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  1. Sounded killer.Great energy.Looks like the fans are it up too
  2. Ghost

    Yeah it’s on page 2 now not great or even good at posting links but it’s there
  3. Ghost

    Just announced a pretty extensive tour of the U.S details on blabbermouth website .
  4. Classless Act

    Slash’s son band playing a free show at a brewery down the street from my pad next Sunday.Brouweri West in San Pedro my buddy’s daughters band is on the bill as well .He also said that Robert Trujillos son band was as well but not sure about that .just throwing it out there for those who may want to check them out
  5. Great bounce back performance tonight .Kudos ,Axl brought it and they sounded very good .I was worried after the other night but it looks like just knocking some rust off.
  6. Ghost

    They come to town (la) in a few months I may hit up show if I can make it.My buddy who took Maiden ticket off my hand came away very impressed by them live much like you and was not familiar with any of their music
  7. Ghost

    Gave the band a few listens last year because I was supposed to see them open for Maiden had to cancel last second so didn’t see them live but they’re new album has been playing non stop since last week .love it
  8. Glad I caught a couple shows earlier in the tour he sounded decent in Vegas and great at dodger stadium.Last night was atrocious.Imagine if last night was only time you ever seen them this tour,what a bitter taste that would leave.Hopefully it was just an off night due to being rusty or a cold of some sorts.If this is how he’s going to sound getting close to having to think about hanging it up.
  9. Thanks .Yeah they seem to really care about the fans and they always have something different to offer after all these years .Fingers crossed they make it my way
  10. You ain’t lying .Love this band live and think it’s awesome how they have been revisiting classic eras recently and doing tours around them .On top of that they still put out new music and tour around it and focus heavily on the new music during those shows seen them a couple times on book of souls and they were just as great as ever.Just a great band I hope they have plans to bring this tour to the states next year I haven’t heard anything yet ?You ?
  11. From the videos I’ve seen glad I didn’t go my buddy hit me up yesterday to go .Hard to burn candle at both ends as I’ve gotten older and it being a work night I passed .They sound like a poor cover band to my ears.Havent heard back from my buddy to see if he had a good time
  12. Somewhat disappointed that this is the first “new single “ from the band in 10 years and it’s a song that’s 3 decades old.As for the song itself it’s just ok hard to make out what Axl is singing as far as the lyrics go the rhythm is pretty solid but it’s not nearly as good as anything on afd so I think that’s why it was in fact left off the album
  13. I don’t believe we will ever get a full reunion of the afd 5 or any new material from them in the foreseeable future .They have given us zero reason to believe otherwise not going to get my hopes up until they prove otherwise
  14. Plans after July 2018

    Like others have already stated think this will be it for the foreseeable future.I don’t think we will ever get any new music from them after all we’ve got 1 album in 25+years so I don’t think that’s going to change .Maybe a farewell tour so to speak in a couple years.
  15. Great day.Exciting times for sure.Kind of seems like it’s all winding down now was a fun 2 years.Very successful tour and everyone pretty much had a chance to see them together as they covered a whole lot of ground