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  1. Alice Cooper with Izzy on vocals

    Can anyone supply me on additional info on the supposed forthcoming album by Alice Cooper featuring appearances by Axl, Slash, Duff and Izzy?
  2. Happy birthday Slash!

    Happy birthday Slash! You are the best!
  3. The future for Guns?

    I'd rather see AFD5 than new music. Fuck me right?
  4. The future for Guns?

    AFD5! Nothing more, nothing less!
  5. A natural progression of World On Fire... Yeah... more like World On Fire leftovers!
  6. GNR are GNR! They cannot be categorized by any merit. Are they bigger than Stones? Objectively - NO. On the other hand - if earning 500 mil (and surpassing Stones) based on ONE album isn't quality over quantity - I don't know what is. The bigger picture - the nuGnr era was detrimental to GNR legacy. So if you look at it from another perspective, GNR exits only 10 years (1985-93 + 2016-18). Their legacy is not finished... yet!
  7. Congrats November Rain! Truly a masterpiece. Well deserved!
  8. I always thought that it would be a lifetime pass to GNR concerts....
  9. Oddest? More like most-deserving one...
  10. OP here. Wow! So we're basically almost with each at 100 votes. Given that this is a GNR forum, it's quite an accomplishment for Scott, and partially an advantage in his favor. Anyways, it's interesting to see the consensus overall.
  11. Tuning in. November Rain!
  12. Let's admit it, once you strip off the novelty of Slither, deep inside you know you careen towards Scott.
  13. What do you think? I give a slight edge to Scott. If it were rasp, I'd give to to Axl.