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  1. Is there a full video of the RQ performance with fortus?
  2. New tour name. Axl gets more pussy in one night than they'll ever get in a lifetime... Tour
  3. I'd say UYI style, just put up a bunch of songs in a list and pick whatever they wanna play through out the night depending on the mood. That being said put UYI 1 & 2 deep cuts in that list. Fuck it include My World if you're that crazy.
  4. Sounds like a pretty generic SMKC song. Not bad but not good. Hope Slash gets SMKC out of his system after their tour next year and make a snakepit style or velvet revolver styles music with other people if we can't get new GN'R music.
  5. Glad they're doing this so that when I get to a show on the Asian leg they'll play their full setlist.
  6. At this point I'd rather hear So Fine.
  7. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    Slash and Duff played CD songs, Axl sang Slither. "NOT IN THIS LIFETIME" indeed.
  8. Is that Cash drinking behind the Frank after the song?
  9. Shit I've just been going through some clips on youtube of this show. Is this the best vocal performance for Axl since last year?
  10. Pretty nasty... in a good way!
  11. This SCOM ain't bad as well.
  12. Yeah he was dancing through it. That was cool
  13. The difference today is he's no longer high or drunk when he performs. I think the drugs and booze made him not give too much fuck and play those awesome licks back in the AFD/UYI/EARLY VR Era.