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  1. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Yes, he did. Iirc a Rolling Stone interview ca. 2000. He also revealed in that interview that Slash was "negatively seductive".
  2. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I have three children and always got pregnant pretty easy. But it was never in the first try. Took 2-3 months. I've heard a lot of stories though. One friend got twins after a one nigjt stand using protection. A lot of my friends are struggling to get pregnant.
  3. New York post article about guns

    Slash writes in his book about selling all his gear and guitars for drug money right before the recording of AfD. I found that almost equally disturbing considering how much his music obviously meant to him.
  4. I'm fine, thank you! Had a good spot in the back of the golden circle and a very good time. Baby seemed to enjoy it. No regrets!
  5. That is some good advice. I will sure consider it. Thanks!
  6. I feel a little down. When I bought my tickets, I was determined to do the front row thing. Now the reality of being 8 months pregnant is hitting me. Still going to do the golden circle though, but it won't be the same!
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I also like them, albeit not being a superfan. I like some of their songs quite a bit (like Back Balloon or Satellite) and generally think they've got some good hooks. Saw them live once in 2009.
  8. What Are You Listening To 2017

    I've just dug this one up for first time in years. Listened to it a lot in 2002.
  9. My guess is that Axl actually cares about the song. Iirc they started playing it quite a bit before the current tour, right? It's probably meaningful to him and he likes to perform it.
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I'm mostly a lurker, but let me tell you this: without the women's thread I'd probably long gone from the mygnr forums. Thanks for keeping this up and interesting.
  11. There is no way a new album would silence all complaints. I can picture endless debates if the album is any good, a total sell-out, a development in the wrong direction, too much or too little input by a certain band member, etc. See where I'm going? Regarding the question where I stand with Gn'R a year later: I'm still excited, but will probably get bored if no creative output is following the tour (at all). But I guess I won't be bitter and just move on. Imho the band can do whatever they want and I "take" it if I like it.
  12. Post all the gigs you have seen

    It felt somehow cold and calculated, even with Izzy there. If I'm completely honest, I was probably just missing Slash's guitar sound. I guess I hadn't reslized until then how important it had been to me. I was a fan of the leaked songs back then and I am fond of Chinese Democracy, btw. I seem to have a thing for fierce red heads. Funnily my daughter turned out to be one (against all odds). :-)
  13. Post all the gigs you have seen

    I too have been to a ton of concerts and would not be able to list them all if I wanted to. Besides that would probably be a big bore to all of you. But I will gladly post a list of my most memorabl shows. Joe Cocker ca. 1983 in my hometown . I was 4 years old and I can say I caught the concert bug right then and there. :-) Gn'R in 1992 in Vienna with Soundgarden and Faith No More as support. Gn'R in 1993. Front Row. Duff's Side. Metallica in 1993 in Vienna. Again Front Row. Rocking hard! Massive Attack in 1996. It was special to me, although the Show got a Bad reception overall. Freundeskreis in 1997. A German hip hop act playing an early spot at an festival and managed to outshine all the headlining acts. The Cure in 1998. I remember it vividly. Beautiful. Nine Inch Nails in 1999. Loud. Travis in 2003. I didn't expect much, but loved ever second of it. Metallica in 2003. I was so excited to see the again and not let down. Placebo and The Chemical Brothers I believe in 2006. The Verve in 2008, I believe. Tori Amos is the Artist I've seen the most. Every concert I've been to was outstanding. Even the ones supporting albums I didn't get into. Saw her first on the Strange Little Girls Tour I believe it was 2001. And every tour since at least once. I guess I've seen her 11 times total. This time round I can't make it unfortunately. The last concert I've attended was Depeche Mode in May 2017. Memory is still fresh. It was as a lot of fun. Everyone was singing along and dancing. A nice date night with husband too. I saw Gn'R in 2006, but didn't like the show. I know this era is highly regarded, but I didn't get into it at all.
  14. Songs That Are About Songs Playing On the Radio

    Regina Spektor - On The Radio ...And on the radio You hear November Rain That solo's awful long But it's a good refrain You listen to it twice 'Cause the DJ is asleep...
  15. So Fine & If The World