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  1. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    I agree Amir his voice reminds me alot of that 2006-2007 period, he has more depth and rasp on his higher notes than usually he did live, but in a studio session, your likely to be able to give it that little bit extra without having to worry about the rest of a concert. There is a little too much depth to his lower section as well for it to be 99-02 time period as well, so the 06-07 period makes alot of sense...whilst his vocals in 09-10, whilst impressive, were also a little deeper in tone based again than this is.
  2. I think that was a great answer from Axl. Like or hate that clean voice, if he relied on doing pure rasp all the time his voice would be gone by now like so many other aging rockers. The fact he can fall back on that clean voice has probably gave him longevity. I can't imagine years song like 91 are good for vocal health. Interestingly, I think he would have gone clean even if this GnR kept around, his 93 vocals were often reasonablly clean, but he was also starting to develop just a hint of that chest dominated rasp he has now...but he stayed predominantly either in that lighter high rasp region, or deeper natural voice, rarely did he go straight through his passigo like he often does these days.
  3. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    His tonality and depth to voice is post 2006 I'd say. Possible it stems from 06-07 period, he was active in the studio around that point. Could be 09-10, though early in that time period id say. My best guess would be 07, it's close to say his Los Angeles voice, but a little Fuller sounding higher up.
  4. Yeah I think your right, also this is now like the 130th show of the tour, it may haqave been cool at the start of the tour, but especially for the armchair warriors its a little bit old hat now. It probably could just do with having something a little more pace and power, maybe in the slot BHS is in just to somewhat break up that long spell of slow/ballad type songs, I mean from WL-KOHD, thats a good 45 minute chunk of the concert that is dedicated to those slower numbers. I know NR does somewhat help it mind you. Also I feel its more noticeable becasuse of just how fast paced the first half of the show is, I know Estsranged is a long song, as it RQ, but they both have heavier parts to them (especially RQ),but there is quite the blast (especially from the start through to the end of DTJ, thats a blistering combo)
  5. Yeah his middle register is struggling. What is interesting though is his higher register has gone back to being very airy sounding, like it was for much of 2011-2014. In 2016 he had that sharpness back in his voice, especially in ACDC, where vocally he was almost as sharp as he was in the early 90s at times on some of the early EU shows. Also its bit of a chicken and egg I feel, is he using too much rasp and its causing damage, or is it because he has done some vocal damage that he now has to push so hard to get the Axl 'classic' sound and its so unstable now.I suppose its more of a loop!
  6. I don't think it would make a difference if he was an olympic marathon runner, the problem isn't the fitness, its the fact he just is struggling with his vocal chops, it takes so much effort he sometimes even falls behind time on songs (TIL is a good example of this). Its the sheer effort he has to put in to get the rasp that causes trouble, and as his rasp has been more and more unstable over the past 2 years, its taking a bigger and bigger toll and effort to get it. Check out the early 16 shows, where he was holding mega long screams with ease...he is no less fit than now, so why isn't he likewise able to scream that long now...the simple answer is his voice just can't do it and if he tried, it'd probably crack out, thats why he is holding back on those longer notes. Better to quit a note early then to have a nice horrible crack in there, or even worse have to do what he did during TIL.
  7. I'd like both Slither and Shadow to be pro-shot released, but it ptobably isn't likely, I can see Shadow getting the thumbs up due to it being the single out at the moment, it would make sense to get a decent proshot of the song out, and the whole band did well with it. Axl was a tiny bit fast right at the start, but its nothing like Denmark and it still sounds good. As for the other slots, can see it being Jungle, Sweet Child and possibly NR/PC, as they are the best known of the songs. Jungle was a little meh at points (especially the first two verses) but I suppose it is serviceable enough, same with the rest of them, no real shockingly bad moments from the band in any of those songs.
  8. I charge anyone to claim Axl is not putting in the effort to watch the Shadow video and say he isn't trying, the guy is giving it all he has in that video! ps, steveysham, whilst I agree, I do sing, have been on a stage, so I do some apprication of what its like. Of course I've not wrote songs like Axl has...however equally I'm not getting paid millions for my performances either I went to London in 2017, not great vocally, but to be honest, when your there it doesn't matter nearly as much for sure!
  9. By the way, when I'm talking about chest/head voice mixed voice, this video shows what I mean perfectly: 1st scream is head voice driven, notice how the higher pitched vocals come through more strongly, it also sounds sharper, though he does drop the note as it continues. 2nd scream is very chesty (almost as much as some of the LALD screams from tonight) and it much less stable sounding, you can hear the lower part of the vocals are dominant in this scream. 3rd scream is a good mix and fairly balanced, maybe just leaning more to being chest dominated, but a perfect balance isn't the easiest thing to get.
  10. Oh yeah you can tell he is giving it his all, unfortunately his all these days isn't what it used to be. When the song is mainly high based, he still gets a decent amount of rasp, even if it is of the unstable kind. Can't doubt the effort though for sure, his vocal problems isn't because of a lack of effort, in fact I'd argue the reason he is cracking/adjusting notes is he is probably putting in more juice then his voice can handle at the moment, almost the opposite problem! Also, whilst I can be hyper crtical on his voice, when I'm at a show unless its a real bad mess up I tend to not really pay too much attention and dwell on the moment too much, where as when your sofa-watching, well then you have the ability to be more critical. Ultimately I think we all want Axl to sound as good as possible and have a long career still.
  11. To be fair to the bloke this is like his 175th show in 2 or so years, singing some of rocks most demanding songs, its going to take its toll. As I said in the other show thread, he is having to use his chest voice way too much and is digging to deep. On the Jungle scream intro, notice how he is pulling up his chest voice and raising it to such an extent it begins to get quite strained and forced (like closing the throat forced). Whilst he also does something similar at that KC show, its not anything near as obvious and sounds far more balanced. But yeah, the difference reallyis night and day, he is pushing so hard in the opening screams at Download that he has nothing left in the tank when the song starts, hence we get those winded weak sounding vocals.
  12. 1: Yeah its not a great a sign, especially as typically the chest voice in rockers tends to weaken over a tour, so in theory if he is struggling now with it.... 2: Agreed, but its all coming back to needing to dig so deep for the rasp, and its so chest dominated that by lifting the way he does for those screams, he is putting huge strain on the chords, no wonder he then struggles for the next minute or two, its such an effort to get that rasp and push up like that. The question is though is he being technically lazy, or is it just because sometimes his voice is just not quite there and as the years goes by, its harder and harder to mask those kind of days. I can see a nearly totally clean Axl coming sooner rather than later, its going to have to happen I think for him to get through another two legs. Thats not to say the rasp is gone, but its clearly a heck of an effort. Ironically, its actually similar to 86/87, where his voice often got more tired and quite strained sounding as the show went on, back then though he had the vocal chops in all departments that he could switch it up...these days, those chops burn out in rapid time.
  13. Maybe there is no alternative? I mean the guy has been singing for a long timenow, I'm sure he is not choosing to take lower notes/crack songs on purpose or because he can't be bothered to figure out another way. I think perhaps something that is telling is the "owws" he does. In Brownstone it sounds like it could have come straight from UYI tour, by the time he gets to YCBM its a little mickey whimper but he is clearly using the same technique. In between that time he is clearly burning through a lot of reserves and by TIL he is clearly vocally tiring. That is when you start to get that mega unstable rasp, which sounds amazing when it comes off, but its just as likely to end in him either shortening a note, or more recently, having to lower it an octive lower. I think the long solos/ballads and covers such as WL/BHS are inthere because his voice needs to recharge. If he doesn't get that time, he simply won't have a voice left by the end of the concert. I agree though, the 2nd half does go on too much, and perhaps shaving 30-45 mins of the set but keeping it at a decent nick would be better for a festival setting. I think something like down on the farm would be a good number, yes its technically another cover, but its in his current range. PS, listen to the Jungle video above also, note in the "your going to die" how deep he starts and how he is lifting up using more of a chest drive, whereas in the old days that was head voice dominated, totally different sound, and also this is far rougher on the voice, I've blown out my voice on more than a few occasions doing something similar and over-extending.
  14. Whilst I do agree with your comment, I would say we have been down this road with Axl many times, I seriously thought during the SA 14 leg his voice had finally gone to rot, some of his efforts on that tour were truly terrible and his voice was ultra thin sounding, like there was nothing left in the tank. 2 years of rest and probably some vocal training for ACDC and suddenly he comes back very good with GnR and a total monster with ACDC. He wouldn't be the first to have done so either, my personal favorite singer Freddie Mercury's voice turned to utter rubbish in early 79, in fact this video is VERY similar to TIL where he had to sing it lower because his voice gave in (the crack at the end of the first chorus is something impressive!).They also boosted up Brian's mike due to Freddie's singing problems. Compared to this, same year (something like 8 months later) Sorry for the detour, but its just to show that sometimes things change when you least expect them!
  15. Seemed like a decent concert overall, first half was better as the set seemed to flow quite nicely with a decent number of shorter and heavier songs, the 2nd half dragged from here, though I appriciate at the show it may feel different. Need to see more videos from closer to the stage, but Slither seemed to get a great reaction from the crowd.I suspect the usual songs also got a similar reception further forward. Axl's voice was...well a bit of everything would be fair! Some was very decent, spread in with mainly average, with a couple of real berlin style shockers (the first chorus of TIL again was really poor, and you could tell he was having a harder time than Denmark.)