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  1. His version of the TIL solo is 90% identical to Robin's studio version of the solo. By claiming so, you approve that the TIL solo by your beloved Robin is one of the worst things ever in the history of music. (which I disagree - whether it's played by Dj or Robin - which is the same thing) Either you're deluded or you don't hear properly. Anyways, I guess it's popular nowadays to climb onto the bandwagon and hate on something in particular... Dj in this case.
  2. Well they can put them in some park or something like that... Outdoors
  3. In all honesty, I wouldn't mind seeing Dj ashba join them. He is a class act and I fail to see how his appearance can be more pointless and worthless than Pink's...
  4. If there is such a high demand in Norway, why doesn't the promoter move the concert to a larger capacity venue instead of ripping the fans off with those Platinum Tickets...?
  5. A few days ago, on his live Instagram stream, Dj Ashba mentioned that he will be throwing a part for his birthday at the Stratosphere - November 19th. He also mentioned it in the manner - 'the day after Guns N' Roses at T-Mobile Arena' Perhaps he will attend the concert... To those going to Stratosphere the following day - have fun, ask him if he did...
  6. yeah but guns did not use full potential of europe... u2 had 2 legs in europe (i know guns also) but no festivals and more countries..
  7. How do you know more shows are coming? No they won't break. Another 100 mil isnt enough... U2 sits at 730mil..
  8. Yes they are! Sucks I never saw them live... you?
  9. If I recall correctly, for London shows it was around 300 pounds for EE Golden Circle... So 83 quid is basically change... ain't it?
  10. So, according to what you're saying - Download profits that much to pay GNR (more than possible 2 sold out stadiums) and still earns something for themselves? I highly doubt that... What is the capacity at Donington - 70k? Well that much was at London dates last year... Plus the tickets are cheaper for Download..
  11. You're absolutely right...but Are you telling me there is no money in Ireland, Scotalnd, Wales, Northern Ireland, Russia (they got 1 date for 150mil population) Czech Republic. Austria, Switzerland?