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  1. I doubt Duff would wanna break his sobriety, the dude's pancreas already blew up before.
  2. Anyone got a picture of Fortus wearing a hat and a bandana looking like axl's mini me?
  3. Anyone else noticed that Yesterdays intro? I like how subtle it is.
  4. I love Myles' vocals on metalinggus and a few slash records. But I only listened to apocalyptic love for Slash's guitar riffs, couldn't really stand MK's vocals in it and haven't had the courage to hear WOF. I hope this ones a good record... guitar wise at least.
  5. Didn't Matt say something like "Fuck off Yoko" to Paul Huge? I remember reading that somewhere.
  6. Even Mickey Axl doesn't sound as shit as this one.
  7. Slash playing a bit closer to the original solo. I wish he plays it like the one in Live Era, but yeah pretty good set list and show.
  8. Here's a video of Yesterdays played right after Don't Cry.
  9. Fly GNAIR

    Maybe they're doing a soundtrack for the new Top Gun movie. Highly unlikely. lol
  10. Cut the guy some slack, he was filled with stress. He looked better in '06 and '09-'10
  11. WTF is going on? Who stole the key from the vault?
  12. @Sosso This or RIR 2001? Because this is now my new favorite over the two.
  13. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    damn higher octave vocals.