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  1. Oh yeah, duet with Mickey Mouse
  2. Hope he will sing for Disney also
  3. Maybe "hate" is not the word but...Im with ya brudda
  4. That was nice ride this 3 last years. Still remeber that feeling when I saw first videos from trubadour. I got chills and goosebumps, felt kinda like a kid waiting for his christmas gift and Im fuckin 40! So sureal. Altough I think that band is dead (sorry) I want to thank them for bringing back my memories from the nineties. I dont expect anything more from them though. Also dont think that Axl can deliver good vocal around his sixtiees. They just lost to much time in the past. Sad but true. Thanks averyone on this forum I could discuss with this last few years. All of u are great and it was cool to read all of your posts guys. True fans. Merry chiristmas everybody and happy new year/years! Greets from Poland. Lucas
  5. what is amazing? Weak vocal?
  6. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    no plans, no record, no nothing
  7. Double Talkin' Jive

    yup, that could be a lot better song
  8. Slash Q1043 interview

    Bon Jovi voice is done
  9. She is so fuckin nobody in this band
  10. Hope I will get more stories about haloween tree
  11. Yes, I was there, ycbm turns into a joke with current vocals