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  1. Watching this reminds me of how frail/lifeless Slash's tone was at the start of the NITL tour. Thankfully him and Adam Day worked that out!
  2. I'd like to see GNR cover their own songs.
  3. Did anyone hear that A Merman I Should Turn to Be lick by Fortus? Nice.
  4. Man, Slash just owned Sorry. Wow.
  5. In all seriousness, what would Axl even write about? He lives in Malibu w/ a nanny and his cats. Not much going on there for song material. I think new music will eventually come out though, be it next year or posthumously.
  6. Kinda sad that Pink's voice projects more than Axl's.
  7. GNR in New Jersey today

    Love the stripped down look of the stage set.
  8. A proshot of Yesterdays...............
  9. The Spaghetti Incident 2?

    This. Remember when Ogre or whatever the production manager's name is, said that they have "rehearsed the whole catalog" and are ready to do any of them, yet haven't even touched any deep cuts? Completely on Axl. No one pays to see their favorite band perform another band's songs. That stretch in the show with BHS, KOHD and the other slow crap drains the whole momentum, and I know I can't be the only one that thinks that. Guns N' Roses: The most dangerous cover band in the world.
  10. Although hard to say, if they're going to continue touring off of the glory of the first album, then it's time to conclude the band. Let Slash and Duff continue being creative in their side ventures and Axl with Angus. I'm thankful for the NITL tour and the ability to see them but at this point, I've heard their small catalog enough, and they're the only band I know that has this much popularity yet being the least creative. Their image and sense of recklessness is what made them who they are, and even that isn't really there anymore. Slash is still slash but only 3/5th's of the original band is left and Axl is nowhere close vocal wise to what he was. They used to be a 1-2 punch and now it's more like a light jab. Again, if they plan on releasing new tapes, I'm all for it. I feel there's still more potential as a unit, more riffs and if Axl chooses to give his AC/DC effort he could actual lay down some great vocals. I actually dig the new band. But no sense in wasting precious years of their life touring on dated music. That's just my take.
  11. The Not in this Lifetime tour: Where Slash, not Axl, is rude to the fans.