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  1. post by Gibbo. bottom of page 24. not fully dispelled, looks like Axl solo has recorded it for another project.
  2. i thought he handed a load of songs in to the record label years ago and they basically told him to piss off.
  3. Kesha talking last month about songs that she likes. Children of the revolution is third on the list. https://eu.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2018/10/11/kesha-shares-ten-favorite-songs-empowerment-and-equality/1595094002/
  4. don't forget there is more than one musician in the Mckagan household. the Pink slips greatest hits double album coming soon.
  5. they must be saving "dead horse" for the next leg of the tour.
  6. 5am on a sunday morning for me here in the UK. thats not good.
  7. all things considered, i think we will get something mid 2019. as stated earlier on the the thread "there is no smoke without fire". something is brewing !
  8. uncle Ax is a hoarder. calls himself downtownterry nowadays
  9. remember that web page that popped up, had a countdown with several seconds of SOYL playing including a few guitar licks we hadn't heard before ? i'm waiting for something similar but with several seconds of a brand new song.
  10. if i had something like Atlas or a 1986 YCBM demo it would be online within minutes. if all the hoarders did the same then everyone (including the hoarders) would have everything they want, i don't understand what makes them tick.
  11. i didn't realise Skin n Bones was a farewell tour
  12. that downtown geezer will not sell the 3 leaks, they are for trade only. he seems pretty strict on that so anyone that thinks he is gonna just put them online as a christmas prezzie for us are going to be very disappointed.
  13. haha. bad choice in wording. i did read it on another board some time ago. no hard evidence.