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  1. The Boxing Thread

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/boxing/48194845 Was really looking forward too this
  2. The Boxing Thread

    Oooooooooo really really enjoyed that not going too spoil it for anyone
  3. The Boxing Thread

    So up for this fight just opened my 24 hr Sky Sports pass....!!!!
  4. The Boxing Thread

    Just brought a 24hr Sky Sports pass only £8.99 so looking forward too Canelo going too be awsume. Thank fuck JW on for us Brits normal time 1030pm going too be a cracker off a fight well worth £19 from BT Box Office...!!!!
  5. So jus how busy are the Stadiums in NFL season? Its not like there games every day 7 days a week so no 1 else can use a Stadium is there?? Im from UK so i dont know owt bout NFL
  6. This is bound too roll in too more dates & more dates im up for it
  7. The Boxing Thread

    TC calling out kid Errol Spence
  8. The Boxing Thread

    That was well naughty IMO & fair play Khan is like lightening with his hands.
  9. The Boxing Thread

    What time we saying for this fight 3am i need too set my alarm..???
  10. The Boxing Thread

    Im in for this just ordered best way too look at it if you go out ull spend lot more than £20..!!!! Also its not the same watching it nx day
  11. The Boxing Thread

    Is this Khan fight worth paying for im all up for paying i do for everyone but hes well out of his depth here?? Im so looking forward too Canelo fight those who dont have Sky Sports can buy a day 24hr pass for only £8.99 after paying £19 every time thats a fucking bargain lols lols
  12. The Boxing Thread

    The Canelo fight is on Sky Sports dont have too pay for it by looks
  13. Im sure this coming tour Sep/Oct will no doubt escalate in too more shows...!!!!!!
  14. The Boxing Thread

    GGG making his return in June hes signed with DAZN talks of C.A part 3
  15. The Boxing Thread