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  1. For sure, some of the live and let die screams are unreal, so strong and banshee like. 100 by choice he sang like that. Some of the early 16 screams are also pretty damn epic. There is one scream in particular from LALD in 2002 that I feel is his best scream ever PS, I love Denver 2011, because he does astraight scream 1st, a very 90s sounding scream (woawao type sounds) and he goes into hyperdrive on the 3rd going into banshee mode. For anyone who enjoys Axl, Denver 2011 is very under rated!)
  2. Oh he still had his voice, I think often he just held back during that spell. There are some great individual shows where Axl pushes himself. My top 4 would be Denver 2011, Philly 2012 and the last two Vegas shows 2014. Those shows had some great vocal performances.
  3. I think what's noticable is Axl has lost that sharp edge to his voice. I'm not necessarily talking about rasp, but in the past (even as recently as say Europe 2017) his voice still had a certain sharp element that helped it cut through. Nowdays it is sooo airy sounding and it just doesn't have any incision to it. When he tries any form of rasp, it's mega unstable and is now limited as to how high he can go with it. Effectively, I think he has wrecked his upper register as well as having quite a disconnected mid (which started to become more obvious from 2011 onwards). It's still a useable (Just!) but it's really sounding worn now and I fear no amount of rest is going to get it back to that sharp sound he once had.
  4. Except that is almost exactly how this reunion first reared itself, in that interview when Slash said he was talking to Axl, and that set everything going.
  5. 10/15/19 - Lincoln, NE - Pinnacle Bank Arena

    Some of the songs Axl sounds not too bad on, but having just listened to CW and Coma, my word was he struggling to get through that pair, painful to watch him struggle like that. Mind you, Jungle was very enjoyable, esp the intro!