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  1. Yeah, I remember that they didn't wish happy b-day to Axl this year. Only to Duff, Slash, Steven, Del and Gio. Lol Isn't that the same girl who hands out guitar pics during the show not giving a fuck if you're showing her the nightrain lanyard? That would explain a lot Seriously, their social media and communication with fans should be done better. Do you remember the cool short videos (highly influenced by what acdc did lol) after each show last year? Or the interviews with each member except for the big three? It's like everything is done only halfway or they just don't care (or have no idea) that much of the fans. Dammit, Axl, pick a random person from this thread to run the social media and make sure they'll do much better job.
  2. It's Gio's b-day . So happy birthday, Gio and thank you for not kicking my ass after I have held three banners at the shows
  3. I feel like he has always used such a different voice when telling a story or explaining something. Just like this old rant, you can also hear him sounding like an impersonator even though nowadays he's not that angry anymore and that may be the reason it sounds like a stand up comedy to you