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  1. The Boxing Thread

    Josh Warrigton v Kid Gal confirmed for 15th June @ Leeds Arena both 0-0 so a lot on the line will be great 1 too look forward too
  2. The Boxing Thread

    Another cracking fight before end June will hopefully be Josh WarringtonV Kid Gal Josh has had too postpone it due too hand injury im well looking forward too this cant see him or anyone else stopping JW tho
  3. The Boxing Thread

    Love too see TC in there would be great
  4. The Boxing Thread

    Lols Pac man getting in the ring at the end lols is he really serious on having a match with Errol Spence lols
  5. The Boxing Thread

    Yeah jumping up 2 weights is a big ask for anyone & its in Errols home town Texas with 90+ thousand people in the Stadium its a MASSIVE Stadium bigger then Wembley ill be up from 4am alarm set
  6. The Boxing Thread

    Loving the FREEBIE alarm set for 4am......!!!!!!!!!!
  7. The Boxing Thread

    This fights sooo hard too call both with soooo much too lose
  8. The Boxing Thread

  9. AC/DC line-up discussion

    He got in too VC
  10. The Boxing Thread

    How can we watch this Errol Spence fight in UK its on FOX PPV im not able too strem it where i live net speed is horrendous
  11. Happy Birthday Melissa Reese

    Happy Birthday Mel have a great wknd & yes i love your short shorts i hope & pray too see them again 1 day...!!!!!