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  1. For me live i love any live album or track as they are being watched they seem too do better or at least try too better
  2. 09/03/17 - George, WA - The Gorge

    Some good pics in here keep up the good work people Rock n Roll.......
  3. Whats next for ac/dc?

    Brian soumded amazing considering great too see him great too hesr him well well shocked as id never have put these 2 together EVER but its only 1 track doing a full set & every other day for many months is a total different ball game for his hearing.
  4. Reading all these tix sales for you over in the states & im in EU
  5. 08/27/17 - Regina, SK - Mosaic Stadium

    Hope everyone who went had a fucking blast........!!!!!!
  6. I loved this version was always playing it growing up watching on the film was also great it wad always being played in the car/house its a classic
  7. New Music or Original Lineup?

    They cant keep gping with the same setlist by end of 2018 everyone will be well bored im guessing EU will get Arenas 2018 then things need too change
  8. http://www.jewishpress.com/news/breaking-news/guns-n-roses-2017-not-in-this-lifetime-tour-was-out-of-this-world-for-sure/2017/07/16/ Last nights getting the best reviews from everyone
  9. Was last night the longest set on the EU run....??? 30 tracks according too Setlist fm
  10. Look amazing am gutted not too be there cheapish flights from MAN via Monarch airlines as well
  11. Anyone from UK going Tel Aviv...???
  12. Fair play L.N have been in touch they want my billing address so they can send me my 3 x Merch kits too go with our VIP tixs i did email 1st but they got right back too me in no time
  13. What times the last train from Stade de to CDG after the show can someone pls tell me & thank you
  14. Always the same prices for Paris Stade De & AccorHotel Arena are always cheaper
  15. People saying about Axls voice he has been on tour since Lisbon May 7th with DC not much rest like a wk from DC too 1st Guns show then Xmas off as standard this tour runs till end of this year & i bet EU gets Arenas in 2018 he is doing shows every other day these are high energy tracks its not like Tom Jones crooning too the Ladies over the last few days a certain female singer has called off 2 shows at Wembley & another male singer struggled with his voice in Scotland over wknd & shes only 30ish & hes a proper teeney bobber haha they both saying vocal issues so yeah im guessing Axls voice will & can change just like that he is getting older its totally bound too happen like it or not I doubt he cares what we think hes making $$$$$€€€€£££ anyway