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  1. I've been to Dubai and Gelsenkirchen. The gig in Dubai was 2017 and it was fun but the crowd seemed a little tamed. Maybe it was the lack of alcohol (You can't get drunk if a beer costs 14 €) The Gelsenkirchen gig this year was awesome. Got FOS tickets on the blackmarket for 80€. Totally worth just going for it and try to get a ticket right in front of the venue. We got drunk of what was left of the budget (more than we planned ) ... so this was an epic night with a hell of a hangover next day...
  2. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Thanks... That's what I thought. I don't want to spent 6,50 € on mail if they have just plain tickets you know?
  3. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Does anyone know if it's worth the extra price to order tickets by mail for the NL show? I've never ordered tickets via ticketmaster and normally use Eventim in germany. They have those nice "fantickets" which are worth collecting
  4. I've totally lost respect by now... I'm not sure if the band is to blame or just whoever runs the management. But this is not the way you treat your fans...
  5. If this is for an Izzy tour: I'm in... If this is for a spot in GNR: Please lord, NO!! I still have respect for the guy because he's avoiding this whole circus.
  6. Fly GNAIR

    I think this is just plain stupid... What's next? GNHotel? GNThemepark? GNRental? I'm wondering if Axl sold his soul to the devil and that mo****fucker is just making fun of him
  7. Fly GNAIR

    I swear... I'm going to knock out and rob the first person I'll ever see wearing one of those stupid 1500 $ jackets or those sunglasses. Who ever buys this shit has definitely too much money. This is getting worse by the minute...
  8. I don't think the show sucked... We had a real good time yesterday and people around us were awesome. I just think that it's just not worth the money they are asking for FOS tickets. These prices are ridiculous. I've see incredible shows for 80-90 € and I always end up in the 3 first rows. And it's not like there's anything going to change anytime soon.
  9. Yeah I was there... I scored FOS 2 tickets for 80€ each... what a party ^^ But the sound was awful. I could totally hear all solos from slash but Axl sounded so muffled... hell, sometimes I was wondering which song he was even singing.
  10. Am i wrong or is the voice under all other everything else? The solos are on point but the sound? Hell?
  11. On my way to Gelsenkirchen . cross fingers that I’ll get a ticket.
  12. So.. 19.30? They're staying in Düsseldorf and Axl is always the last person that gets to the venue... I'd bet they're not starting on time I'm gonna be there around 18.00 and will try to score some cheap tickets.
  13. I don't mind Izzy's aging... We all have to go there I guess. But fuck: That guy used to be the best dressed dude in the band! Now he's dressed like my grandpa
  14. That's exactly what I think. People paying these crazy ticket fees because of the nostalgia. They would totally jeopardize this if they'd promote a new album. Not to mention that this is also about money: I mean, why would Slash or Duff contribute to music for a band they doesn't even have any rights of? I could imagine they'd save up the good stuff for other projects.