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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    Exactly. Everyone posting on here like "I so don't even care, this is hilarious!" are full of shit.
  2. NITL live videos on youtube

    No no, that was my point - I agree, too want something to buy of theirs. I also covered the fact that I was talking about all content - free or otherwise, and that I too would be first in line to buy any new releases, but I'm not mad about there being nothing to buy, I'll just enjoy what GNR I do have and spend the cash on something else I enjoy. If something comes up that would be amazing, if not - oh well. "Of course they don't" is my entire point, the only bands that do it, do it to be nice and go the extra mile, which is amazing. And i understand that it can be frustrating that 'our' band isn't among them. I think though, that largely comes from how other bands tend to do things with/for their fans, it's easy to compare and get a little envious. But I just don't understand getting angry that they aren't choosing to go the extra mile for us, the whole spirit of that term is that it takes extra effort for someone at no benefit to themselves. Of course it would be cool if they did, but I can't fathom being mad at anyone for not giving me extra nuggets when I only ordered fries. It's awesome that FooBurger And TallicaBurger do it, but I've never gotten extra nuggets when I visit GNRDonalds so I'm not mad they didn't give me any, even though they could have just to be nice.
  3. NITL live videos on youtube

    Oh absolutely agreed! I was speaking specifically about people who think that because they dedicated hours and dollars to this band that they are entitled to more output than they've already paid for, free or otherwise. It would be awesome to have something new to buy, and I'd be first in line, but it's not an issue (to me) that there isn't - I don't feel I'm owed an album or a taped gig whether its free or not. I completely understand the deflation we all feel being starved of content, but to have an 'issue' with it I just can't understand. I can understand being like "New music would be cool, wish they would hurry up" but to see people being like FUCK THIS BAND is bizarre to me. I would looove a new GTA game, but if Rockstar never put out a new one again I just wouldn't really mind ya know, like it just wouldn't affect my emotions.
  4. NITL live videos on youtube

    Did anyone really spend their money on this band under the assumption that it's going towards some pro-shot footage that's going to be released during the pandemic that's 10, 15, 30 years away? I'm as disappointed as the next guy but just seems so entitled to expect something else for free other than the albums/tickets you've paid for. What Metallica or Foo Fighters, or whoever, are doing is above and beyond, not the standard expectation. Granted, it gives us an idea of what is possible for an artist to do, and may make us envious, but its not a given that we should expect. The only reason a band would put something out for free is to be 'nice', no one deserves anything other than what they've paid for. For clarity, I would looove this band to take the 'nice' route, but I just don't expect them to when i buy their albums - I simply expect the album.
  5. NITL is over, finito?

    The poster from the second Vegas show does say 'The Last Show' on it, or something. Guess they'll just be calling the next dates something else?