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  1. Plans after July 2018

    me neither, but the idea gives me a better chance of having a Gn'R future after the conclusion of both bands.
  2. Plans after July 2018

    SMKC will open for Axl/DC tour.
  3. Matt Sorum Quits Hollywood Vampires

    It would be funny if Axl came out and sang AC/DC cover with KOC.
  4. Don't know where to post this, but Matt left Hollywood Vampires. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/matt-sorum-leaving-hollywood-vampires/ Interestingly lately he has been @ 'ing Axl on twitter. Lol could probably be just his Artbit thing, just had to share it here.
  5. What I see is they could be pulling an Aerosmith, with the band still actively touring when they're available. When they're free they'd do their own thing.
  6. But it still feels like we have siblings, us(Gn'r fans), SMKC fans and AC/DC fans. The scenarios is our parents planned a disneyland trip and they only took SMKC and AC/DC with them. Leaving us all alone.
  7. Slash is obviously in the studio finalizing the SMKC record. Tho meegan has this to say. Has 2 bands, a bunch of projects in the works
  8. I think they'll do an aerosmith. They can keep doing solo stuff and still be active with Gn'R. So solo stuff here and there, then a couple gn'r tour legs when they're all available.
  9. it sucks though when hope overpower the expectations .
  10. It would be Angus Young ft. Axl Rose and the Constipators
  11. Such a sad day for us Gn'R fans. A moment of silence for all of us...
  13. lol put Ashba in the archives.
  14. I don't know the accent kinda makes me cringe.
  15. Maybe Gn'r is planning to release new music on iTunes and Tim Cook is probably trying to Trump that plan.