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  1. yuup, sounds like one of the best Jungle ever. Just wow. But why that mudafucka cant use that technique in YCBM. Fuck you Axl!
  2. guys, are you all fuckin mad about that pic??
  3. Here in Poland tix cost about 130 bucks for floor. Guess its okey. I payin' seven guys for entertaining me for 3 hours. Fair enough
  4. please, dont recall this poser shitty gutarist dja. That was embarassing era of Guns
  5. Europe 2018 *Poland rumor*

    yup, this is today news in Poland. Its says that the gig is confimed. Looks very realistic
  6. Adler is so annoying, totally understand that they dont want to tour with this butthead
  7. Wow, PC sounds decent, nice screams on intro
  8. His hair look sooo weird, please put bandama on man
  9. Bad Rain would be cool to sing for him
  10. oh man, Jungle sounds so strong
  11. Really dont understand why he doesnt use "Madagascar voice" in YCBM or RQ...AXL you lazy bitch!
  12. nothing better here, still very weak
  13. Cos they playin 11 covers, not makin new music and Redhead sounds like an old fuckin lady