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  1. Axl pics from 95: Had only seen the one before.
  2. Longest Patience ending of NITL Tour: Vienna 2017 (20 sec):
  3. First show after a long lay-off? Man, it will be rough.
  4. Didn't say the city or country name in Oslo either.
  5. Seems like Axl went from talking too much to talking too little. Like zero interaction with the audience some shows.
  6. 40,000 people there, but it seems like everyone is stacked on top of each other.
  7. Axl during PC, that hat..
  8. Ole, ole, ole! This should be awesome!
  9. Jungle in Poland 2017 vs. 2018, recorded by the same person: 2017 just edging out 2018 here. Also, note to self: See GnR in Poland!
  10. Time to bring out the pinata.
  11. Seems like Groundhog Day? Feels like we just had a show in Nijmegen, but it was 2017.
  12. I know we dissect Axl's voice, are overly critical at times and know he's been better but I don't think anyone in attendance is thinking 'mickey" during this performance. Would say the vocals sound more nasal or like a siren live. I do pity the people who attended the first 5-6 warm-up/rehearsal shows this leg.