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  1. This is the best Jungle on the tour goddamn it, Axls voice is out of fuckin hell
  2. hahaha, good point
  3. This! I couldn't agree more. The thing is that its so great powerful song and its so painfull to hear it nowedays.
  4. Oh man, I dont want to even hear this nigthmare again
  5. Was it 2012? Right now this song should be kick off from the setlist cos it is so fuckin weak
  6. anyone noticed? Axl didnt sing over slash intro in PC and whistle in the right moment. Big day!
  7. so true, this guy was a cancer
  8. he sounds good every night till they play YCBM
  9. hahaha, what a guy lol
  10. When he has sung "I sit here on this chair" lol
  11. Not true, he said he did meet Axl in the nineties
  12. unfortunately, Ax has no power in PC, sounds so different than back in the days
  13. no rasp in Jungle, thats whats worry me most...
  14. 13:30 Warsaw Poland dude