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  1. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    The new Pearl Jam album pretty much on repeat.Also listened to a couple songs from Chester Bennington’ pre Linkin Park band Grey Daze ,love the 2 songs on Spotify
  2. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Hope your cousins and friend get better soon and your are ok.No doubt a terrible time for everyone
  3. COVID-19 Outbreak

    How could the United States already have passed China in fatalities where the outbreak happened?Maybe if China was more truthful many innocent people wouldn’t have died.This is some scary unprecedented times for all of us.I don’t think we can go back to some sense of “normalcy” until some sort of effective antiviral is found coupled with tests that yield immediate results (like a flu or strep swab ) in order to get this somewhat under control.Be safe fellow Gunners
  4. Last full album you listened to?

    Pearl Jam Gigaton it’s growing on me with each listen.One of my all time favorites especially live.
  5. Same here,standout track for me as well.Listened to album with headphones for the fourth time today and for a band that’s in its 30th year or so they still put out good new music .Wish the Gunners would do the same
  6. As far as the album it’s Pearl Jam and I love some stuff on each and every one their albums and love a lot of their albums in their entirety.This one is no exception,it’s different that’s for sure but I like a handful of songs and thinking the others will grow on me with repeated listens
  7. Yeah I’m holding tickets to 3 of their shows and I’m with you 100 percent.Im thinking everything gets pushed back at least till 2021.Lets hope we’re wrong and things get better sooner,but it sure looks like this is not going anywhere, anytime soon .Scary unprecedented times for sure
  8. New albums out for those that want to give it a listen.Had it on in the background yesterday going to give it a listen with some headphones today.One of favorite bands of all time ,especially live
  9. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    For now just the two Pearl Jam dates at the Forum.No word on the Crue /Leppard show ,Black Crowes or Ohana with Pearl Jam.All those shows are in September hopeful that we can have some sort of normalcy by then but like everyone else not sure how this is going to all play out
  10. COVID-19 Outbreak

    My family owns and operates a small bakery in so cal we could technically stay open and do take out which most of our business is but the anxiety I was feeling at work last weekend was through the roof and business had slowed to a crawl so we collectively decided to shut it down .We usually close for 3/4 weeks in the summer so hoping things get better and we’ll just skip our yearly vacation but unfortunately this looks like just the beginning.Scary ,unprecedented times for sure good luck to all fellow members getting through this time
  11. I just took my boys Sunday to a Laker game Sunday with 20,000 people and I was walking out of a game I started to feel a little anxious thinking about the virus and if I made a mistake in going and taking my kids.Maybe I did ,going forward I won’t do it again ,no major events for me or my kids until it’s deemed that this threat it somewhat under control like others have said I’ll listen to the experts on this one.I was actually relived that Pearl Jam postponed their tour and I’m a huge fan holding tickets to both Los Angeles shows.The threat seems legitimate to me and the cancellations ,postponements are the right thing to do if it can halt the spread of the disease to a certain extent
  12. Voted no.Hope that I’m wrong and that we at least get a single.The reality is us as fans have gotten one studio album worth of original material in almost 30 years hard to be optimistic at this point.
  13. The Outsider

    Slow burn after episode 1 but definitely look forward to Sunday nights watching each and every episode.Home stretch coming up 2 episodes to go
  14. They’re not the only band struggling in terms of sales for a stadium tour .The Stones maps on Ticketmaster have equally as many blue dots or unsold seats for most of their shows as the Guns shows do .At least at the 6 or 7 that I checked out of curiosity