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  1. If you want cringe, go to 8:42 on that video.
  2. I can't believe I'm saying it, but, I'm enjoying Yesterday's..
  3. The Alan Niven portion was great and is pretty much a reflection of what most of us diehard fans of the band feel pertaining to the current state of the band/the box set/new music. I won't be listening to the Dizzy portion.
  4. I never really make a gripe about Frank's drumming, but he's going entirely too fast on Shadow. Slash isn't even able to get all of his notes out on the solo. Axl sounded great though!
  5. Why is it that every time Axl has a bad singing night people automatically assume he's "sick?" If that's the case he's been sick for roughly 7 years, and that sure as hell ain't healthy. When Axl is prepared he sounds great, à la AC/DC. When he has 6 months off and doesn't even make an attempt to try out different ways of singing his own material, you get what you get tonight. Not fair to the fans, but it is what it is. The "sick" comments need to stop though.
  6. Well, if anyone wants a sneak peak.. for the 50th time lol.
  7. Nowadays I'm glad he's at peace with himself. Music wise? Wasted potential.
  8. So when SMKC tour this fall, will they still perform the GNR hits? After 3 albums they should have enough hits for their own set.
  9. Steven Adler live on Facebook

    He also said he smokes a joint here and there which is in no way "using again." He's doing just fine.
  10. Watching this reminds me of how frail/lifeless Slash's tone was at the start of the NITL tour. Thankfully him and Adam Day worked that out!