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  1. I do think they may hit Asia or Oz again until Dec time just round the year off only time will tell ay Still no news on thr DL day tixs either we nearly in too March now
  2. Every Tom Dick & Harry & every man & his sheep will be at DL...!!!!!! Just look for me with my Justin Bieber T shirt on...!!!!! Still cant believe this could be onlu UK show they must be being paid some serious £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££
  3. Cant see them doing any other UK festivals TBH we shall see tho..!!!!
  4. Keep checking TM in the run up too the shows tixs of some sort will drop im sure also other wise you may find tixs on here June will soon be here
  5. Rumor of a new album???

    Too names we need Ozzy or Sting too get involved they really can Rock N Roll
  6. Most if not all events never sell out on the day like TM/LN male out when The Boss & ESB did Dublin year before last TM made out 160,000 tixs over 2 nigts sold out in rapid time & when U2 did 3Arena in 2015 they made a big deal of every show being sold oit Then on TM there was loads off tixs for The Boss in the week of the show alsi U2 tixs for GA became available on the days of each show even there JT tour for Croke park had tixs the night before & the day of show. They just want too make us buy from 2nd sites
  7. Happy birthday Axl!

    Happy Birthday thanks for the tour its been fucking amazing Rock N Roll have a great day see you over the comimg summer
  8. Whats next for ac/dc?

    Lets not forget Angus is only 62 makes him the youngest of the rest Stevie is also around the same they both still want too Rock n Fucking Roll its going too be intersting the nx 12 months after GnR wrap up after 21st July even tho i wanted Arena shows in EU
  9. Whats next for ac/dc?

    Im not 1 bit suprised Angus wants too go on he loves it waaaaay too much im keen too hear NEW music just too simply hear what they can do like many others i guess.
  10. https://www.ticketmaster.se/event/guns-n-roses-not-in-this-lifetime-tour-tickets/488899 Just noticed a few upper tier seats on TM for Goth 21st July
  11. True in what you say but ive had some real good buys under FV from them im always watching there site days before or day off they drop them prices I could well be at DL but i just cant believe its there only UK show
  12. Much better too fly out too see them some where with all these cheap flights even BA is cheap enough if booked far ahead its not about just seeing the band we love BUT also visiting another country meeting new people. Easyjet from LGW too Bordeaux cant fault the prices
  13. By looks at mo yeah there be drops in the days/wks before im sure Stockholm was the same last year they dropped tixs the wk of the show failimg that 2nd sites are good for show day ull always score FV or below. Some 2nd site have GC for £70 for Goth now but they put service charge on that tho which i, not sure will be
  14. https://www.ticketmaster.dk/event/DSK0606?language=da-dk&brand=dk_gnr LN has tixs for 6th June Denmark if anyone needs