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  1. What is Axl up to these days?

    What Axl was on this forum? When was this?
  2. What is Axl up to these days?

    He doesnt need too do anything this tour has made him some big $$$$$$$$$$$$$ also his pay from DC he literally needs too do nothing
  3. Being said on Twitter Steve Newton is doing an interview about the sighting today or 2mo
  4. They bound too be new no 1 would have kept these from 2014 & thought yeah i know ill just drop them in 2018 we would have seen these years ago if they was old im guessing
  5. Every band has there problems there has been a few over the years members leaving & coming back BJ has been in since early 80s they have no doubt been thru all sorts & they know how much ££££$$$ this would make them 1 last Album & tour with BJ....!!!!!! Glad the umbrella has gone up cos when it comes down we know they finished
  6. Im sure Oz/Nz will get some shows tho
  7. Have a great time everyone glad you guys get a show
  8. Amazing pics.......!!!!!!!!
  9. The future for Guns?

    Well they still can fill Stadiums in EU so there's £££££££ too be made & im still saying if Axl does anything its with his own band 1st
  10. Glad everyone had a fab time Ullevi looked full bigger venue than Valle Hovin which just wasnt big enough for them tnis nx 1 in Reykjavik is even smaller then Valle Hovin i do hope we get too see them again at some point.........
  11. Have a great time everyone Ullevi is a great Stadium & i can see why they stay at G.Towers its like the 1st stop from GOT easy too get from as well
  12. What time they due on stage any 1 know..??
  13. EJet from LTN try them WOW air from LGW Scrap that all flights from them & STN are SOLD OUT
  14. Yeah fair play looks like a lot of people cracking pics i think DL in June will be hard too beat tho..............
  15. Fair play this will be a great show Goth is a nice compact place every thing is walkable unlike Stockholm Ullevi is a great Stadium & Swedish wimmin are BLONDE & are just fit as fcuk....!!!!!!