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  1. that was me. i thought it would help.
  2. Islington assembly rooms. 29th august. would prefer it to go to someone in the London area so its more likely to be used and not wasted. first to PM gets it.
  3. at least you have a good reason now to spend several hours a day searching pornhub.
  4. 7 men but no mention whether the 22yo is male or female. no thanks ! Coronation street is on later.
  5. is that a joke ? all 30 band members they have had in the past 10 years keep telling us about the new album they are working on. the Curly Shuffle better be on it !
  6. so why has Tom been storing Axls boxes of bits and bobs and and paying storage fees on them for near on 20 years ? if Axl has made no effort to collect them in the past two decades then thats his problem. finders keepers.
  7. MSG. lost horizons and still loving you. fuck Rammstein ! Scorpions are King.
  8. spin some Scorpions. Always somewhere, wind of change. thats proper music !