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  1. My experience was similar at Gillette. I thought it was one of the highlights as the crowd had a great time and was engaged. I also think it gives the band members a bit of a break while still having fun. I could see how it could be a drag for people watching online though. Especially when they already have so many long songs in the setlist (Coma, RQ, KOHD, DTJ, etc.). Personally, I would prefer RQ to be played closer to the studio version.
  2. Hey everyone, first time poster! I have really enjoyed reading the forum and it is fun to see all the varying viewpoints on the band! I went to the Gillette Stadium show in 2016 and had a blast. I've become a huge fan of Richard Fortus and really like the two solo's he does during Knockin on Heaven's Door. Obviously he changes it up a bit every show. I'd figure I'd create this topic because I haven't been following the tour as closely this year as I did in 2016. What in your opinion was the best Richard Fortus KOHD solo from the NITL Tour (or NUGNR days)? I personally think these two solo's are amazing from Little Rock (4:54 and 8:11) https://youtu.be/mOW6pVqKXvg?t=4m54s Thanks everyone! PS I can't seem to embed the youtube video in the post? Any help with that would be appreciated lol.