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  1. the mighty Leicester beat man u 5-3. does your Atlas mention the Everton game ?
  2. the full 5 minutes and 20 seconds got leaked. who has Atlas ?
  3. i posted the This i love remix(leaked by WFA) on YT and called him and the convicted criminal a pair of dipshits in the description. i had my YT account closed for copyright reasons and my google account closed for bullying. that pair have no sense of humour ! good job YT don't block my IP address as i can set up new accounts quicker than they can take them down.
  4. Steve tried 3 years ago and done his back in during rehearsals. he will never be fit enough for a 3 hour set. a few guest slots are a maybe. Izzy is ok. he has a few quid. he won't play second fiddle and get paid in bowls of rice. where did you hear these rumours from ? is it something hot off the press or some old paper you found in the cat litter tray ?
  5. i cant find the big thumbs down button.
  6. a little tip. when you see something on YT that you like, save it ! get it downloaded before one of Axls disciples removes it.
  7. rummaging through his vault to find a few songs to keep us going until he gets back in the studio.
  8. album handed in to record label in 2010 but rejected. could have been CD2 or the remix album.
  9. it must be hard trying to work with a dysfunctional frontman. Slash n Duff must be feeling embarrassed about the situation.
  10. this new album saga reminds me of brexit.
  11. i think only the song with video has been released. i'm still waiting for the full clip with dialogue before and after the song.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47708144
  13. that bright yellow hat is the perfect head garment for a recluse that wishes to stay under the radar.
  14. he wore at least 3 layers of clothing plus a hat during the NITL tour in the middle of a heatwave so probably yes.
  15. Rose bar, valentines, 2010 is my guess.