haha wow, so Denmark and North America just kinda stand there. I guess it could be ultimate sign of respect/enjoyment depending on how you look at it
  3. There was a definitive answer as to new music coming out, which has plagued the minds of much of the community, as well as a definitive yes they will be touring in the years to come still. That's more clarity for what the future holds than we've had in a long time, I am grateful for that at least. I get that he didn't answer ALL of the questions with a straight answer, but it seems like the ones he did answer are being overlooked or straight ignored which is a little unfair.
  4. Axl on american dad

    I like American Dad, not a fan of much of other of Seth Macfarlane's work, but I think ripping on someone's personal appearance alone is weak - not offensive to me personally, just lazy Unless it's for a specific reason, like the way South Park rip in to people they've had feuds with, or socially infamous criminals, or even, say, any number of political caricatures in magazines etc. But straight up putting a picture of someone in a public forum and essentially saying 'that guy's ugly' is pretty mean. I have a extreeemely non-PC sense of humour but sometimes find it hard to know what my own opinion on these things is sometimes because the line between bullying and making a clever joke can be so hard to define. If they had made a joke about a money grab tour or something I think anyone would find that funny, or at least somewhat relevant. But like, calling out a dude for simply looking feminine or out of shape whatever, is pretty rude, I didn't think we did that any more. We certainly aren't allowed to fat shame women celebrities - not that we should be, which is my point - it shouldn't happen to anyone regardless. By Axl standards he's been nothing but gracious the entire NITL era, as in no public scandals etc. So there's no sudden relevance to base it off, I just have to imagine one of the writer's has it in for Axl which is pretty cringe haha I'm a strong believer too in that either everything is OK to joke about, or nothing is - I just think that wasn't a joke, it was just someone being a dick Not replying to anyone in particular here, just thought i'd jump in with my two cents, as a fan of Axl and the show
  5. GN’R in Philippines 11/11/2018

    True true, it does seem quite out of the blue doesn't it
  6. GN’R in Philippines 11/11/2018

    World's largest indoor arena seems like a perfect choice
  7. GN’R in Philippines 11/11/2018

    Ooh, fingers crossed for another Aus/NZ run!
  8. Just for the sake of clarity, that isn't always the case. Sometimes promoters and things actually team up with Viagogo as an official seller - happened with Desert Trip at Coachella in 2016
  9. 11/02/17 - Detroit, MI - Little Caesars Arena

    Any chance you could possibly post it here? just out of interest