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  1. Best: Dust In The Wind Wild Horses It's Alright Worst: I Feel Good Black Hole Sun The Seeker
  2. These guys should make a band
  3. I don't know. Charisma, something... I've never meet a person in my life more unique than him. EDIT: Not met really, just metaphor
  4. Oh I remember. He didn't say anything negative, just that they are YES-MEN. Also ghosts, like you never see them Also, he said that Frank was the nicest guy ever and that he'd push him down the stairs.
  5. I'd trade new songs for cutting KOHD down to 5 min.
  6. Wasn't that like in 2018 and it was an Appetite remaster? Or am I losing my mind?
  7. What do you mean? I don't remember him saying anything a about her. BTW. It's appetite for distortion, not official GNR account.
  8. No Who's Dean Koontz and whats it about?
  9. I just realized Melissa's 35 years old. Today.
  10. To be honest Id be more excited if they opened with Jungle than playd a new song. Just bring some of thay energy back, fuck's sake... ...but then again it would suck because shows in us start in broad daylight. No teasing, nothing spectacular...
  11. uhm... don't forget those arenas came after the 2nd US leg and they were more than 90% sold out...
  12. Well, of course... what do you mean exactly?
  13. more like something between Libertad and Chinese...
  14. Absolutely. Both CD and Libertad have songs that are better than UYI, that is not to say that the UYI's best is worse than Libertad's or CD's best, but that's exactly what I think the new album would sound like. Not like Appetite and not like UYI but somewhere between Libertad and CD once they refurbish those CD leftovers.
  15. Yeah, well, even though I listened to YouTube recordings of Corey doing Slither and other GNR material, he never cut it for me as a VR singer. I don't know whether or not you listened to James Michael and Sixx: A.M. but that guy knows how to sing... he isn't raspy as Corey but definitely has that Scott sound to his voice and can reach higher octaves. Also a better singing ability, songwriting not so much...