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  1. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Bring on the EU dates ill do anything too hear Patience LIVE again....!!!!! & i know @MillionsOfSpiders would as well....!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The Boxing Thread

  3. GNR in OKC October 23rd?

    They could easy do EU dates in 2020
  4. GNR in OKC October 23rd?

    Well if the fans keep buying tixs they will keep adding dates it really is that simple
  5. The Boxing Thread

    FWIW Warren saying today Fury will fight Sep/Oct in NYC someone in top5 then DW re match early nx year
  6. The Boxing Thread

    That was so fucking close im 100% sure of a re match...!!!!
  7. The Boxing Thread

    But just imagine he gets sparked out by this German bin man before anyone says owt look what happened 2 wks ago....!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. The Boxing Thread

    How did you watch GGG t wasnt on Sky Sports action did you stream it other ways??
  9. As long as they can sell tixs they will keep adding dates im sure they will add even more dates S.A fans are crazy for Guns they know they will sell well down there.
  10. The Boxing Thread

    If its in UK in Nov/Dec it will be Cardiff due too us having a roof unless this new Spurs Stadium has 1
  11. The Boxing Thread

    Whos it up too where this re match is Eddie or camp Ruiz...???
  12. The Boxing Thread

    Anyway GGG this wknd coming same Arena in NYC 8th June looking forward too it
  13. The Boxing Thread

    That Ruiz was 160/1 in most of the rounds...!!!! So what thr fuck happens now??
  14. The Boxing Thread

    This JW fight on FREE if you have BT Sport its not PPV fucking sucks cant even buy a day pass...!!!!!
  15. The Boxing Thread

    Ive also just changed my mind on AJ ill be ordering it now the undercard is amazing Csmith & KTaylor & JKelly..!!!!
  16. The Boxing Thread

    JW is just non stop he will be punching & punching im not sure if Kid can take his workload BUT both are 0-0 it could be a DRAW for the re match..!!! ££££££...!!! Your thoughts??
  17. The Boxing Thread

    Its all about JW & KG now cant fucking wait
  18. The Boxing Thread

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/boxing/48194845 Was really looking forward too this
  19. The Boxing Thread

    Oooooooooo really really enjoyed that not going too spoil it for anyone
  20. The Boxing Thread

    So up for this fight just opened my 24 hr Sky Sports pass....!!!!
  21. The Boxing Thread

    Just brought a 24hr Sky Sports pass only £8.99 so looking forward too Canelo going too be awsume. Thank fuck JW on for us Brits normal time 1030pm going too be a cracker off a fight well worth £19 from BT Box Office...!!!!
  22. So jus how busy are the Stadiums in NFL season? Its not like there games every day 7 days a week so no 1 else can use a Stadium is there?? Im from UK so i dont know owt bout NFL
  23. This is bound too roll in too more dates & more dates im up for it
  24. The Boxing Thread

    TC calling out kid Errol Spence
  25. The Boxing Thread

    That was well naughty IMO & fair play Khan is like lightening with his hands.