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  1. that video will be taken off youtube now it has been posted on the forum
  2. lets hope TBs negligence doesn't result in people thinking its time to take matters into their own hands. this song is for you pizza face, mofo and your cross dressing brother.
  3. i'm banned from the GNRtruth facebook page
  4. scraped probably replaced atlas as it was a shorter song
  5. bumblefoot said it. click on the link and scroll down to the "Release and Promotion" section. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_Democracy
  6. Atlas shrugged got pulled at the last minute due to running time
  7. "its so easy" got pulled a while back over royalties to the arkeen estate. just be something simple like that and back up soon.
  8. with Del posting YT links of copyrighted material on his twitter you would think he would be on our side over this. so its a shame he is just a nobody with no authority.
  9. i think he might have it. scraping the money together to buy a B/W band photo for £240 may be a different matter though. if you are a true fan you would buy it for him.
  10. where is AFD ? and non of this has got jack to do with dexter or TB. Universal own it. ask them, and while you're at it ask them about CD2 that they rejected in 2010
  11. only if mr daisy and mr cnut are asking uncle Ax to sign their newly purchased locked n loaded boxes...........which i'm sure they both have.