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  1. No worse than he is now or on the Illusions tour? He sounds way better now on those 3 songs than he did at this performance and I don't think you've seen a single show from the UYI tour if you believe your opinion.
  2. I thought The General had been out for years? At least the instrumental. Didn't they use it as the pre show intro for the 2011 tour before they started using the Dexter theme?
  3. NITL will wrap up in mid-late 2018 (more dates will be announced before Christmas to fill the first quarter gap) and then they'll take a break. Slash will finish his Conspirators album and probably tour at least a little bit in 2018/19 when Myles' schedule permits. Axl will most likely work with Angus in some capacity if AC/DC decides to continue and then Guns will reconvene in a couple of years and release an album and tour. They'll most likely make the occasional appearance here and there during their 'hiatus' too. Or none of the above and the NITL tour literally lasts a lifetime. Recent leaks?
  4. Chinese is brilliant it never gets boring to listen to. Just a fascinating album unlike any other. Too much snobbish hate gets thrown towards it. Completely unjustified imo.
  5. Difficult to tell with studio performances. He could probably sound like any era in a controlled recording session.
  6. If Axl sounds the same as he has throughout this leg we'll get some awesome pro quality versions of songs. Paradise City in particular has been consistently brilliant on this leg.
  7. None of you know anything about singing. "His voice is shot because of AC/DC." Retarded.
  8. Brutal rasp. Sounds like a chainsaw. Fuckin' awesome.
  9. Why do you take time out of your day to bother posting on a forum about "this nonsense parody of a band"? Seems counterproductive.
  10. It's just because his falsetto is way quieter than his rasp. So it doesn't cut through as much.
  11. I don't mind the Periscope links or the official GN'R Snapchat or Instagram posts but the constant spamming of random audience pics is unnecessary. Way too many.
  12. Too much tapping and that's not Slash's strong point.
  13. I reckon they'll announce another European leg around Christmas time like they did last year. Especially if they're planning on playing Download. They'll probably do another run of dates to coincide with that around summer. They might possibly do more Asian and/or Australian dates too before then. I don't know what the fuss is about, most big world tours last at least 2 years. If this ends in November it would be considered comparatively short compared to other stadium level world tours, especially considering the magnitude of the reunion. Anyone saying "oh please no more shows" can do one. Just because they've done about 4 legs of NA and you might not want to see them again without new material or whatever. There's still plenty of markets left that they've missed where they could easily sell out. You're not the only people in the world.
  14. Because it's been played multiple times on the tour so it's not big news.