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  1. Thanks....I will use it ....for my own...purposes
  2. Loooool . Poor Richard. She should have hashtagged (is that even a word?) Izzy
  3. Yeah, me too haha. Like those guys I saw at both Axl/DC and Phil Rudd's shows. Black ACDC shirts, old jeans and denim jackets they've been proudly wearing for the past 30 years . Somebody of them must lurk here (or somebody from this thread is a traitor ) because I came across a couple of my gifs on the ACDC forum some time ago . The same goes for the Czech fan forum where a report from me and @Lumikki talking to Beta about Axl was shared. (So, hi lurkers ) @money honey Enjoy the show!!! I still am a little bit hungover after mine
  4. @MyPrettyTiedUpMichelle Haha yeah. They discussed clothes almost as much as we did. Some of them even wanted Axl to wear Brian Johnson's workmen's outfit. Can you imagine that? Yiss yiss! On the other hand....that's the same as me trying to figure out why Slash like Myles Kennedy . Yeah, Myles may be a good singer, a nice person, blahblah but I really can't care less. No charisma, no stage presence, nothing. (Hi, @BorderlineCrazy ) And by no means is the new music for SMKC. Rehearsing new music for Myles with half (or more) of GNR on their tour behind Axl's back while he's sleeping in his huge bed at the hotel? Lol. No way. (But still, Axl, if you're reading this, you may be doing soudchecks again, just in case . Although....why do I bother giving you advice when you didn't bother tweeting "thank you, Europe" as if the tour meant nothing to you? )
  5. ACDC forum is hilarious . I love it! They are even worse than GNR fans. I've saved some of my fav posts I really laughed hard when they seriously discussed that Axl would never be a good rock singer because he plays the piano. And what a disgrace it was bringing a piano player into a band such as ACDC. Moreover, accoding to them Axl has no charisma and stage presence whatsoever. But it's understandable, I would freak out too if Axl was replaced with Myles Kennedy. "I wonder if Axl brought out the piano to serenade Angus? ;)" I also remember a thread about the length of Angus's tie which was later locked so a new thread discussing the locking of the tie thread appeared. "His uniform at the Greensboro show looks super cool, but the length of his tie is now becoming ridiculous. Almost down to his knees!" Which reminds me....Axl's outfits...this sounds really funny given the fact that Axl changed his shirts only once during each show - before the encore: "They probably have one truck extra now; for Axl's wardrobe" "How extravagant, considering Brians entire wardrobe consisted of 1 pair of black jeans & t-shirt" But as you've already said, many of them loved the job he did for ACDC (which doesn't mean all of them want him to continue with the band though) "To me the most telling moment of the show was when Axl hit his massive Let There Be Rooooooooooooooock! When he finished the crowd blew up. I've never seen a crowd pop at a /DC show over a vocal. Axl has won." "I'll be honest, I really hope we get a Young/Young/Rose collaboration. No way Angus is stopping and he seems genuinely happy up there with Axl. There was one point when they were next to each other fucking around and Ang's look on his face was pure joy." Some of the fans even complained about Axl being too good which only made Brian look bad since Axl was nailing every song the way Brian had never been able to. They've also discussed Duff possibly joining the band and no, they are NOT ready for him giraffin' around: "Duff McKagan is 6`3. I don`t want to see that giant on stage with Angus." "Duff is a nice singer but he is really toooooo tall to stand next to Abgus on stage." And this is a typical post that appears in almost every thread: "I'm done. This site is just too full of cynical cunts who don't really deserve this band any more." Sounds familiar, right?