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  1. "Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?" "That I should start wearing mesh shirts and kilts on stage again?" Why is nobody talking about this? Anyway, he sounds great and now I want Axl and Slash to do the full soundtrack to a new Phineas and Ferb movie.
  2. Playing guitar all day is one thing, being on stage all day will definitely send you to the ER after a while, even if you're Slash.
  3. It's ubiquitous for football (soccer) globally pretty much.
  4. That's no longer the case for the younger generations. The novelty of the reunion has worn off almost entirely and the same old, same old won't do it for them anymore. The majority of young fans (GP) have already seen the performances on youtube so they're less and less likely to keep buying tickets for the exact same show for 3 years. I mean come on, they could at least play SOYL or something we haven't heard from UYI, they're digging their own graves.