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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    Lucky fucking fans of them. Meanwhile I dug up a performance of Yesterdays from 1991 with Izzy doing backup vocals while Axl rips his throat. Sons of bitches got nothing for us in this lockdown.
  2. Was there even a version of it that has ISE in it? Or they're just randomly picking song s for these clips? 😨
  3. That's just wishful thinking at this point.
  4. HAHAHAHAHA at least blow the whistle on time
  5. Running out of "title of the song they're about to play" right now. Just fucking play Hard fucking school, how hard can that fucking be! Autistic hardschool
  6. could it be?!?!?! EDIT: fuck it I thought it would be the new intro for hardschool. fuck fuck fuck
  7. They gotta surprise us in the encore. It'll be months of agony if they didn't do other songs rehearsed yesterday.
  8. 15 minute pissbreak!
  9. Piano should've stayed broken and the backup piano should've been left at home. It's time for hardschool!
  10. He sounds like he cares about the notes and not just throwing the lyrics like he used to. A bit on par for me, of course would be better if he rasp the fuck out of the song.
  11. He's actually pretty decent with the SCOM vocals tonight.
  12. Is that guitar old enough to do that?
  13. Is it the first time live performance that Slash played the solo for So Fine with a slide?