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  1. Brilliant. But according to some, because he was off key on a song he hasn't sang for 7 months he's now old and can't hit shit.
  2. Talk about an out of context observation.
  3. They are absolutely jonesin' for sales and yet they still never utilize the star power of the band. I mean, when Metallica released their overpriced (albeit, not as overpriced as this) reissues of Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets, they had the actual band members do the unboxing. Guns seem to be completely against mainstream press or any media promotion whatsoever. I don't particularly care how much money they make, and I'm sure they make enough money anyway. But, doesn't it make sense to make a couple of prime time chat show appearances or at least a radio interview or something? They'd reach a far wider audience. Imagine if Axl went on the Joe Rogan podcast? Probably double their sales. At least use someone else other than this Del James lookalike.
  4. Any videos of This I Love yet? I suspect it was probably the best of this leg in terms of vocals. Be interesting to hear it.
  5. Nah, it would've been even faster as Frank was playing double time for the most part of 2016 for some reason haha. But yes, I agree if you're referring to Axl. He sounds fucking amazing here. He will get better. I mean, this is good anyway but the shows will gradually improve. Looking forward to a brutal, full on version of Slither. If he chooses to sing it that way that is. No doubt he's fully capable but he's not exactly surrounded by people who are gonna give him some constructive criticism.
  6. Excellent Coma. Especially the outro. Axl overall tonight seems that he's got way more control over his voice. The high notes aren't escaping him and causing him to crack. Solid performance.
  7. Damn! Raspy Better, raspy Rocket Queen... Why isn't this show pro shot again? Typical.
  8. That gif is sick, especially with the crowd surfer. Badass.
  9. Replace the It Taste's Good, Don't It? Segment during Rocket Queen from the UYI tour during the interlude with a snippet of Hair of the Dog when Slash is on the talkbox. Imagine Axl bouncing out to that?! Epic. Make it happen!
  10. I'd love to hear them play that. Maybe even just part of it as an interlude during Rocket Queen when Slash is on the talk box? I mean, I don't really want to make that song any longer than it already is but that would be fuckin' cool.