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  1. Does this include the remastered audio?
  2. Ah, that clears things up.... wait.. What the actual F*** ?! All of this is giving me a headache
  3. Ah thanks, and who exactly is Mofo?
  4. Can anyone explain to me who Alfred and Mofo are and what their connection to TB is? I get that Walker F*ckhead is behind most of the stuff but I didn't get who those other two are Thanks!
  5. Could someone post the whole article? I really don't want to register on that site just to read it
  6. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    Is there any version with better audio available? Would love to hear that. If not here, someone want to send me a link via PM?
  7. Chinese Democracy multitrack stems

    If anyone still has it, a PM would be much appreciated thanks!
  8. Man, this has a lot of rasp.
  9. Initially, my dad turned me on to GNR. He used to have the Greatest Hits CD running in his car or something and I somehow knew about GNR even before that as a young kid (mid/end 90's), them being these ominous bloated rock gods that were bigger than life. As the songs from Greatest Hits were the only songs I knew by them, at some point I started hating songs like Knockin' or Paradise City My dad did got fed up with the band at some point, I guess, but ended up buying CD when it came out and he liked it. When Velvet Revolver came around I started listening to their records occasionally, still not into that kind of music. Around 2010/2011 a close friend of mine, who is a massive Slash fan, and I got really into Slash's solo records and went to multiple concerts. I showed those records to my dad and he loved them. We went to severel more concerts together. Through Slash's work I slowly started getting back into GNR and started listening to their records. I never liked the CD line-ups and thought the band was a big joke at the time, my dad still defending CD. When the news broke, that they were getting back together with Slash and Duff, my dad, my friend and I got really excited. Eventually I turned into a big massive fan and ended up in this forum. Haha... I think most of my other friends don't really "get" the music. Most of them still think Axl is a big wanker and Slash is a parody of a rockstar. I don't think any of them made the effort of really listening to their music. My girlfriend has to listen to GNR regularely although she hates the band. I do think she's starting to get into it though (by force).
  10. That's what I thought as well
  11. There's something strange about these videos. As they seem to be from the same source, I would guess there's something wrong with the video files themselves. I watched some more videos of Sweet Child O'Mine from the same show but couldn't really figure out if they really did tune down the guitars as the footage was mostly really bad
  12. I'll go with the others and kindly ask for a link! Thanks a lot in advance!
  13. What's happend to gn'r bootlegs site?

    i agree! I'd like to participate but don't know how to start

    Yeah sure I do, I also find it a bit weird to be honest