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  1. She is so fuckin nobody in this band
  2. Hope I will get more stories about haloween tree
  3. Yes, I was there, ycbm turns into a joke with current vocals
  4. Rasp RQ and YCBM? This is not true lol, full donald duck as always
  5. just quick review: songs like yesterday, ycbm, wichita, til, coma, layla & black hole sun should be kick out from the list. Especially coma is totally mess in the outro.
  6. sounds pretty good on that one, go Axl!
  7. Is it the first time in years Slash did the original solo in that song?
  8. yeah, so fuckin legendary song
  9. fuck me, jungle sounds like 2010
  10. What about: "makenewmusiclazyfucks"
  11. This! This is probably the worst Axl voice ever. Jungle is best proof. Sad for me, cuz Im gonna attend the Chorzow gig. Have no hopes for any changes imho though
  12. Difference between 2010 and now is so fuckin big. Its very sad