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  1. aware of the situation ? TB gave flojob the password to the official account to carry out these takedowns. as for Del James, haha what a laugh that was. an hour after his anti piracy lecture he gave us he posted a link on his Twitter to a song which was in breach of copyright law.
  2. nah mate. he can put out good stuff on his own. track 6 "just don't ask" has Slash on it. great album !
  3. last time i saw Izzy was GNR at London O2 in 2012. the entire place erupted when he walked onstage. i don't think all 20,000 of us are on this forum. he has many fans but they seem to be as dormant as he is right now.
  4. lucky guy. only member of the AFD5 i have not seen live yet. i had 2 tickets for 2 shows a few years ago but tour got cancelled when he fell off the wagon. if you meet him tell him to get to the UK oh and enjoy the show.
  5. those burglars in Home Alone come to mind.
  6. he can hide some things online but not his long criminal history.
  7. you know about the racism stuff then ?
  8. thats all well and good but i'm sure Youtube and UMG are not on a mission to ban GNR fans from twitter for posting a 14 second "yesterdays" video. neither do i think YT and UMG are behind the recent racist attacks on fans. there is far more to this takedown stuff than what the big online giants are doing and it needs to stop.
  9. at Download 2018 people were rocking out to the GNR classics and the cover songs. during songs like "Better" they were stood scratching their heads trying to work out what song it was and who the original artist was. i guess those 1K Vegas tickets mentioned in another thread are to sort out the casuals from the hardcore.
  10. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    us brits will have to wait until may/june before we see them they will hopefully have a few new tracks to play by then from a new album. if not and its still the same stale setlist (money for old rope) i will still be going.
  11. thats what normal bands do. we are going to get a webpage with a timer on it. cryptic posters turning up in rough areas and nonsense like that. followed by a T Rex cover.
  12. by the sword and the great pretender are his solo highlights.
  13. could be an interesting 12 months keeping up with this. UMG could say "we own it so accident or not we do what we like with it" then as for the artists it could be a case of "dont bite the hand that feeds you"
  14. and the master copy of the Perfect Crime documentary ?