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  1. Sail away Sweet sister intro

    Maybe the fact that his rasp mushed his words together led me to believe it was just more Sail Away! I did like the actual Sail Away part before he went all out screaming, though. If it's Bad Time that I dislike, I'll never know! Thanks for correcting me, though.
  2. Sail away Sweet sister intro

    I love the original "Sail Away Sweet Sister", but I don't really enjoy Axl's rendition... i love his rasp, but he used so much of it that I couldn't make out a word! I found it grating to the ears... besides, the original was great because of the instrumentation behind it, and Brian May's softer vocal style.
  3. [AUDIO/mp3] Guns N' Roses @ Rock in Rio 2017 09/24/2017

    How many of you would be up to hear a version with the countoffs by Frank removed? It's a small change that I quite enjoy, makes it feel more spontaneous.
  4. Some RIR show observations

    I loved the voice he did at the beginning of Jungle when he may or may not have said "you know where you are?!" It actually startled me and I immediately thought that it couldn't be Axl. It was great! Also, the Better intro comes from a riff that is played under one of the solos. It's just turned into an intro.
  5. [Request] Some Guns N Roses Bootlegs (Part 1)

    Hello, I got "Maxxximum: The Perils of Rock N' Roll Decadence" from this link: http://turbobit.net/an7d2j30y0j7.html The ds are annoying, but I suppose an ad and popup blocker should help! The guy who posted it has a website called World of GN'R Bootlegs on blogspot, I think.
  6. https://youtu.be/BQ36GWpjj7U Hey, everybody, I made an amateur cover of LALD using lots of synths and some guitar, trying to make it more faithful to the original, as opposed to the Guns version. I hope you enjoy! My channel also has a Shadow of Your Love cover (here!) and a cover of the most beloved song on this forum, the Seeker! (Here) Now, finally, I hope you enjoy! Thank you!
  7. Of course Izzy was a key component of Guns, I agree, I just like hearing all the guitars during shows, haha
  8. How about Gilby in '92 and '93? I love both!
  9. This is more or less on topic.. apologies if ir isn't, but what are some shows where you CAN hear Izzy clearly? UYI Tour or otherwise.
  10. Hated Illusions Songs??

    Yo man I love all the Illusions, some less than others... I think Get in the Ring is a great song to rock out to even if it's not of the same caliber as AFD! Same with Back Off Bitch! So Fine just doesn't sound that Guns-y to me so I don't listen to it on it's own very much, but that's just what I think. Bad Apples is really good too, it's just sometimes too funky at the beginming for me to get into it, but once I do, I love it!