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  1. Exact reason I gave away my ticket for upcoming show.kind of over the whole nostalgia thing it was cool while it lasted caught a couple shows on the tour had a great time but definitely reached a saturation point.and the recent videos are pretty underwhelming in regards to Axl’s voice
  2. Tom Petty Pronounced Dead

    Damn.Awful.Just seen him a couple weeks ago at a music festival and he sounded and looked fantastic.rip.
  3. I usually stay away from YouTube recordings of shows but checked out some vids from last nights show and that was downright awful.WTF happened ??Thinking of selling my ticket to Forum show later this year if last night was any indication of what I’ll be hearing .Sad
  4. Your concerts in 2017

    Kabob music festival in Del Mar.Getting a little old for 3 day festivals but it was fun nonetheless and seen some bands I've wanted to see that I've never seen.My girlfriend was dying to see Pink live so I bought us tickets for her birthday.I was pleasantly suprised her music is not my thing but she put on a great show.I was able to catch a few songs of Muse to begin and their last 2 songs I just don't get the love for them they were just meh to me.Ice Cube and of course RHCP I enjoyed .Live I've always wanted to see they were solid.Tom Petty wrapped it all up last night
  5. Misfits

    Yeah only show in North America this year.Cant or don't how to attach links but it was on blabbermouth this am tickets on sale Friday I believe
  6. Misfits

    Show at the Forum in LA Dec 30th .
  7. It looks like out to get me is no longer part of the set.Can't remember the last time they played it.Personally it was my favorite song they played when I seen them last.Hopefully they'll start to put it back in rotation again soon .
  8. U2 puts on a great live show .Seen them twice most recently on their arena tour a few years back at the Forum.I really don't get the hate if you've never seen them live how could you possibly hate something you've never experienced.Theres a reason that they continue to sell out stadiums all over the world .Theyre the same 4 guys and they continue to put out new music and each tour is a different experience .I wish we had more bands like them .They could've quit creating new music ages ago and sold out arenas if not stadiums but they keep trying to create something new.Their last album I enjoyed and the life experience that went with it was incredible
  9. That place looks absolutely packed.I guess management knew what they were doing when they booked this 2nd leg of stadium shows.I was under the impression that this leg wasn't selling that greatly but the turnouts have been fantastic so far for all the shows.To put it into perspective a bit Green Day played their hometown a week ago amd they had to close the whole upper deck there was probably a little over 20,000 in attendance for their Oakland show.
  10. the doors

    Of one my favorites Not a weak album in their discography imo.Like others have already mentioned so much variety and it all blends together so well.
  11. Best debut albums from the classic rock era?

    Think the Doors self titled debut fits in that group Jimi Hendrix Are You Experienced?as well
  12. Hope u have a great time ,they still can bring it
  13. Went to Rose Bowl show last night .Getting into that place always sucks and last night was no exception .Caught a few songs of Avenged Sevenfold was hoping to catch entire set but took forever to get to our seat ,they sounded good and had the crowd going bummed I missed a majority of their set.As far as Metallica what I could add that hasn't been said already ?not much .They are just a fantastic live bad ,I've seen them many times over the years starting in 88 as a young but when they opened for Ozzy they were fantastic then and just as incredible last night .They sounded great ,James sounds nearly identical to his prime what's strange is I seen them a few months back at the Palladium and thought that he lost a noticeable amount of power in his voice but last night he and the band sounded just as good as their prime years .Ive been fortunate to see quite a few bands over the years and for me personally they are the best live band out there.The place was absolutely packed and I didn't see a single person sitting down the whole show .
  14. I'll go Tool ,I honestly don't think we'll ever get another full album of new material from Guns.Could've swore I read somewhere that Tool was "close" to finishing up their next album but hit a snag .Sound familiar ?
  15. When I went to see them play in Vegas I had almost nothing to go on for over 20 years .I had seen Guns 5 times over a short period from opening for The Stones and concluding with their shows with Metallica .I remember Axl as being one who could run around like a madman and still sing with incredible power .With the first Vegas show I thought that he sounded ok but walked away thinking time is undefeated and he had lost quite a bit of power but he was still passable .Fast forward 4 months to Dodger Stadium and I was blown away at his performance.It was if time had stood still in a sense .I thought he sounded fantastic for his age and any age for that matter for a majority of the songs .I rarely watch videos from other shows but follow the tour /setlsit etc on here .The other night was excited like many on here for the Apollo show I checked out quite a few videos and played the audio while driving and the loss of power is very noticeable to me in many songs .The first thing I noticed when I seen Metallica a few months back at the Palladium for the first time in 15 years was how much power James Hetfiled had lost in his voice but he still sounds passable and I'm curious to see /hear again next week if there's improvement .As far as Axl is concerned he still sounds passable even good on some songs to me but if it gets any worse on certain songs is it time to retire them live ?ycbm ,scom are 2 that come to mine after listening the other night .