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    Yeah fuck this band. I'll still listen to the same tracks I always have because I love them, and honesty it's all we got anyway. I mean Axl will sit there and bitch about the Trump admin killing 80,000 (although the virus did it actually as it did all over the globe, and Trump had no hand in that), but at the same time go forward with a concert in Mexico when every other tour was getting postponed even then. Where was his sympathy for human beings let alone fans at that time? The band or management or whoever blocks fans from enjoying their concerts and footage in a time when EVERY band in existence is doing something for the their fans. Not for money or publicity, but for the enjoyment for the fans that are pretty bummed out right now. Personally I'm fortunate in that I am in IT working for a tech company, and we have been working remotely since the 2nd week of March. So financially and productivity wise I'm good. Even still "cabin fever" is REAL thing. Mentally it puts a load on you, and especially when your office is home. You essentially never leave your home or work. I can't even begin too tell you how joyous it would be for me to check out the concerts from their/my heyday. In fact even for the CD era fans there would be a ton of enjoyment for fans during that time period. All we get is feign virtue signalling to "show compassion", but deep down they don't give a shit. As witnessed by the shirt. It is NOT about charity, and even if it were we are talking pennies to the dollar they would make from it. On top that the "charity" would more than likely be their crew. Which is fine, but don't put it out there like you are going to give to charity to try and feed the world. I wouldn't even put it past them to concoct this scheme to stay relevant in media during down time. Instead of you know actually releasing music too stay relevant. This whole band is bullshit now. To me anyway. To close this is not even about pro-Trump vs anti-Trump. If you love the shirt and hate Trump more power to you. Buy a box of them, and hand them out on the street corner if you want. Just do it wearing a mask and gloves, or GnR might put you on a shirt. This is my personal decision, and to use the GnR favorite word say "Fuck you" back. It's been real, and have really enjoyed this community regardless of what side of the fence each of you are on (Classic era vs NuGnR era, Anti-Trump vs Pro-Trump). Even you Rock n Roll keyboardists . The shirt is not why I'm done with this band. I think for myself, and have NEVER looked to celebrity's for political views. No matter what side of the fence an artist is on I can still enjoy art, be it music or film, that touches me personally. I could care less of the political views of any artist. They have just as much a right to their opinions or views as anyone else. I am not also one to scream "leave politics out of it". Politics have played a role in music since rock n roll was born (you can even say it started with Blues). It is just the last straw for me in a mound of straw. Anyway I am certain no one really cares whether a user still listed as "newbie" with only 40 posts comes around or not. With @Gambit83 interviews, and @RussTCB podcasts on my radar there is no need to come back for band news that's for sure. I guess I will come back when a new album is upon us. Of course I'm sure my account will become disabled due to no activity before then. PEACE OUT!
  2. MY GOD THE SLASH JAM! Whatever you think of Axl's voice, or the rest of the band. It's worth a listen to get to the Slash jam when he is introduced!
  3. Yeah at the time I was psyched about Faith No More too (had no idea then that The Black Crowes were even a consideration) , but with Guns and Metallica on the bill that was all I needed. I got into Faith the 1st album Patton joined as the singer. So yeah I was ecstatic over all of it.
  4. Sounds like we are pretty much the same, but flipped flopped. Metallica came 1st for me because I found out about them listening to an alt college radio station before I knew of Guns. Like a lot of others though once I heard Appetite all bets were off. You can imagine how out of my mind I was when the big tour with two of them was announced. Then I found out later down the road that my other band, The Black Crowes, were considered (maybe even asked?) to join. I was still disappointed that did not happen even years later after learning of this. HA!
  5. Metallica was "my band" before Guns (my 1st heavy metal concert was on their Damaged Justice Tour in '89). At the start of my teenage years their heavy fast sound was right up my ally. Then of course came Guns and they gave me the classic rock/hard rock/heavy metal/punk fix all in one band.
  6. Meanwhile on Metallica's YouTube Channel (FREE): - Metallica: Live in Paris, France - September 8, 2017 - Metallica LIVE from ACL Music Fest 2018 on Red Bull TV These are just a couple of live sets on their YouTube channel. Move on over to their Met Club (also free to join) and I can and did download for FREE: - 30 Years of Justice (entire Justice for All tracks live dating from late 80's to close to present date) - WorldWired in Europe: 2017-2018 (Live WorldWired tour from 8 various concerts) And to top it off I just paid $50 to join their vinyl club that ships four 7” vinyl records featuring rare, demo, and live cuts from the vault throughout the year (you could have also opted for all 4 at once). These are handpicked tracks that you can not buy in stores or even on their site. Also through the year you will receive extra's like picks, stickers, posters, etc... Guns tops all of my other favorite bands by a mile, but it is like an abusive relationship. I just keep finding excuses to stick around. Waiting for them to do stuff like Metallica. And I know it's never going to happen. Yet I'm still here...
  7. HA! As a forum member I log into to check the EXACT same things everyday. And like you I am disappointed everyday. I don't even bother with google because I know there is another nut job forum member here that is constantly hitting "Refresh" on the "New Guns-n-Roses Album" google search to do it for me.
  8. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    It was packed. Not sure what picture the person saw, but was probably well before Guns came on. We were in the bathroom, beer, and shirt line nearly the entire set for Shooter so can't really say how many people came in early. By the time Guns came on though it was packed rafter to rafter. A ton of energy too. From the crowd and band. On some songs you actually hear the crowd singing along over the band! It was a GREAT show!
  9. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    I thought this show was better than the ATL 2016 as far as set list and quality. Not so much better as far as excitement is concerned since ATL was the first time I had seen Guns in concert since '92. I thought Axl kicked ass, and really love that I got to see DTJ live. That song was on our heads all night/morning/next day. Seeing Shadow and Slither live was great too. Also this was my 4th Guns show (2nd NITL), and oddly enough this is the first time I saw Don't Cry live. So that was awesome. I assume we can't upload video from a phone? It has to be a link? I would really love to upload Shadow of your Love. Not so much for a pro shot, but just so everyone can hear the rasp and energy coming from Axl on that song (recorded from Slash side upper and jittery because I rock out and don't really pay attention to where my phone is pointing if I even record at all). I also LOVED Slash blues jam this show. Was different than the Johnny B Good he usually does, and really had a lot of soul in it. It only strengthened my desire to hear Slash lay down a pure blues album. I think it would become instantly one of the best blues album made.
  10. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    It definitely is, but not really needed. My wife is the perfect wife. She put's up with my G'n'R listening pool parties, guitar players pool parties, cranking my Marshall to 11, and taking off at the drop of a hat to see a concert. Although G'n'R is pretty much the only band I'll take off for at the drop of a Top Hat. On top of all that she has surprised me with 2 of my most prized guitars. And she is great shape for any lady much less one in her mid 40's with 2 kids. So an excuse is not really needed, but it surely helps that the cost is low and not far from home. FYI...If I hear someone speaking with a down under accent then I'll be sure to say hello!
  11. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    Will be there with some buddies (1 of whom was with me at '92 for big tour and 2 at 2016 "reunion" in ATL). Didn't get suckered into club for pre-sale this go around, and came out with cheaper and better seats Slash side. We also have a room booked about a block from Spectrum Arena. The whole trip split between is $230. Can't beat that for guys night out to G'n'R show. If you see a dude in late 40's with an original '92 GnR/Metallica Tour shirt (yes it is from '92), and 2 other older dudes (I'm sure there will be plenty) say hi. Or if you are one of those keyboardist that constantly defend 2 others in this band we can meet out in the parking lot and fight.