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  1. lol if you're referring to a gnr album ghosting us, then yeah
  2. Well if they can write a new song that raises the energy every time they play it we will only need OTGM every once in a while. God we're bored the fuck out aren't we.
  3. Well if and only if a new record came out is where the scenario of a shortened set I would like to see. Maybe keep jungle/scom/nightrain/pc/nr/estranged/lald/uyi2 rotating deepcuts/rotating cd songs and the entirety of a still non-existing new record.
  4. I'd take a short set with a great vocal performance over a long one with mickey.
  5. I don't know I kinda like Slash's parts from St. Louis, especially on Patience. Axl can sound great again, hell he can bring his ac/dc voice if he wants to. The key is release a new record and tour it with a shorter(1:30 to 2hr max) set. Absolutely, I mean he carries 80-90% of the shows.
  6. In Slash's defense (when it comes to "noodling"), which he also does during the long sing-a-long in KOHD. Can we blame him? That section of the song must just be dropped, even I would probably start playing that way if I had to wait that long. They should just play it like they did in '88. I must say yes to the accuracy, but the passion is still there especially during Estranged(even though he altered the 2nd to the last solo a bit) the live feels of his guitar parts in that song still give me the chills I felt when I first heard it.
  7. Point taken. On the contrary, I actually think booze and drugs made Slash more killer during those days. The only sloppiness I saw was Jungle intro St. Louis '91 and it wasn't even his fault. But I guess he can't remember that those were his actual best playing days due to the drugs and booze. For that I'd like to pick a vowel and I'd like to change my answer from earlier. Drugs and booze brought out Slash's best not Fortus.
  8. I don't think Slash's management would tell Fortus "Man, we’d love to steal you", if he hasn't said anything about it.
  9. Then you just contradicted what you said earlier regarding "Fortus bringing out Slash's best" Slash has wanted to play with Fortus ever since his solo tour. As far as Slash not saying negative about a current bandmate, learn from how he describe Frank Ferrer. He has a lot of great stuff to say about Fortus and he didn't gave him the "yeah he's great too" treatment.
  10. As much as I love Izzy, yeah he is the perfect guy to write great music with but he is also the flakiest person to do that with. Have him on the production and the record is already on thinner ice(since axl already puts it on a thin ice lol).
  11. His bends are fucking shitty. I wonder what Fortus and Bumblefoot thinks of him when they were still touring together.
  12. The whole SMKC project seems like the nuisance for a new GN'R record. That's why it feels like a drag to see another record from them before we get anything from GN'R. But SMKC isn't the actual problem, it's more of an escape for Slash to release anything new at all. The real delay is Axl & probably TB. Well I don't think TB would wanna delay a new record, a new record means more gain for them financially.
  13. SMKC IV starts nowww anyone knows what pedal he is using? EDIT: it was a tuner lol
  14. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Was just checking out love spit love videos on youtube the other day and boy I enjoyed Frank's drumming there. I don't know if it's the genre they're playing or if he play his original stuff he can actually pull off a great groove.
  15. NITL live videos on youtube

    Next youtube video in 10 years then.
  16. That's been in the posters for the european shows of 2020, is this the first time y'all noticed?
  17. Would've been the perfect time to use it Happy motherf'n day
  18. NITL live videos on youtube

    It's gonna be one song each from troubadour to the last show in mexico. It'll all be the seeker though.
  19. Hahaha make him feel it some more
  20. It's Black N' F'n White, keep the standards high in this forum you guys.
  21. Duff sighting --AEW

    Meh, Boneyard match is still the shit.
  22. Lucky fucking fans of them. Meanwhile I dug up a performance of Yesterdays from 1991 with Izzy doing backup vocals while Axl rips his throat. Sons of bitches got nothing for us in this lockdown.
  23. Was there even a version of it that has ISE in it? Or they're just randomly picking song s for these clips? 😨