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  1. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    Lol...When I first looked at it I thought they switched Izzy's skull for Frank's. I was so ready to be pissed Then I realized they putted red beards on all of them and a shamrock on Izzy's hat (is this a hint for something?) Happy St. Patrick's Day ☘️☘️☘️
  2. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    So here's Meegan posting a 'white leather ensemble' and stating she wants this outfit Poor Slash who has his lovers obsessed with it 1- Sure. You can stay at my place or your princess @Andy14's. She already has Axl hiden under her bed, so I'm sure she can find a place for you 2 - I thought I had a memory of you saying before that you love this girl in this video. Maybe I dreamed about it. Happens all the time 3- Looks good enough to me
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    What do you get in return? 1- Invitation to the Women's Thread party that will happen soon 2- I'm gonna buy you this outfit for you to wear at the party 3- Total access to eat the ass, unless Slash wants that too and then you have to step back in favor of this thread Now, can I have my ROJO PANTALONES back?? I bet that the little girl is in awe of Slash and @Tori72 is like 'No, no, you have to look to the other side of the stage. See the avocado farmer there? That's where it is'
  4. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    I love how it escalates so quickly Starts with a cute 'aww smiley' and ends with a filthy 'we could fuck our way across the USA'
  5. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    It's a fanny pack. We can move on I know And she knows I love her, but I felt the need to defend the 'rojo pantalones'. Shit, I love the rojo pantalones Girl, I am a native portuguese speaker, this discussion would have been worst if the rojo pantalones were a portuguese gramar mistake It would be 'calças vermelhas', wich means the noun is coming before the adjective and both the adjective and the noun would be plural and feminine You know that I understand what you are saying, our languages are the same about this grammar part and I'm a fluent portuñol speaker, afterall BUUUUT...Don't take the rojo pantalones away from me!!! I laughed out loud on the Izzy's Thread when this came out exactly because I knew it was incorrect but sounded so nice. Poor BorderlineCrazy explained the grammar incongruity, but we just decided to go with it Promise me you're gonna turn a blind eye here and let me have my beloved rojo pantalones You can rename his PANTALONES AMARILLOS, if it makes you feel better
  6. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    No, not rojos, wtf!! It's ROJO PANTALONES. Is it grammatically right? No. But sounds good, it's all about how it sounds. It's Stradlin's Rojo Pantalones It's wacky wording. We ain't gonna change it, fuck grammar
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Oh that. Thanks I didn't remember this outfit, looks like now I can only think about the rojo pantalones when I think about this performance I can't see the image you posted, @Blackstar, but it's the same as Tori, right? I really think this outfit is cool: rock n' roller but already with an Axl RoseTM But lol at Slash being so opinionated of what looks good and what doesn't on Axl
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I don't think it's all that, but it's nice enough. It happens in Indiana in the 80's, so there's an appeal But I'm that one person who doesn't care about Game of Thrones, so what do I really know about series? What's the 'white leather ensemble'? You mean this, Hudson? Anyway, can we assume that he always liked the assless chaps then?
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Eleven is a character of the series 'Stranger Things'. She has nosebleeds everytime she uses her psychokinetic abilities. And I can also think about a third option: 3 - Axl broke his nose cause he was staring funny at his ass
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Can only think about two logic explanations: 1 - She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie, Cocaine 2- Channeling his inner Eleven in order to keep Axl just for himself You choose
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    We need to have a serious talk about Axl's style one day That outfit is the weirdest way to go unrecognizable. It's like if a guy dressed like that passed by you on the street you would look for sure. It's just too much going on But remember he has other undercovers, like this yellow - again, yellow - sweats he wore in Latina America in 2014, I think (Ok, I'm just go for it and ask. Why Axl's nipples are always hard? ) But anyway, he can be on a diet now and stay unrecognizable cause he's really thin these days Remember when Beta posted that Mallorca bread pic? Someone said that she should give one to Axl and she replied that they were all for her kids Also, I feel like gossiping today Did you notice Sasha deleted that pic she had with Beta on the beaches of Tulum? Why is my question
  12. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Now, just imagine the moustache isn't fake and this time he has been away made him grow that scary stache he had in the NuGNR years again
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Happy Women's Day, y'all! You are all amazing! Thank you all for making this thread a beautiful place for women! Keep fighting like girls and keep debunking patriarchy
  14. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I love how humble the caption of this pic is It's one rock legend meeting other rock legends and he still manages to sound amazed and truly grateful for it. I love you, Steven, never change
  15. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    'It's Uncle Duff here'