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  1. That's because it is a ROCK show! The more guitars (and less keyboards and synths) the better! Stick that in your pleasure room...
  2. FFS! I'm sorry I have offended all you keyboardist and synth players. If you actually read everyone of my previous posts I preface them all with the fact these are my personal tastes in music. I am also quite aware of all theses bands having keyboards and synths, and personally I can ignore those in music. I also prefaced nearly all my posts that I am a fan, and these are not my bands. You guys like them, I don't. No need to call my preference a shit idea. My opinion is having all that is a shit idea, but again that's my preference in rock. Again we are hijacking thread so I'm truly done this time. Just know that all the insults and so called educating me on where and when keyboard are used with rock bands will never change my tastes in music. It's not a big deal for me either way. I have 4 guitars, and when I pick them up and play them everyday there is not a keyboard in sight (well my sons is in the same room but not played). That satisfies me the same as listening to G'n'R while ignoring the keyboard and synths. Don't like them, and nothing you say will make me. I'm really not sure why it is so important to all those commenting on my tastes that I do.
  3. Quite aware. My fellow gunners and myself use to fuss about it being there in 87 as well. Just unnecessary for my tastes. Do you know that the rest of the album is a kick ass hard rock album without it? Like I said in previous post. What can I do about it? Nothing...not my band... At any rate... Sorry to high jack the thread @RussTCB. The back and forth discussion between members that have nothing to do with the thread really annoys the shit out of me so I'm done.
  4. I don't mind Dizzy by the way. He has that honky tonk swing to his playing that a southerner like myself can get behind. However that's what Axl is there for on piano so I really see no need for him either. As far as synth/sampler is concerned... complete garbage in hard rock music and especially Guns'n'fn'Roses! EDIT: This is also no knock on Melissa in case you millennial's want to jump on here claiming me as a sexist. I think she is sweet, and just doing the job Axl asks of her. Just see no need for synths, but totally find it sacrilegious to even have it in G'n'R. Same as when Pittman was in the band. Although full disclosure... I wasn't paying much attention during the Pittman era so much of what Guns did then went unnoticed by myself as well as other older Guns fans not on forums.
  5. Yes I understand keyboards can do all of that. My point is I don't need to hear sound effects or orchestras in my hard rock music selections. As far as guitars, bass lines, and drums being synthesized... Why the hell do that when you already have a guitar player, bass player, and drummer? I have never purchased or listened to the Chemical Brothers, and damn sure don't want to hear that nonsense in my hard rock music listening enjoyment. Much less G'n'R music. Maybe you do, but I have no need for it. Hence answering your question of what's wrong with 2 keyboardists. ..Also the above may read like I am arguing (or appears I think you are), but I am not and I know you are not either. Just fully explaining my opinion on the question posed....
  6. Eh... To each his own. Personally I think adding a 3rd guitar would be better for adding to a hard rock band's sound. But what can I do? Not my band. Just my favorite band...
  7. For starters it's 2 too many. Especially for Guns'n'Roses! ...Or any hard rock band for that matter