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  1. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    Saw @Tori72 and @MillionsOfSpiders posts. I understand we are talking about balls and female Axl again. Where do I join?

    Wtf? Seriously wtf? Is Nandinho going completely nuts???
  3. Be strong, GNRfamTM, we're all in this together All the shows I'd go this year were postponed but this has to be the dumbest and most cryptic official statement I've read so far. I invite you all to read the official Iron Maiden statement on social media, the difference is astonishing
  4. I'm still trying to find the words
  5. Fucks sake. Unbelievable. When you'd think you have seen it all with this band. Guns N' Roses manager to release a children's book, officially under the bands name, because he is part of the 'GNR fam for 30 years now' and his daughter and niece get to attend the shows I just
  6. Anyway, the show in Lisbon, Poland is officially postponed, as the promoter announced on its social media. Pretty sure the rest of the European Tour will follow. Any idea on when the band management will acknowledge it? I don't know, like a normal band...
  7. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    Test @killuridols @MillionsOfSpiders @Andy14 @janrichmond @Tori72
  8. It's kinda freaking me out that this show is still going. Look at Europe - advanced health system and everything is shutting down. Schools are being closed, all events are canceled, city's are empty, the hospitals are overload. I live in a small European city, two of my colleagues went to a small show last week and now they're both in quarantine because some people got infected there. My office is trying to put us all working from home. It's no joke. And this big event, in a big city, with people flying from other countries there and still going, it's fucked up IMO
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Hey, Hey! First, RIP grandma's bob, you will not be missed Second, hmmm, I liked the hair. There's a SCOM video where it looks really good. Such a beautiful image: a well-behaved hair, not going all over the place, not all frizzy, no ugly hats. I think it makes him finally look his age and not like a careless 70 pimp grandpa
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Why is this awesome thread dead? The only time Axl posts something beautiful on his Twitter and we're all quite about it