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  1. The thing that pisses me off is that almost every fan I know that watches boots would 100% pay if the band officially released the show in good quality. The problem is this band is allergic to new releases and portrays hardcore fans as the enemy. When you have a band who refuses to release soundboards, pro shots, and god forbid a new song or two but happily offers shitty sweatshirts and plane tickets that's the only conclusion I can come to. They only care about playing the hits to casual fans because they know they'll make money forever playing songs like NR and SCOM. Every decision I've seen this band and their management (TB Is a fucking joke) make has to do with making money. I'm ranting because it has become crystal clear to me that they have no intentions of releasing anything new; they will continue to belittle the hardcore's while milking this cash cow for all that it is worth. Never seen a major band treat its fans worse than this. I'm done with this band. Won't see a single cent more from me. I will stay on Mygnr though because I think you guys rock as a community and have always enjoyed reading the discussions around here. Just wish the band we all loved would stop treating us like dirt on their shoe.
  2. I really hope that's the case. Gnr has always been my favorite band but I follow all types of artists and bands. I seriously can't think of another band that has such an aversion to releasing new music. But hopefully with the reunion going well and the tour dates winding down (I think?) they'll be able to release some new tracks. Will be an exciting day if it ever occurs!
  3. I know this is probably late but have been listening to driving rain the last couple days and I've gotta say - I'm loving it! Fun song and sounded great when I was driving on the freeway. Great guitar playing by Slash and I always have enjoyed vocals done by Myles. It's still so frustrating that we can't get new songs out of GNR (which I can only assume is due to Axl). No one is expecting the best album of all time. Just go in and have some fun and record some songs. Some people will hate them but a lot of people will like them and respect the band for putting out new material. Until then I'm excited to see how the rest of this SMKC album shakes out - Thanks Slash!
  4. Probably discussed already but I kind of checked out after that Berlin show. Had some free time and watched a lot of videos from that Nijemegan show; I thought Axl sounded really good on almost all of the videos I watched; especially Madagascar! At this point, new music is the only thing that would be truly exciting to me but I've also come to grips with the fact that touring is where you make your money in this day and age. The band sounds tight, the guys look like they're having fun, and I'm sure its a rush hearing tens of thousands of fans screaming your name. Sorry for the rambling, but my point is that Axl's voice has improved a lot since the beginning of this 2018 leg and I truly am happy about that. Haven't followed every show but that's what my ears are telling me after hearing that Nijemegan show. Just my two cents.
  5. Wishlist (Not Setlist!)

    For me, it is by far new music. This shouldn't be this difficult; it has been 10 years since an official release! Nobody knows what is in the "vault"; it could be a hundred songs or it could be two songs. At the very least it seems that titles like Atlas Shrugged and The General have been completed so that is two songs right there. Maybe the band could rerelease Better with the new arrangement they've used during the NITL tour. Or maybe Duff, Slash, Richard, etc. have come up with some cool ideas for new music; they've only been on the road together for 2+ years . Like I said before, I have no idea why it is so hard for this band to release new music. I am certainly not expecting a perfect record and I believe the majority of the fans are not expecting perfection or needing an album better than Appetite. All of the members are talented and all are capable of producing good work; they should be confident in their ability to deliver a good record. At this point, I don't think the fans will be too picky; we just want new music!
  6. Yep you're right. I honestly have no expectations for new music anytime soon; I'll have to see it to believe it. I was just referring to the descriptions; if the songs were really as Wasted describes that'd be a damn good album. But like I said before, I wouldn't hold my breath for anything new
  7. Your descriptions of CDII songs get me so hyped for the album lol. New music would be great!
  8. Have been following off and on but great to see he is much better than Berlin. Good job Axl!
  9. RQ is one of my favorite GNR songs but it might be my least favorite to watch live nowadays. The songs drags forever and I just can't listen to the vocals. From what I saw at least Axl sounded a bit better on Slither. The instruments rock on that song!
  10. I've heard people mention this and after watching the video you may be right. I still think he sounded under-prepared but what happened yesterday may have been more to do with sound issues and vocal problems after TIL. Hopefully he can do better in a couple of days!
  11. I think my biggest problem is with his preparation for these gigs. We have no concrete way of knowing what he does before the legs of the tour but it really does feel like he hasn't sang in months and is trying to work out the kinks DURING the live show. While there were definitely seemed to be major sound issues at Berlin, he still couldn't hit a lot of the notes he could in the past. Almost reminded me of Rio 2011. Now it looks like he is going to have to put in some work just to get back to the 2017 vocals which many (myself included) thought were substandard. I saw them in Foxboro 2016 and from my live experience (and watching some videos from YouTube) I thought his vocals were very solid. I think he could get back to that point but his approach to these songs and preparation needs to change as he gets older. I give the guy a lot of credit, he's played an insane number of shows over a 2 year period and has been very reliable; he should be commended for that. Right now though, the vocals just aren't there.
  12. I've always found the Madagascar instrumental to be fantastic. It's crazy how many different things were going on during these songs!