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  1. no. sorry but no. Axl and his cohorts sold out shows, the original 3 sold out shows in 2016, the original 3 sold out shows in 2017. what has been sold out in 2018 ? the gravy train is obviously slowing down. it has started to dwindle. only the die hards want more shows, the casuals(50%) have been there done that and got the T shirt. with nothing new to re-spark interest i would say its nearly over.
  2. did mr bumble say anything else about any unreleased tracks that never made CD ?
  3. just a little amusement is my guess. makes a change from playing "the General" or "seven" at the early DJ bucketfoot gigs
  4. my comment was "off topic" i fully admit that, but slash playing outside the boarders of GNR album tracks is very broad. i got a little pissed at reading comments on here about him playing to much (inro-outro). thats all.
  5. slash and duff can own what they like. if i was to hear a GNR related cover song at a gig then let it please be DUFF's 10 years
  6. i dont think i failed miserably. i could go in to a drunken stupor and rant all night but i think i will save both you and me that embarrassment. what parts of my comments do you not agree with ?
  7. me and many others have waited 20 years for this. slash and axl sharing the same stage together. what do we get ? a bunch of forum members complaining about the slash intros and solos. i do know the meaning of axl singing a vr song and i respect all parties for that. i just took a cheap dig at the anti-slash army out there about him spending to much time on guitar
  8. anything is better than that lesbian hairstyle he his sporting right now
  9. still nothing more than a cover song. nothing more, nothing less
  10. its by far the best on the album. so powerful and deep
  11. they should forget ISE and WTTJ as openers and do house of pain jump around
  12. great set of photos you have posted so far. thanks
  13. i thought the whole album in its entirety was a jar of marmite you are missing some great music by being a non believer