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  1. I agree with above Polish fans are wild i was on the rails for DC in Warsaw it was absolutely crazy never in my life have i felt the crowd crush like there was that night Poland i salute you............
  2. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    They reading this forum pissing them selfs with all these ideas everyone coming up with
  3. Oh that you was going too say EU
  4. Where you flying from??
  5. Ed Sheeran 2 out of them 3
  6. Surely this now out runsThe UY tour....!!!!!!
  7. It stops when they cant sell any tixs....!!!!!!!!!
  8. Great news good too see new places on the map RnR....!!!!!!
  9. The crowd at DL where i was stood anyway was sooooo tame altho the crowd for Bury today or who ever they are was on another scale...!!!!!!!! It was just like UFC #TRUESTORY
  10. ACDC New Album News

    There is no waaaaaaaay BJ is doing the studio work then they taking Axl on a full tour there would be uproar with serious DC fans look at 2016 people were handing back tixs left right n center the touts out side OPark couldn't give tixs away. No band that ive ever herd of has ever done this use the man whos been in the band over 30 years then take a guest singer on a full world tour is crazy talk. No 1 really knows what's going on right now in Vancouver its all gone well quiet BUT if they didnt want anyome knowing they would NOT have been seen in the 1st place they know its major news BJ being seen with the rest of the boys after what happened in 2016.
  11. ACDC New Album News

    Yeah hes been right about loads of things going waaaaaaaaaaaaay back
  12. ACDC New Album News

    What did they do?
  13. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    @Snytefant come on dont keep us in suspense what countrys did you see them in??
  14. ACDC New Album News

    Lols has any band EVER done this 1 singer then take another on the road cant believe people are even suggesting this its been said on socials as well lols its NEVER going too happen so you get the man whos been in the band for over 3 decades then a guest singer for the tours......!!!!! WOW
  15. Watch them live at MOR Donny Park 91 they did H.S & FYG Brian was just on another level for this show This is just fucking amazing Brian at his #BEST