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  1. Videos like these that keeps my hope up. He has total control and the low/middle parts that a lot of folks say was gone is clearly there. That second video is just amazing, the sound is really clear.
  2. Perhaps he signed off on some papers before the AC/DC tour that leaves all the recording rights to Angus. So Axl can't know what performance will be released as a live record, so he has to bring it every show just in case. Maybe he's saving his voice for the 30th AFD anniversary? Maybe he lost it, the AC/DC tour might have done damage...
  3. Last "raspy" November Rain

    November Rain always needs alot of rasp, that makes or brakes that song. The "lovers always come...." part in particular needs to be screamed out.
  4. Last "raspy" November Rain

    Heard that yesterday when comparing this with the Huston gig. It hurts just listening to it. I really think he blew his voice with AC/DC. But on the other hand his voice is more nasal now and comes through the mix pretty good, I feel he is really trying not to "mickey it". You can really tell cause his articulation is way better, not so much open throat like before.
  5. This video gave me chills, just awesome!
  6. Sweet Child Drum Mistake

    Yeah, noticed this a long time ago. It's a great "mistake" and I play it like that to when I remember.
  7. Influenced Musicians Here?

    Hell yeah! Been playing drums to GNR songs for about 20 years, Back off Bitch is also a favorite because of the intro. Bad Apples is also a fav. Just love to play AFD from beginning to end, sometimes I get a bit tired and struggle with Think about You, haha.
  8. Estranged on Live Era

    That sound possible, good theory!
  9. Estranged on Live Era

    Awesome! Will listen to that when I get off work.
  10. Estranged on Live Era

    When I first heard Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards I thought it was the coolest name, so I just kind of copied it.
  11. This has been on my mind since i first heard the Live Era record. From the first listen i heard something was wrong, and ofcourse Axl rerecorded most of the vocals for it as probably everybody knows. The wierdest thing is in Estranged and the last "verses", why the F did he keep "Well I jumped into the river" and not rerecord that?? What went through his mind at that point. When listening to the Tokyo recordings that phrase is a somehow pretty clean compared to the rest, just like the first lines in Don't Cry third verse after Slash solo where he hits his nasal voice and then goes back to a more stressed voice.
  12. About Axl's performances

    Hell yeah! Back in 91 when his voice was pretty rough he still hits all notes, never cheat, he alwasy pushes himself.
  13. 02/02/17 - Wellington - Westpac Stadium

    Hopefully Angus will pull out the beast in Axl, and Axl will impress him with some much needed rasp and screams.
  14. 01/29/17 - Tokyo - Saitama Super Arena