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  1. GNR Interview on June 11

    After the 2011-15 era, I do not think it's possible... Then I remember it is GNR we're talking about and remind myself how satisfied (NOT) I actually am. You guys just put a naill to the head with this!!
  2. NITL Setlist vs UYI Setlist

    it's predictable but at least we get all the songs... unlike 1992 where they threw out songs such as ISE, Nightrain, DC, Estranged as they felt...
  3. GNR Interview on June 11

    Probably Fortus gear review and 'entering the studio and throwing a bunch of ideas around....'
  4. NITL Setlist vs UYI Setlist

    @Nikki_Sixx Your point being? As I said, it's really scarce and I do not see any variety whatsoever... Aside from Pretty Tied Up, Locomotive and So Fine - NITL almost has all that UYI has...
  5. NITL Setlist vs UYI Setlist

    Even if they cut the NITL setlist down to 18 songs, Axl would still auto-pilot songs like SCOM and YCBM...
  6. NITL Setlist vs UYI Setlist

    Variety... especially when you get fillers like Bad Obsession and RNDTH instead of Nightrain and ISO or Estranged or Don't Cry...
  7. NITL Setlist vs UYI Setlist

    Did you even read the original post? Here... We're talking JUST the songs in the setlist... Of course it was better back then...
  8. Yesterday I browsed Tokyo 1992 and 1993 setlists. And I noticed they barely differ at all. One or two songs at best. And on top of that all, it's only like 20 or less songs in the length. That's like 6 shows almost identically the same. Also on the 1993 legs of UYI, Nightrain and ISO are heavily left out. Perhaps some of you careen towards UYI because of the novelty back then and Axl's voice... ...but NITL heavily outweighs UYI for me. It spans up to 28 songs and we get deep-cuts and all the hits. The only bad thing is CD songs (in case of 3+) What do you think?
  9. Best Version of KOHD.

    Wembley 1992 is the best one.
  10. This footage is awesome. Does anyone know what concerts does it come from? THe one with large crowd and the very end where Axl throws the mic. Seems like Wembley or some 1991 shows...
  11. What? People actually saying that Madagascar is reminiscent of UYI-era GNR? That song is the least GNR song for me... For real! Even Prostitute seems more like GNR...
  12. Has Axl lost his piano chops?

    I don't know if anyone noticed, but he changed the arrangement for the NR intro... I don't like it very much. It's so raw and does not have a flow.
  13. It's interesting how convoluted relationship GNR fans have with GNR. We want to hear the the unreleased demos of a record the majority of GNR fans hate - Chinese Democracy, but don't want new music to follow that direction. On the other hand, we don't want the unreleased demos of a record the majority of GNR fans like - Appetite for Destruction, but we want new music to follow that direction. lol...