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  1. The Boxing Thread

    Does Amir Khan know what hes signing up too.......
  2. The Boxing Thread

    Ill be up for the Pac man fight around 4am seems its FREE in UK after ive spent £60 on thr last 3 all good too have a FREE 1 its like $79 in U.S.....!!!!!
  3. AC/DC line-up discussion

    Cos i obvis dont know any more a man in the know just said what i said weather its right or not we shall soon see
  4. AC/DC line-up discussion

    There is ment too be news nx month 11/2/19 its been said other places from a good source who knows only time will tell
  5. AC/DC line-up discussion

    What did they do m9?
  6. AC/DC line-up discussion

    He is 63 still loooooooooads left in the tank im sure he will have other things lined up people just want what ever too drop people are holding back on Hols all sorts for this only time will tell i guess & i my self am holding back £££££ for what ever is too come.
  7. AC/DC line-up discussion

    Its all gone quiet on the DC front people in the know are hinting too wards Feb/March with what ever is too come
  8. The Boxing Thread

    Its happening ItvBoxOffice 23rd Feb going too be a great punch up
  9. Happy New Year MyGNRForum

    Ive had a great year been some good places shot some well good guns which ive always wanted too do seen Guns & U2 a few times each so HAPPY NEW YEAR MOTHER FUCKERS. Ive also seen some very impressive eye brows in 2018 on some lasses hoping too do just as well in 2019...!!!!!!!! #EYEBROWLOVER
  10. I really really like this track hope there more too come like this
  11. The whole tour has had Looney Tunes intro & everyone seems suprised about Axl on this song......
  12. Bart Simpson & Fred Flintstone
  13. But surely it would not have been Aired only in the U.S being Axl is American im sure DC would have it Aired in EU as well.
  14. Sounds great fingers crossed on more soon
  15. Pets!

    @MillionsOfSpidersfair play thats a cute pussy cat...!!!!!!!!!! Lols
  16. The Boxing Thread

    Some well good fights too come nx year boys n girlss & fuck me that punch he was proper sleeping
  17. The Boxing Thread

    Now thats how you end a fight....!!!!!! Cracking fight fair play
  18. The Boxing Thread

    Nearly show time people....!!!!!
  19. Pets!

    We also have a cat total stray from 7 years ago she was out side we use too feed her she would never come in shes all total black with a tiny white spot on her chest we just use too call her Kit Kit & its stuck.
  20. Pets!

    We have had cats & dogs since my nan was little we have just adopted a Colli-Cross from Romania shes just sooo lush shes all white with a tan patch on her face we stuck with same name as we got Lexi
  21. The Boxing Thread

    Yeah maybe so we tossed a coin on it..!!!! As they both on same time..!!!
  22. The Boxing Thread

    Just ordered the DW fight roll on the wknd......
  23. The Boxing Thread

    What fight is everyone watching this wknd they both on same time 10.30pm from what ive read a few places today DW or the CF fight im more too CF at mo DW in London 02 CF in Manchester MEN Arena
  24. The Boxing Thread

    Also Pac man confirmed for nx month i dont know how he will fare against Broner on 19th nx month it will be 1 too watch Pacman has miles more experience thsts for sure.
  25. The Boxing Thread

    Cant see anyone stopping S.A anytime soon hes an absolute #BEAST