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  1. R.I.P Kobe Bryant

    A joy to watch thanks for the memories .Iconic.Sad sad day
  2. Is their a tougher ticket then these guys these days ?Tried to get tickets a couple years ago when they played Seattle for 2 stadium shows sold out immediately.Got a pair for both LA shows for this tour through verified fan went online out of curiosity This am and every single show is completely sold out for this coming tour.One of my all time fave bands and have seen them numerous times over the years they never disappoint
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    Slash has a new interview on guitar.com where he states that nothing definite in regards what to do with new music that’s been recorded.
  4. Rumors were true ,official announcement of tour just happened.Looks like tickets will end up only in fans hands and the secondary market will be shut out or at least that’s what the band is trying to do.i apologize I’m not very savvy with tech don’t know how to attach links but it’s out there
  5. Sounds like a spring U.S. tour announcement is coming next week .Been a long time since they’ve come to L.A. hoping rumors are true .2 dates in L.A. area in mid April
  6. New Ozzy song "Straight to hell"

    Title song of new album is out ,collaboration with Elton John I dug it.Not great at attaching links but run a search and you can hear it for yourself
  7. Killer locomotive,first time in 27 years too wow now for some dead horse and hard school .Not an easy song to sing and Axl definitely pulled it off and the band sounded great
  8. Bummer to hear but it happens ,addiction is a horrible thing that everyone whose battled it can say ,you’re never in the clear just day to day no matter how many years out .Best of luck to him
  9. Difficult not to be skeptical and have low to no expectations of this being true if history over the last 25 years has taught us anything .Ill believe it when I hear it
  10. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    I used to think the same the other night at the palladium I was pleasantly surprised it was passable to good
  11. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    Hope u have a great time I remember when my folks sometimes wouldn’t let me go to shows It was crushing ,glad your finally able to scratch it off the bucket list
  12. Finally someone seen the same show I was at .The place was packed crowd was engaged and I thought the band sounded great so did my 3 buddies I went with .I get on here and the sky is falling ,trip
  13. Maiden is a killer live band for sure was at the la show previous Saturday they sounded great as usual just not a huge fan of stadium shows .But as far as last night idk I feel like I was at a different show then a lot of people to me he sounded ok my buddy’s thought the same and the crowd seemed pretty into it I saw Metallica a couple years ago at palladium as well and would put guns show as on par or better and sans the occasional mosh pit the crowd just as if not more engaged
  14. I don’t know to me Axl was not mailing it in he’s freaking 57 time is freaking undefeated I was at the show and in no way was that man not giving all he had he sure sounded pretty good to my ears and seemed to be having a blast up on stage .Who the hell knows maybe he’s got a few extra pounds because of side effects to medications to help treat some sort of mental illness .When I was down and out I got on meds and gained 25 lbs in a short period of time I was able to come off the meds and the weight came off maybe he can’t get off the meds just saying we don’t know him and to make assumptions that the man is lazy and doesn’t care and that’s why he’s gained weight is a bit unfair he was always in great shape until the last decade I guess I’m speculating but maybe it’s a side effect he didn’t look like a guy who doesn’t care last night
  15. Last night was a fun show in a more intimate setting .I had a great time as did my buddy’s but like others have stated it’s basically the same show for the last 3 years .I got slither (which went over great with the crowd and sounded solid ) shadow of your love and witchita lineman which I didn’t hear during previous 2 shows .What made this show a good experience for me was it’s setting .Having a chance to see Guns in a stripped down show was the only real reason I wanted to go .Having seen them over 10 times over a 30 year period I wouldn’t have attempted to go if show was at the forum or staples .The band sounded great Axl had his moments great and so so but overall he was pretty good and seemed to be in great spirits and more talkative then in recent past .The crowd seemed to eat it up and was lively though there was a lull during the later of half of set when things slow down considerably and a few parole made their way to exists but not many and most (probably 90%) stayed and were very involved .Idk or I doubt I’ll try and see them again not because it wasn’t a good show because eventually it reaches a saturation point .Just hoping for new music at some point