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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    Ich auch hehe
  2. I don't know what it is, but I believe I can hear some piano in that which is very unusual for Slash's regular music 🤔
  3. Yes! Me too! Was hoping they would add that to the shop again. It was still 60$ shipping to Germany though ...
  4. Probably, this is not an official release at all. In my opinion this isn't any different to all the other inofficial bootlegs on spotify etc. This says published by Blue Music Corps which seems to me as a more or less professional music publishing company. If you use thirdparty websites to publish music on platforms like Spotify there is an option to put it up on YouTube which ties the music to the artists profile/channel (it says auto-generated by YouTube in the description). This is probably what happened. This company wanted to release the Ritz broadcast like many others before them and their auto-generated uploads got tied to GNR's account by YouTube automatically... Someone with more knowledge on this correct me if I'm wrong. Just my assumption...
  5. Thank you! But seriously... "Slash appears to be working on new music" from a photo of his amp? I know what it might implicate but I find your headline a little far fetched to be honest. This could mean anything at this point. Also the post doesn't say anything about recording unlike last time... For me this is not proof enough to conclude on new gnr music, ALTHOUGH the pic was pulled. Hopefully we'll know at some point, what this is all about, though. Oh well.
  6. ....and it's gone. Did anyone save the post? What was in it?