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  1. i´m spechless, just end the band i can´t stand watching him again whit guns, he´s playng its so unnecessary on is own (can´t even express myself)
  2. do you think they will do rock in rio in lisbon ?
  3. My favourite part of this forum is the people whining about other people whining
  4. something about having sang that song last year in portugal, lisbon
  5. Great show yesterday: - loved the setlist, those fiirst 4-5 song really get the crowd going and whole lotta rosie was nice surprise wich no one expected after hearing the soudcheck. - the band sounded good, axl being a little flat at some points, but that was to be expected and didn´t hurt the show at all. They all had great energy on stage, I wasn´t expecting richard fortus to be as good as was on stage, I knew he was a very good guitar player, but I was surprise to see him interact alot with the crowd and jumping all the time. - the organization of the show wasn´t that good since we got looked between barriers for hours, and that made it very difficult to go get food, water and to go to the bathroom, but inside the venue itself it was alot better, the secutity would give us cups of water and we could leave the golden circle and mantain our spot very easily. - regarding the openers, tyler braynt was amazing on stage even tough i tought some of their songs weren´t very original. mark lanegen had a different song, more complex whit unusual melodies that dont really work for an opening act for a band whit high energy like gn´r - bassicly for a first seing gnr live i loved and even caugt duff´s pick , but todat me and other 59 000 people are puting lotion our sunburns.
  6. http://blitz.sapo.pt/principal/update/2017-06-03-Guns-N-Roses-ao-vivo-no-Passeio-Maritimo-de-Alges-25-anos-depois-as-pazes-estao-feitas-3