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  1. Playing guitar all day is one thing, being on stage all day will definitely send you to the ER after a while, even if you're Slash.
  2. It's ubiquitous for football (soccer) globally pretty much.
  3. That's no longer the case for the younger generations. The novelty of the reunion has worn off almost entirely and the same old, same old won't do it for them anymore. The majority of young fans (GP) have already seen the performances on youtube so they're less and less likely to keep buying tickets for the exact same show for 3 years. I mean come on, they could at least play SOYL or something we haven't heard from UYI, they're digging their own graves.
  4. But FM releasing new music doesn't have that hell-freezes-over quality that a new GNR album could have. They've been touring almost constantly since The Dance and all classic members are on civil enough terms. I doubt they'd hide it if they're working on something, and I doubt they'd place an "if you leave, it's over" ultimatum on it. With the AFD5 though, it's a different story and it fits them far more.
  5. Could it be Mutt Lange instead, though?
  6. Vote AFD for best rock album

    The day I pick AFD over TDSOTM is the day I die.