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  1. I really enjoyed the day thought they was great Slash works soooo hard the set was great they could easy trim 30 mins off & still be a great show thought the sound was great but i was stood by 2 sound towers would love too see that in an Arena they have loads they could swap in the set then the show really could go on...!!!!!! Ive read today they was SUPPOSEDLY paid $6.5million for that show its been said a few places
  2. Fair play amazing pic of Sat.........!!!! I was stood just too the left of the big tower
  3. When DCs T.S came on over on main stage late in the afternoon between bands i was like holly shit i even run back too the main stage like a lemon iam.......... #TRUESTORY #JUSTSAYING
  4. Ive seen few places people saying he sounded crap while watching it from other side of the world on some stream lols lols LITERALLY
  5. How many other people tried them giant yorkshire pudds they was just amazeballs...!!!!!
  6. Big shout out too the ginger cockney bloke with the GnR t shirt & wallet & belt BUT who had too ask me what track Brownstone was....
  7. @MillionsOfSpiders are you happy he dropped your track he must have read your post...... Some seriously skinny blokes there tonight they need too start eating & going too thr gym lols lols Just got back too Wales took me 5 mins too get out the car park I love all the guitarist's they all work so hard Slash totally kicks ass Mels quite fit...!!!!!!!! Axl did good some parts were well micky mouse tho he nailed Jungle the sound system was great i was stood left of main tower then there was 2 smaller sound towers in middle of them Yes id go too see them again The crowd was soooooo lame i tried all sorts too rock the boat....!!!! Didnt see 1 person on there phones my phone was down the whole show They came on dead 720pm played just short of 3 hours Ill write more tomorrow gutted for 1s still waiting too get out car park
  8. She will be too busy doing the snake dance........lols
  9. Seeeeeeeeeeeeee what was everyone worrying about 1st show nerves................
  10. Lets be honest i doubt hes been preparing & warming up for this EU run no 1 expects a belter of a 1st show see whats what after 2night
  11. I remember in Stockholm Axl was like we got time for a few more & everyone was like OH FUCK that went over 3hr i believe & it was a tad too much
  12. https://www.ticketmaster.dk/event/guns-n-roses-not-in-this-lifetime-tour-tickets/437985?language=en-us Only GA on TM right now