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  1. Release a new album.Include 4-6 new songs off of said new album.Scratch all the covers include a different song of off lies a couple of uyi ‘s deeper cuts a new song off of TSI,play AFD in its entirety.Play one or 2 max CD songs.
  2. Their show from Irvine Damaged Justice tour is up on YouTube must watch imo.For me that was peak Metallica seen them at Irvine and Long Beach for that tour not sure if night on youtube is show I saw as they played three nights but they rocked that place.I had seen them open for Ozzy after MOP was released and was hooked.One of my fave live bands with Maiden and Pearl Jam
  3. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    Looks like you were right unless something is announced super late.This band .....,I often wonder why I still bother ...lightning in a bottle for 5 years three decades ago and mostly headaches ever since although the reunion shows were good and fun the 4 I saw but I think I’m just kind of done.
  4. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    Next Monday they will announce new dates and give us the option for a refund for which we will have 30 days from that date to get one or hold onto tickets for new date
  5. COVID-19 Outbreak

    My 79 year old aunt is now covid negative she only had marginal symptoms.Her roommate in her assisted living facility unfortunately passed away two days ago.Just crazy how some people seem to fluff it off as a regular cold/flu and others it hits extremely hard
  6. Great pics ,thanks for sharing
  7. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    Was able to get refunded for Black Crowes concert had great seats but new date may not work .Going to hold onto 2 Pearl Jam arena shows and Doheny festival so technically 3 PJ shows as well as Crue /Leppard show
  8. COVID-19 Outbreak

    My aunt who is in her upper 70’s just got diagnosed as covid 19 positive .She survived a bout with Polio as a child,she is a very resilient woman hoping she’ll get through this ok.She lived in an assisted living facility as she had broke her hip a few years ago and after surgery it left her mostly bound to a wheelchair as her walking was somewhat difficult for her her whole life after she contacted polio.She complained of labored breathing 5/6 days ago but her subsequent covid test was negative,yesterday her test came back positive.Makes me wonder how accurate these tests are as she says she feels mosty ok now but when she didn’t feel great she tested negative .She had been in isolation after her roommate tested positive and was admitted to a hospital for her symptoms .Leaves me to wonder if a person like ourselves who didn’t get tested so frequently as she did because of a known exposure the rate at which someone would test negative yet have the virus at the time
  9. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    Stadium tour (crue Leppard ..) rescheduled dates have been announced.Sorry not great at attaching links but article up on Blabbermouth
  10. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    Coachella (which I wasn’t attending ) has been canceled for this year officially.Was to take place in October
  11. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I hope children are allowed to return to school in September.This has to be doing a number on youths mental health.This year both my boys are to graduate without a ceremony ,a special day they can never get back .The reality is that this virus is less lethal to children then the common flu and during seasonal flu not a thing is done.Before you tell me it’s not the flu as time has passed and we know more about the virus we have learned that the actual infection fatality rate hovers closer to influenza (cdc even put out a report recently ) then the 3/4 percent that was initially being reported .Im not saying to throw caution into the wind but we have to go back to life we cant sustain this way of living which can do more damage then a bad flu like virus will.Yes there will be casualties and yes that is awful but whether we open it up now or a year from now the end result will most likely be the same .Wait for the vaccine etc I’m not buying that a vaccine takes at least 5 -10years to be truly tested as safe and effective,not 12-18 months.We are just delaying the inevitable and lots of people are losing their livelihoods and haven fallen into deep depressions.
  12. COVID-19 Outbreak

    CDC released a statement that backs Dr John Ioannidis earlier findings from a month ago which puts the covid death rate at .3 percent he actually said .2) .If u do the math it’s twice as contagious as the flu and 3 times deadlier without a vaccine you could see why it’s doing the damage it’s doing worldwide but it’s nowhere near as deadly as officials made us to believe earlier putting it at that 10 times less then official cases to deaths
  13. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    Missouri governor is going to allow concerts (wtf ???) starting get this,tomorrow.Says people have to stay 6 feet apart .How the heck can anyone insure that happening at a concert.I don’t know,seems like a longshot
  14. Promising news let’s hope that new music actually comes to fruition,sooner the better
  15. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    California governor just stated in order to have concerts or live sporting events their must be therapeutics,idk if that means a vaccine or an effective antiviral
  16. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Thanks for the link I will send it to him.
  17. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I’m thinking along the same lines of you I’ve been pretty much a hermit except for going for a run early every day and occasional trips to store so I’m being cautious.My buddy thinks this is another “flu” he turned me on to some of this doctors claims so I was just curious as to what others thought.
  18. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Has anyone seen the videos or read the articles by Dr John Ioannidis ? He has an interesting take on the Covid crisis.Obviously this is a serious situation that is unprecedented and I and my family have closed our business which is considered essential(we will be reopening next week ) so I’m not taking the situation lightly by any stretch of the imagination. Just curious to what others think of this mans position if they have in fact heard or seen what his studies have shown ?
  19. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    That’s a long time to hold on to peoples money.People should’ve be given option to receive their money back or hold onto tickets for the rescheduled date.They we’re scheduled to headline a show in D.C. and that show was outright canceled so refunds were automatic
  20. Like the song,catchy number grabs you on the first listen
  21. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    Bon Jovi cancelled their tour and offered refunds to everyone.Kudos to them for not holding on to anyone’s money as it could put to better use in these difficult times.Any concert is realistically so far off even if shows are postponed the buyer should have the option of a full refund for all shows in my opinion
  22. Marijuana Edibles!

    Be wary of eating too much in regards to edibles.I used to smoke pot regularly(daily smoker for 15 years )then causally for the next 15(maybe 2-3 times a month )transitioned to edibles and it was great until I ate too much on one occasion and it was an awful experience.I ate 2 whole chocolate bars (guy at the pot shop had recommended a quarter to half a bar to help with sleep,muscle aches etc ) gradually went up to eating whole one idk what I was thinking but consumed 2 bars and for the first time in my life got extremely paranoid on weed and couldn’t control my balance for hours on end.Never again
  23. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    Article up on Blabbermouth where California Governor states concerts most likely won’t return to state until their is an effective vaccine.So 12-18 months if not longer
  24. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    I seen a similar article on blabbermouth and I agree 100 percent with you holding tickets for 5 upcoming shows 2 of which have already been postponed (Pearl Jam) and hoping the rest do as well.Have no desire to go at this point and wouldn’t go to any of the other 3 upcoming shows if they still happen (unlikely ).Just much too soon
  25. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    They were the first musical or sports act to postpone their performances here in the States.Im holding tickets to 3 of their shows (2 LA and the Ohana fest ) I don’t see anyway any kind of shows happen until their is an effective vaccine and or antiviral to ease people’s fears including myself.I just can’t see myself going to a concert and enjoying myself if this monster is still around which it most certainly be unless their is some way to combat it .