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  1. Yeah better really isnt all that great. However I really enjoyed Catcher, I kinda found a new liking for it through hearing all the little guitar stuff throughout, and the pace was nice and swift. As for the vocals, it was ok in Catcher and besides the song is more or less clean on the album. Its not too different on this soundboard, maybe just a little more tired.
  2. Maddy was amazing at this show, he full blown rasps the high notes! The bit from 9.40-9.55 sounds just like 2010! (Cool Nightrain as well!)
  3. Having listened to more of the concert, certainly seems like the strongest gig of 2017, and IMO is up there with some of the best from the whole tour. As someone else said, his voice is still a little tired and worn as he does suffer from some vocal cracks now and again, but he really is giving it 100% in the last few shows.
  4. My Michelle has shown huge improvements since the last leg, sounds good now, and the last section is pure rasp, i was pleasantly surprised.
  5. Wow pretty great Coma last night! Love that first high note he gets, its so donald duck like yet he holds it well. Also great amount of rasp at the end.
  6. Yeah he has a little of the 2016 depth back, he still sounds somewhat tired vocally at times, but he has regained some of the vocal sharpness he had last year, its especially noticeable in Nightrain, etc.
  7. I really do believe the reunion talks were starting around this point, he seemed to suddenly pick up this energy on the 4th of June along with a different set and he seemed to talking an awful lot and joking around huge amounts on the 6/7th (I remember listening live and thinking that Axl was really into something). He just seemed to push his voice much harder on those nights for some reason.
  8. The Houston version of YCBM is probably the go to performance of that song this tour, it was clean based but with enough inflection on the notes to give it that near classic raspy sound at times. Love it!
  9. Not a bad Whole Lotta Roise from this show (of course its not Axl/DC quality) but he gives it some decent rasp through decent chunks of the song! Don't cry is decent enough, but with a nice little vocal crack on the last higher note. To be fair Nightrain ispretty decent aswell:
  10. You can literally hear his voice give way in that Coma performance at the end and he has to drop down to his natural chest voice briefly before going back to classic rasp. THIS is why Axl is using the rasp sparingly, simply put his voice is too worn and tired to handle too much of it. The 1991 comparison is perhaps a good one, except if he loses his voice this time, I doubt it will come back like it has in the past in quite the same way due to his age.
  11. Axl gave huge effort in Santiago on some songs, you can tell his voice is worn out but I don't think you can claim he didn't try. Coma and Nightrain are good examples.
  12. Listening to the concert now, some decent efforts from Axl this show, probably the best performance of Coma in since NA leg 1, a little rough at times on the higher notes but he had a solid amount of rasp. He definatley was putting 100% in though, he had to lower some of the notes because of how 'donald' (hoarse!) his voice became at times!
  13. I've been saying for a while that the 2nd leg of ACDC concerts did his voice in, much the same way as the 2010 concerts (especially the European ones where he got a little pitchy at times) blew his voice out and he never has been able to regain those types of vocals. Not to say what he changed to was bad, but his style has been different ever since. I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say his vocals are totally shot, but he is in desperate need of a break and recharge. His depth has totally gone, its either high pitched slightly cracky rasp, clean weak high pitched vocals, or a shouty voice to try and shout to the notes in the mid range. None are partiuclarly going to be sounding great after a while. Afterall even in the 91-93 tour his vocals had WAY less depth to them by 93. It was very good still, but he seemed to avoid the mid range as much as possible (back then he had enough range in the highs and lows to compenstate for it, now he hasn't.) and either stay deep or go right to the raspy almost siren like high stuff.
  14. I Feel Good Discussion Thread

    Great cover! However it doesn't really fit with GnR, something doesn't quite sit right, maybe its just the genre and where the song comes from. Still, its a great performance form everyone and Axl sounds cracking, just for those factors alone I'd love to see it stay, even if I do have reservations on whether its a fit.
  15. 08/30/17 - Edmonton, AB - Commonwealth Stadium

    Well I'm impressed by the intro to WTTJ, Axl really smashed that intro scream in a way I don't think I've heard this year (kind of reminded me of the early screams he did at LV and Coachella).