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  1. November Rain Live Nitl

    I think the solos sound technically better now than they did in the 90's. One major difference is the tempo of the songs are a bit faster in NITL versus the 90's and additionally Slash may be off on a bend here or there [beginning high note at the end of the outro solo, the 2 middle solos sound spot on. As mentioned above, he sounded sloppy on plenty of dates in the 90's and November Rain is difficult because it is a 'feel' song requiring the player to hit the bends perfectly or the guitar will sound like crap. Also, depending on the recording, his guitar tone is drastically different on any youtube videos versus what you hear in person, guitar tone sounds thin on even the soundboard recordings and doesn't do his true live tone justice.
  2. Estranged - Which one?

    Houston far and away based on those mentioned here, the tempo was way too fast on the early NITL shows (no secret there). I also really like the entire bands effort in most of the last batch of NITL arena shows from last year. They were spot on for Estranged in Tulsa and The Forum among others. I cant get into any of Bumblefoots versions, valiant effort but it’s not Estranged without Slash and Duff..Fortus on the other hand does a solid job on his rhythm work though.
  3. I really like Catcher in the Rye