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  1. Let's hope he likes it and stays there permanently.
  2. It's in Cali. The gym owner is Bradley Martyn. He has a youtube channel.
  3. Get Josh as a GNR drummer... NOW!
  4. Live recordings from NITL

    Anyone got a link for Nightrain from Coachella?
  5. Wow, I don't think anyone could have said it any better. This takes the cake.
  6. I couldn't agree more! I remember it was the 26th June the tour started and that was the exact day my summer break started as well. Needles to say, GNR being my favorite band, that year was a heaven, that summer the bliss. I spent entire summer waking up, since I was different time zone (Europe), to find countless videos and miles of discussion on the forum threads. Every single video I watched brought me immense joy. I would watch videos all day... being a useless fuck whole summer. And it was the best of times - I don't regret it at all. And I remember waking up in 6th of July to find that Steven has joined them on stage. That was the pinnacle for me. I wish the band would recharge the batteries and appear in 2020. Cut the setlist to 2hrs, play mainly AFD and UYI and for Axl to rasp the shit out of it. No Slash solos or jams. Just own it. That's it. A man can dream... like you said!
  7. Was it at 1:10? What was on the banner?
  8. Oh my God... this brings so many chills! Let's be honest, the NA leg was the only proper leg of the tour before they started going autopilot mode. This is what real GNR feels like - unpredictability, Axl running around and most of all - listen to his voice! Fuck...
  9. Was it the one where Axl walks the entire runway behind the drum set? I don't know what city it was in.
  10. I'd say the full circle came with Axl singing Slither.
  11. Happy 30th anniversary to Lies!

    Anyone thinks the acoustic version from the remaster of Lies is better than the original 'acoustic' (that actually has some electric guitars on it).?
  12. Velvet Revolver is probably my favorite rock band after Guns N' Roses. I adore the music, the members, the style, the attitude... everything! I like it way more than Slash's solo endeavors. But this is such a hard topic to discuss. Will they reconvene? No. Slash is in GNR now. I'd like him to channel his creative outputs into new music. Should they? No. Out of respect to Scott, they shouldn't. He's irreplaceable and the least I'd like to hear is someone cover his songs. We've seen Axl do it on Slither and it's not the best thing, but that's GNR so it's acceptable. In VR, not so much. I've never seen Velvet Revolver live, that's why I have some kind of unfulfilled nostalgia. I'd like to see VR exist at least in some capacity - release demos with Corey Taylor or something. It's too great of an asset to let it die just like that. If anything, Slash should ditch SMKC for VR. FUN FACT: I remember back in the day, circa 2012 when I was obsessed with VR. I always dreamed of them reuniting, interesting enough that was the time they were actively searching for new singer. Even years prior to that. Also at that time I used to listen to Sixx: A.M. (still do to this day) and whatever anyone of you might say - James Michael is the best rock singer nowadays. He simply kicks ass. He's got it all - the voice, the style, charisma... isn't like Myles. If anyone should ever try singing in some capacity, it should be him - at least just record the album without touring. Oh nostalgia... my dear friend. And I remember asking Matt Sorum on Twitter what he thinks of him. This was his response...
  13. When wasn't Civil War played, aside from Troubadour? And YCBM?